Sunscreen in Myanmar: Thanaka

By Abi King | Asia

Jul 21

Rangoon Market007

In Myanmar/Burma, people use thanaka on their cheeks to stay beautiful and to protect against the powerful sun. I didn’t get to try it myself although I did spot some of the raw brown sticks bound together for sale at the market. Locals grind this bark into a buttercup yellow and white paste before smearing it on their cheeks.

I didn’t know where to start.

So, I suppose I’ll have to finish with the endless traveller’s whisper: maybe next time.

The Dragon Route

This post forms part of The Dragon Route, a trip around China, Vietnam and Burma/Myanmar It’s sponsored by Cathay Pacific UK, my artistic patrons so to speak! You can reach Yangon through their flights to Hong Kong and partnership with Dragon Air. Find out all about that over here. 

Have you ever seen thanaka? Would you wear it?

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