Travel Philosophy Talk at the London School of Economics

By Abi King | Behind The Scenes

Apr 22

Big Ben at night

“How do we know when we’ve arrived when we travel? Because we recognise the image we’ve already seen. We think we’re chasing new experiences but we’re actually chasing our memories.” Dr Gillespie

Audio Recording of the Travel Philosophy Talk at the LSE

We’ll take a slight detour today from the written word to the spoken one. Here’s the link to my session at the 2012 Literary festival at the London School of Economics.

I think it’ll be a marmite moment: you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it.

In short, it’s a one hour presentation and panel discussion from myself, travel writer Horatio Clare and Social Psychologist Alex Gillespie and we end up covering travel, truth and philosophy (with the odd reference to Angelina Jolie and the Welsh Rugby Team. Although not at the same time.)

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