The Best Places to Visit in the USA

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The Best Places to Visit in the USA

Whether you love or loathe the term "bucket list," here's the collection of the best places to visit in the USA for you.

Yes, you'll find much-filmed cities like New York and L.A., cultural hotspots like New Orleans and aching cool in Miami.

But you'll also find vast open spaces, the Wild West and wilderness, sticky tropical air and magnificent glacial waterways flanked by ice.

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The Best Cities in the US: The Classics

When you've got it, you've got it, you know? This places will top the list every year and come back around the block for seconds. Decade in, decade out, they're a vital glimpse at America. Even in 2019.

New York, New York

The city so good, they named it twice. Iconic in films and within close reach of Europe on the east, Manhattan has symbols known all across the world. From Friends to yellow taxicabs, the Statue of Liberty to Time Square, Central Park to King Kong and more, more, more. Grab a taste with this introduction to the most instagrammable spots in NYC and where to stay in New York for a first visit.

Los Angeles

At the other end of the country is the other city most well known in film. Home to Hollywood and a myriad of movies, the City of Angels takes a bit more practice to find your way around.


The fingerprints of modern American history are all over this leafy, red brick city, one brought to life by Oscar-winning Good Will Hunting for its depiction of icy winters and Harvard summers. Historic architecture combines with innovation and a thriving craft beer and art scene in one of the most overlooked cities in the world. Great to visit on its own or as a base for a road trip through the rest of New England.


Head west to where it rains and starstuck lovebirds never sleep (sorry.) Visit Pike Place Market, the people who made selling fish sexy, and then up the needle and into the acclaimed Museum of Pop Culture.

Miami and the Florida Keys

White sandy beaches, easy driving and chic city living in Miami explain why the southern panhandle is such a magnet for visitors. Stroll past Art Deco on South Beach and chill out with a bohemian vibe just a few miles from Cuba in Key West.

New Orleans

Ten years on from Hurrican Katrina, the city of New Orleans is as strong as ever and continuing to serve beignets to the world at Cafe du Monde. Explore the old French Quarter and the origins of Cajun, Creole and gumbo in one of the world's favourite cities. Listen out for live music, ooh, just about every night and just about everywhere. Find a New Orleans itinerary here.

Washington D.C.

Americans love to moan about it but DC makes a fantastic city to visit for travellers. Stand in the shadows of Abraham Lincoln, walk past the White House and submerge yourself in museum after museum after museum and ponder the progress of civil rights.

San Francisco

With the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, San Francisco returns to the bucket list year after year.

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The Best Cities in the US: Off the Beaten Track

Can a city really be off the beaten track? When it comes to working out where to visit in America, it certainly can. The area is so vast and the classics are known so well, that certain other places can slip under the radar. Here are the most promising cities to visit in 2019 that aren't always so obvious...

Sarasota, Florida

Wow, what a beauty. World class art museums, world-leading marine research and orchid gardens you could spend a day in. Sarasota lives within reach of the best beach in the US, at Siesta Key, as well as in and around the gorgeous Sarasota bay.

Nashville, Tennessee

The travel world is in love with Nashville, Tennessee. I need to visit to find out why!

San Diego

Bathing in sunshine on the west coast, San Diego is the university town we all wish we'd been to. 

San Antonio

Down in south-central Texas, San Antonio presents colonial heritage and the story of the Alamo amid more conventional tourist attractions.

Kansas City

Missouri may not have the sexiest of reputations but Kansas City and her fountains are a city on the up.

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The Best Natural Landscapes in the US

The Grand Canyon

Awash with red-rust stone and sweeping drops and dust, when it carries this much natural beauty, the Grand Canyon can be forgiven for adding the word "grand" into its name.

The Wilderness of Alaska

Pristine lakes, forests and glaciers greet visitors to Alaska, along with sightings of seals and brown bears.


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