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Jun 19

Galicia, Spain. The Salty Sea Dog of the North

By Abi King | Spain

Galicia, Spain: The Salty Northern Sea Coast Of course, every coast is salty. But northwest Spain’s Galician coastline seems the saltiest of all: its landscape licked into shape by the churning, whirling waves, its cuisine at one with the sea and its architecture, history and general attitude shaped by the way that surf reaches the […]

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Mar 21

The Lure of the Loire and the English Kings That Weren’t The cultural highlights of the Loire Valley France reveal more than one or two surprises

By Abi King | France

The Loire Valley, France A red diamond sits atop a yellow poste, blazing the word tabac. A bread baskets lands on a red-chequered tablecloth, heralding the arrival of unruly lettuce and thick purple jam. This is France, in all her school textbook glory, throwing symbols like memories into the gym skirt recesses of my mind. Schooldays France […]

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Feb 18

7 of the Best Things To Do in Jordan

By Abi King | Jordan

I’ve rounded up seven of the best things to do in Jordan for you, all tried and tested by me. Yes, I know I usually wax lyrical, bringing you poetry, interviews, dreams and more but I also know you’re busy. So here’s a shortcut to all that lyrical stuff, all nicely packaged up. Go live, […]

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Jan 29

The Oldest City in the World

By Abi King | Jordan

City Flavours Everywhere has them, I suppose. The naughty but nice hot streetside foods that define a city, to my tastebuds at least. In London, it’s roast chestnuts, steam smoking into the winter sky while amber embers blaze. In New York, it’s bagels, my first plaited bread sticks studded with cubic salt. Singapore surprised with the […]

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Dec 21

Feeling Alive in the Dead Sea

By Abi King | Jordan

The Dead Sea, Jordan Let’s face it, the Dead Sea has a depressing name. It also fizzes the synapses by sounding too much like Red Sea. Red Sea, Dead Sea. Red Sea. Dead Sea. Completely easy enough to tell apart until the in-the-moment talking about them both when white panic sets in. A similar thing happens […]

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Nov 12

Cities of Gold: The Ġgantija temples

By Abi King | Europe

  One of the best things about the characters in the Maltese language is that the words make every glance at the map feel like an adventure ripped straight from the pages of TinTin or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. There’s the Tal-Qaċċa hill, It Tumbata and the bay at Qbajjar. And then there are […]

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Jul 02

A Luxury Halong Bay Cruise

By Abi King | Asia

Halong Bay showcases the dual nature of travel today: the absolute thrill of finding an icon (in this case, the hazy outline of those towering limestone peaks) and the dismay that everybody and his dog found it first and that the overwhelming tourist machinery will crush the magic spell. The arrival on the departure pier […]

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Jun 11

The Puzzle of the Philae Temple in Aswan Egypt

By Abi King | Africa

Aswan For over two thousand years people have stood where I’m standing now. And yet they haven’t. The Puzzle of the Philae Temple in Aswan For although these honeyed flagstones brought Philae Temple to life back in the Greco-Roman days (around 370 BC,) come the time of flared trousers, big hair and D-I-S-C-O, people moved […]

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May 12

How Lyon’s Secrets Defeated the Nazis

By Abi King | Small Luxury Hotels

The Cour des Loges Hotel Review As hotels go, the Cour des Loges didn’t need a “something extra” to help it stand out. The open courtyard with renaissance-style arches made a suitably resplendent first impression. So, too, did the cryptic entrance corridor from the cobbled corners of old town Vieux Lyon, the rooftop garden, velvet […]

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