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Oct 16

25 Photos that’ll make you want to visit Botswana and the Okavango Delta

By Abi King | Best Places to Visit in Africa

Flying over Botswana and the Okavango Delta When it comes to deltas, the Okavango is the best. And if that’s too cryptic an introduction then let’s catch up with some more delta facts. At 15 000 square kilometres, the Okavango Delta is one of the largest deltas in the world, protected by both the government […]

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Nov 04

The Best Things To Do in Riga, Latvia

By Abi King | East Europe

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Riga, you’ll find them here. Things to do in Riga The KGB Headquarters in RigaBeautiful Riga’s Medieval Town CentreOrgan Recital at Riga’s Dome CathedralArt Nouveau in RigaNativity of Christ CathedralEat OutSkyline Bar The KGB Headquarters in Riga Visit the KGB museum: The Corner House between Brīvības Street and […]

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Nov 12

Ggantija Temples Gozo: Older than the Pyramids and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Europe

By Abi King | South Europe , Western Europe

  The Ggantija Temples in Gozo: UNESCO World Heritage Site in Malta A visit to the Ggantija Temples Gozo reveals a culture older than the ancient Egyptians with some fantastic names to boot.  One of the best things about the characters in the Maltese language is that the words make every glance at the map feel […]

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Oct 27

The Candle Festival Malta – What visiting Birgufest is like

By Abi King | South Europe , Western Europe

  Birgufest: The Candle Festival of Malta The Candle Festival of Malta has an official name: Birgufest but it’s the light of thousands of flickering candles that people remember the most. Here’s what it’s like to walk through the streets of Birgu, Vittoria, during the candle festival. And how you can do it yourself.  I […]

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Jun 11

Philae Temple, Aswan Egypt: An Incredible Story and Historic Puzzle

By Abi King | Best Places to Visit in Africa

Philae Temple, Aswan For over two thousand years people have stood where I’m standing now. And yet they haven’t. The Puzzle of the Philae Temple in Aswan For although these honeyed flagstones brought Philae Temple to life back in the Greco-Roman days (around 370 BC,) come the time of flared trousers, big hair and D-I-S-C-O, […]

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May 12

The Cour Des Loges Hotel Review – Elegant Hotel in Historic Lyons

By Abi King | France

The Cour des Loges Hotel Review As hotels go, the Cour des Loges didn’t need a “something extra” to help it stand out. The open courtyard with renaissance-style arches made a suitably resplendent first impression. So, too, did the cryptic entrance corridor from the cobbled corners of old town Vieux Lyon, the rooftop garden, velvet […]

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May 17

Asturias Points of Interest – A Beautiful, Overlooked Part of Spain

By Abi King | Spain

Everything’s still, save for a breeze so slight it’s invisible until it reaches the window and makes the curtains sigh. I hear railway sounds from another century, a whistle and muted metal clanging, before the landscape of northern Spain picks itself up and learns to glide by.

I’m not used to seeing hedgerows at right angles and beaches with vertical shorelines…

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