Small Luxury Hotels: My Hand-Picked Collection from Around the World

Once upon a time, when I was young, I didn't care where I rested my head. Probably because I didn't spend all that much time asleep. I was up and out the door, travelling as fast as my legs could carry me. 

Nowadays, I still don't spend much time asleep - I have a young baby after all. But I DO spend plenty of time in hotels - and have come to realise that where I sleep matters. 

Some hotels are so beautiful, so well serviced, so historic or so unusual that they justify a journey in their own right. 

Others, serve to perfectly complement travel to a region. 

I suppose what I am trying to say is this: if you're looking for a special place to stay, a small luxury hotel that brims with culture and character then you've found your spot on the internet. 

Here's my personal, hand-picked collection of places I'd recommend after travel to over 50 countries and counting.