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Want to know some fun and interesting facts about Europe? We have the collection for you! Test your knowledge and let us know how much surprised you. Let’s go!

29 things you didn't know about train travel in Europe

Did you know that…

1) There’s a Paddington Bear statue to be found in London’s Paddington Station.

2) Across the road from Gare Montparnasse you can skyrocket up to the 59th floor for the best view of Paris as the sun sets behind the Eiffel Tower.

3) There’s an underground city beneath the station at Bremen

4) And tiled mosaics to spot in the underground network in Istanbul.

5) The most beautiful rail journey starts in the surprisingly scenic Nuremberg and then passes through Munich, Innsbruck, Verona, Bologna and Florence before arriving in the ancient heart of Rome.

6) And speaking of scenic, you can sweep through the cool deep green of the Black Forest too.

7) Or cruise beside the Rhine between Mainz and Koblenz.

More Interesting Facts About Europe by Train

8) If it’s olive groves you’re after, travel high speed from Madrid to Seville first thing in the morning to see swirls of mist snake around those twisty gnarled stems.

9) Further north, experience the novelty of double decker trains.

10) And multistorey stations (especially the dizzying overhead criss-cross in Berlin Hauptbahnhof)

11) And speaking of Berlin, did you know that you can see the glass-domed government Reichstag building from the doorway of the main station?

12) Not to mention the Kindertransport memorial at Friedrichstrasse Station. It juxtaposes the evacuation of Jewish children by train to Britain with those tracks that ran in the other direction and that ultimately led to Auschwitz.

13) Back in Berlin during the Cold War, even the underground trains became entangled within the oddity of the Berlin Wall.  Trains refused to stop at “opposing” stations and so just glided on by, offering passengers the briefest of glimpses into life on the other side.

Some Fun Facts About Europe’s Rail Network

14) On a more uplifting note, did you know about the love padlocks and handcuffs that line Cologne’s colossal Hohenzollernbrücke railway bridge?

15) Or that the Bourne Ultimatum was filmed at London Waterloo, with most harried rail passengers walking past without noticing?

16) You can see the iconic chimneys of the Brains Brewery from the platforms at Cardiff Central Station.

19) There’s some stunning Art Nouveau to track down in Prague’s central station (and for glimpse into the importance of its history, read this beautiful post over here.)

20) That the facade at Budapest Keleti is rather grand…

21) And the one in Antwerp…

22) And the Gare du Nord in Paris…

23) Berlin Hauptbahnhof isn’t bad…

.24) And Leipzig and Milan are quite impressive…

25) But the less said about Brussels the better.

Foodie Fun Facts About Europe by Train

26) Hotel Sacher, the home of the famous rich chocolate SacherTorte, is only a 10 minute walk from the station in Salzburg.

27) While it’s only five minutes from Amsterdam Centraal to In ‘t Aepjen, a genuine coffee shop that first started business in 1519.

28) And while we’re on the subject of coffee, check out Caffe Tommaseo in Trieste. Only five minutes from the station, this landmark chocolate eatery used to inspire the likes of James Joyce and Kafka.

What have I missed? What other curiosities are there to find around the European train travel network?

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  1. An underground city is something I definitely would love to see. Europe is filled with amazing things. Thanks for the advice.


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