January 25

What is #TTOT?

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Hot totty, hot toffee, talk of the town or a self-help group for tea-totallers? No, #TTOT stands for Travel Talk on Tuesday and, yes, it’s another one of those twitter things.

Twitter ink splatter - What is #TTOT - What is Travel Talk on Tuesday?So, if you’ve no interest in twitter (gasp) then move right along, perhaps by gazing at travel photos from around the world…

If, however, you do love twitter then read on..

What is #TTOT?

It’s a plan to get travellers together to have a chat about the thing that moves them: travel. It takes place every Tuesday at 9.30am and 9.30pm GMT (Not sure what that means where you are? Check out this handy world clock guide. Not sure what day it is where you are? You need more help than a humble blog can offer, my friend.)

#TTOT Structure

the logo for travel talk on twitter - #TTOTHosts will tweet out one question every ten minutes until they reach five questions. Each week will have a theme and you can suggest questions for each Tuesday here. To join in with the chat, simply add #TTOT to your tweet.

#TTOT Small Print

Well, there isn’t any really. #TTOT aims to be as open, transparent and welcoming to the twitter community as possible.

#TTOT Hosts

Say hello to the hosts: #TTOT Twitter Host List.

UPDATE! If you made it to the first #TTOT, please note that the time has now changed to 9.30 am and pm GMT

See you there!


  • Jean Alaba says:

    So that’s what #TTOT means!!! Gosh, thanks for enlightening me. Cheers


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