The Lara Quinn Bird Sanctuary, Florida

By Abi King | USA

Apr 13

bird Sanctuary close up

Birds. With one stretch of their wings they can soar and glide through the sky with a splendour and freedom that man (and woman) can still only dream of. They are majestic, magnificent and make driving home for Christmas seem insignificant when compared to their staggering migratory paths.

They also freak me out a little. Those glazed eyes. Those sharp beaks. Those clawed and clasping feet. I can’t help but feel a sense of malevolence and suspicion whenever they’re around.

When dealing with the plundering pigeons at Trafalgar Square or the scheming seagulls in Brighton, it’s a reaction that makes sense.

But I took these photographs at the Laura Quinn bird sanctuary in the Florida Keys. These birds were damaged, unable to fly away, unable to steal my lunch and presumably unable to peck out my eyes in a frenzied orgy of violence.

Or were they…?

What do you think about birds? Love ‘em? Or…

Bird Sanctuary005

I visited Florida as a guest of Virgin Holidays, who fly direct to Miami from London Heathrow. See the sexy disclosure policy.

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