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Dec 16

Paradise was made for tender hearts - approach to the Maldives Islands

Arriving in the Maldives Islands: Approaching the W Retreat & Spa

It’s hard to imagine a better approach to a hotel then to skim and skip across the teardrop-shaped islets that rise up from the Indian Ocean around the Maldives Islands. As the sea-plane touched down, dancing spray against the windows, a man raced barefoot to open the door.

And our time on “W” island began.

W Hotel Maldives Islands Perfection

W Retreat & Spa, The Maldives

W is cool with a capital C – but it’s cool in an energetic way. The sort that rubs off on you rather than looks down on you. The sort that invites you to explore music you might not usually listen to, and that plunges you into a different world of art and design. The resident DJ greets visitors with a custom-made mix and low-level speakers pulse chill-out  bliss into the air from the sandy fringes and wooden walkways across the tiny island.

Ocean facing villas are the staple of the Maldives but those at the W really stand out. Rooms have plunge pools and direct access to the ocean as well as softly lit glass panels in the floor so that the sparkle of the water is never far away.

W Hotel Maldives Islands Ocean Room

There are beach rooms, too, (called Beach Oasis) with swings and sturdier walls – but I’m a water rather than beach kind of girl so the Ocean Oasis room gave me my taste of heaven.

W Hotel Maldives Retreat Spa in the Maldives Islands

Maldives Islands Spa at the W Resort

So, too, did the stunning service  at the spa, where the rather sparse rooms overlook nothing but air and water themselves.

The restaurants – Kitchen, Fish, Fire and Wet – have enough to keep your stomach happy for three or four days, though you’ll get the most out of the experience if you’re an avid seafood fan.

For watersports, there’s all sorts. James Bond style SeaBobs, kitesurfing, game fishing and windsurfing but if you’re feeling lazy (sorry, studious) you can relax in the library or around the resort on one of many dreamy bed slash sofas.

You can swim and snorkel straight from your room (which isn’t the case everywhere in the Maldives) and for me, that remains the highlight.

I loved it. If you ever get the chance, go.

W Hotel Maldives Small Touches in the Rooms

What I loved

–        The chillout music throughout the resort

–        The easy access to the water

–        Dipping my feet in the water during lunch

–        Seeing a turtle on a snorkel trip straight from my room

–        The muscle melting treatment at the spa

–        The “pit stops” around the island with free ice cream, water and towels available without question

W Hotel Maldives Islands

Things to Know

–        You may have to wait for several hours in Malé airport. The W lounge does its best to ease your stay with music and light refreshment but it does still add time after a long international flight.

–        Despite the reputation for DJs and music, the club was deserted when we were there.


78 private rooms ranging from Beach and Ocean villas (called Oasis,) Seascape Escape suites and the largest, Ocean Haven suite. You can also arrange to stay overnight on Gaathafushi, a private island within sight (just) of this private island. W is part of the Starwood Preferred Guests Scheme

Prices at the W Retreat & Spa, The Maldives start at $1000 per double per night.

W Hotel Maldives Resort & Spa


Disclosure – I paid a reduced rate to stay at the W Hotel for review purposes. As ever, editorial control remains mine all mine. And I do write bad reviews if needed. Oh yes. Browse around if you like that kind of thing ;-)

W Hotel Maldives Islands

What do you think? Would you ever visit the Maldives Islands?

Luxury in the Maldives - W Resort and Spa Maldives Islands via @insidetravellabThe W Retreat & Spa The Maldives


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  • Cynthia says:

    All I can think of is Wow! and if they need a French travel blogger to cover this fabulous retreat I’m available ;)

    More seriously, I wish I had the budget because this is what I need right now a relaxing vacation surrounded by the sea and with the sun shining on me!

    • Abi says:

      Hehe – well I’ll pass your name on!

      It’s amazing how healing sunshine, clear water and stunning surroundings can be. Mmmmm…

  • WOW on steroids, what a beautiful place! Can’t wait till my turn a the W in the Maldives! Mention an overly enthusiastic travel blogger from the states to them as well. I love that last photo coming in to the retreat, one day,,,

  • Mike Jaden says:

    indeed, one word and it’s “WOW”…. why on earth I missed this wonderful place??
    ‘W’ took the first place in my wish list. :)

  • Megan says:

    . I’m conflicted. I have a huge anniversary and birthday this year and had my heart set on either a safari or driving the coast of Italy. And now I see this, which looks AMAZING. How to choose, how to choose…

    • Abi King says:

      Ah – well if you head to the Maldives you can also stop off in Sri Lanka too for safaris…Tricky, tricky! Enjoy :-)

      • Megan says:

        Hmmmmm. I like the way you think. :) Why choose?

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