Where is hot in February 2020?

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Feb 01

Where is hot in February? 

Updated 2020

February. That short, bouncy month that treats itself to the occasional leap year and which is STILL COLD in the northern hemisphere. When it comes to the best places to visit in February, the world offers up a travel smorgasbord or opportunities. But where is hot in February? That's trickier to answer. 

Beware false prophets of winter sun. Instead, read our list of places that really are hot in February. Most cluster around the Caribbean and Middle East, with a sprinkling of holiday destinations in southeast Asia.

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Blue skies and the ocean as we ask the question where is hot in February?

10 Best Places to Visit in February for Winter Sun

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    The Grenadines
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    Florida, USA
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    British Virgin Islands
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Where's hot in February?

Barbados in February

Barbados is one of the big fish in the Caribbean with plenty to do outside the resorts. Or, of course, you can just lie back in the sun.

Easy direct flights from the UK, whether from London or Manchester, with a range of luxury and uber-luxe accommodation at the other end make this an easy Caribbean destination to visit.

Oman in February

Oman remains one of my favourite countries in the world for its unspoiled landscape and friendly welcome. Expect beautiful beaches with warm seas although the sand isn't always that white. 

Hire a car and head into the desert, pass camels, pick dates and wander around cool, cream castles and crowded souks. Stay at one of my favourite hotels in the world: The Chedi in Muscat. 

St Vincent and the Grenadines in February

Smaller and more scattered than Jamaica and Barbados, SVG is still no stranger to liming (having a good time.)

But that's what makes it special. The pace is slower, your presence more traveller, less commodity.

You'll need to travel in a smaller plane, typically changing at Barbados to reach SVG. February is usually warm and one of the driest months on the islands. 

Jordan in February

The year round heat of the Middle East just about lingers on the coast at Aqaba and the Dead Sea but nights in Amman, Petra and the desert can be cold, cold, cold. So... know before you go. Bear in mind that summer at these sites can be stiflingly hot so if you want some sunshine on the coast but don't want to sleep beneath the stars then this could be the time to go for you to visit Jordan.

Florida in February

Miami and the Keys are still warm in February but not quite as hot and humid as they'll be later in the year. Miami offers chic, beachside hotels and clubs while hire a car and drive virtually on the water to reach the most colourful key of all: Key West. 

Elsewhere in Florida, consider driving through the Gulf Coast where world class science and art museums mingle amid the white sand and clear waters. Snorkel up and swim with gentle sea giant manatees.

Borneo in February

Malaysian Borneo mixes endangered species in with its perfectly pristine beaches (white sand - check, clear blue water, check, palms, oh yes.) 

For Borneo is home to the endangered orangutan, proboscis monkeys

Cuba in February

Cuba offers balmy evenings and comfortable days in its intoxicating capital, Havana. Listen out for salsa and son, drink rum, watch old cars drive by and ruminate on the events that made this Caribbean island so different to all the rest. 

Thailand in February

Both January and February see the lowest rainfall in Thailand with a rich mix of cultural and beach-lazing activities available on both the west and east coasts. Flights into Bangkok are regular and easy or alternatively you can fly direct to the resorts if all you are looking for this February is sun. 

Singapore in February

This compact city-state offers sunshine all year round but in February the showers are easing off and it's not TOO hot just yet either. Combine colonial architecture with blinging spaceship hotels and artificial trees with remote island treks. Far from off the beaten track, you'll find plenty of things to do in Singapore.

Aruba in February

Aruba swaps the lush, green Caribbean vibe for a rusty red strut instead, with flamingoes and pelicans flocking to her shore. Aruba has frequent connections to Amsterdam and the US and well developed hotels along her coastline. Stay in the beautiful boutique Boardwalk Hotel and check out these other great things to do in Aruba.

What About Winter Sun in Europe?

Ah, I hate to be a heart-breaker but it's simply not guaranteed. I've had some glorious sunshine days in France, Germany and even the UK but nothing even remotely approaching reliable heat, even when I lived in Seville, Europe's hottest city.

However. If you're feeling optimistic then the best bets include the Canary Islands (they are beautiful if you stay away from the crowds) and Malta.

Good luck! And may the sun dance be with you (though probably not Butch Cassidy or the kid.)

Disclosure - I have visited some of these countries and cities with assistance from local tourist boards or hotels. However, none of them had any input into this list of where's hot in February. I always keep the right to write what I like here on the lab. Otherwise there's just no point.


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  • Nina says:

    You definitely missed Australia! It’s hot down there. February is one of the best months, especially for the southwest coast. Not much wind, calm oceans and plenty of beaches to explore. Sunshine guaranteed!

    • Abi King says:

      Ah, yes, too true! I think because a friend sent a photo of a grey and rainy beach last week… the image must have lodged in my subconscious! No chance of me getting there this year… but soon! Thanks for reminding me!

  • You can also visit the French Riviera in the winter. We have a lot of sunshine here, although of course there is no heat. Historically, British and Russian aristocracy spent their winters in the South of France, precisely because of the mild climate. Greetings from Nice! Thomas.

    • Abi King says:

      Greetings from a very chilly Cardiff! Sorry, not sure why my first comment didn’t get through. Sunshine is definitely a good tonic – and a nice alternative if you can’t make it to the heat. Lovely part of the world, even for us non-aristocrats ;-)

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