Behind the Scenes: Secrets of Travel Writers

Monochrome Abigail King

Photographers, Bloggers, Journalists, Digital Storytellers…or whatever we’re supposed to call ourselves these days…welcome to my behind the scenes section.

Now, this behind the scenes series will not scare you over the screen with photos of my good self before I’ve found my hairbrush or any other distressing images that the world does not deserve to see.

No, it will simply be me sharing my toolkit of what I use and how I work in an effort to answer some of your questions and pay back some good karma for all that I’ve learnt from useful articles on the web.

You don’t have to be a travel writer/photographer/blogger/digital nomad/storyteller or anything like that. If you travel for work, then there’s probably something in this series that will be of use.

But if you don’t, if you just travel for pleasure and wonder and joy and even if that’s no further than the room you find yourself in…then just skip these and immerse yourself in some photos of the world instead.


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