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Dec 07

The Balenciaga Museum: The Secret of Success

By Abi King | Spain

Pin Now, Read Later The Balenciaga Museum, Spain It’s a blustery Sunday morning on the day we sweep around the coast. Tawny rocks lead to wet sands where the waves and spray have carved arrow-headed tiger stripes across the beach. A lone man walks a dog and the waves carry chevron markings in heavy grey […]

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Feb 13

An Artist’s Studio in Aruba

By Abi King | The Caribbean

Inside an Artist’s Studio Stepping into an artist’s studio still gives me a shiver and a thrill, even in the tropical heat. It’s the closest thing to a magician’s cave: artefacts sourced from around the globe, pigment-splattered paintbrushes and swirls of paint so thick they dare me to reach out and touch. It’s the visual version of the […]

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Dec 09

Broken Pieces in Jordan

By Abi King | Jordan

“People want to talk to me a lot,” he said, as blue and yellow danced across the coffee from the stained glass windows overhead. “Because I’m a Christian,” he went on, “and am interested in political science. “And because I live in Madaba, Jordan – and because that’s in the Middle East.” Christianity in Jordan […]

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Oct 08

A Pop of Colour in Madrid’s Literary Quarter

By Abi King | Spain

Madrid’s Literary Quarter In the “literary quarter” in Madrid, poetry spills across the streets in flattened golden letters. Bodegas serve cerveza, bitter green olives and fried potato til near the break of dawn. And nuns still keep their silence behind the red brick walls of a nunnery that’s centuries old. A fine-muscled statue of Cervantes, […]

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Feb 18

I’ll See You In The Hague

By Abi King | Make Me Think

A city with the charm of Frankfurt, the friendliness of Paris and the culture of Scunthorpe – Ron Pattinson The Hague If any two words have come to symbolize the full weight of international justice and global condemnation they are The Hague. War crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity hang in the balance here, as […]

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Dec 06

The Soweto Mandela Leaves Behind

By Abi King | South Africa

A boy kicks a football in the red, barren dust. A cloud of burned, breathless amber follows his feet as he runs. The background is flat and empty; the foreground laced with wire. That’s the image I had of Soweto, South Africa’s most notorious township: a sprawling no man’s land south west of Joburg (itself […]

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Oct 18

After South Africa – A Poem

By Abi King | Inspire Me

Dust in red still stains my shoes And drumbeats soothe my sleepless senses I am home From Africa And while the laundry soaps and whirs, the emails fly, the post stacks high, I find myself now lost for words Lost And humble In thought, in dreams, and threadbare tales, In legends, films and luggage scales […]

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