Ditch spreadsheets and tired eyes for the joy of the open road.

Our Road Trip Planner and Toolkit uses a tried and tested formula to get you ready in half the time.

"The Road Trip Planner saved me so much time. I hate spreadsheets, packing and dealing with small print. But with this system, planning took half the time and I now have a great souvenir as well." 

Few things feel as liberating as hitting the open road. Stopping wherever you want, gazing at the stars, laughing with strangers, and waking up full of anticipation, ready to do it all again.

At least, that's what happens when you get the planning right. 

Research shows that the average trip takes over 50 hours of research, visiting at least 20 websites, exchanging around 17 emails and downloading three apps and juggling endless spreadsheets, post-its and notes on scraps of paper.

But what if I could show you an easier way?

A System That Works

At one point, I was travelling between two and four different countries every single month, either on my own or with colleagues or family, balancing work deadlines at home with live broadcasting deadlines on the road… And just winging it was no longer an option. 

So, I developed a system that worked for me and everyone I've shown it to.

Most importantly, it also gives me my sense of freedom back, which is how I naturally am.

So, it's organization, but it's not going to hem you in. You’ll still have plenty of time to dream and wander, to take up that last-minute invitation and relish the joy of surprise whenever you explore this world.

Happy travels.

You deserve to have a wonderful adventure without the stress


The Road Trip Planner and Toolkit brings you digital products to make your road trip happen. Read the Road Trip Handbook and plan exactly what you need (and nothing that you don't) with the range of printable downloads.

It's the art of making life easier. 

Ready to get going?

Here’s What You’ll Get 

The Road Trip Planner is a combination of printable planning sheets and a 5000 word eBook on planning the perfect road trip anywhere in the world. It's a digital product and will be delivered within an hour of purchase. 

It contains the signature travel planning formula to blitz through your to-do lists and overwhelm and get your focus back where it belongs: on enjoying your trip. 

Save Time

Whether you DIY the whole trip or book through an agent, this Road Trip Planning Process will save you an average of 30 hours planning time, 17 emails, 16 website visits and countless "where did I put that" moments.

Find freedom

Road trips are built around a sense of a freedom- this planning process will give it to you. You're not hemmed in by minute-by-minute schedules but instead learn to  take care of the basics so that you can enjoy the open road. 

Have a richer experience

Move beyond the standard tourist trails and enrich your trip with authentic interactions and off the beaten track discoveries. 

Stay safe

As a former doctor, safety is a strong concern of mine. Includes what you need to know to stay safe on the road.

Here’s what people are saying about Inside the Travel Lab

Since these 3 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced your course, they should fo

 "Thanks for keeping our travel lust alive!"

"Everything that comes out of Inside the Travel Lab is relevant, thought-provoking and above all interesting. Great perspective and easy to dip into to learn something new, every day."

"Keep doing what you are doing!!"

what’s inSIDE...

Look inside the different components of the Road Trip Planner and the COMPLETE Road Trip Toolkit...


Road Trip Planner: The Handbook

Over 5000 words and graphics to walk you through the key components of planning a road trip anywhere in the world. Learn the secret "Dr Drake" travel planning formula and save hours and hours of time. 


Road Trip Planner: The Printable Planning Sheets

Stay organised and on top of your tasks with these printable planning sheets. We've thought of everything from snacks to a car rental checklist to where to store your parking details.


Let's also talk about the bonuses

Bonus 1
The Travel Planning Formula

Plan your trip in half the time with this signature travel planning formula that I've used all across the globe. Video and PDF guide to make your planning process razor sharp and faff resistant.

Bonus 2
Stories from the Road

Add some inspiration to your planning with these stories from the road. Download narratives that take you from Africa to South America, through the snowy mountains of Austria and across the United States.

Bonus 3
Overview Cheat Sheet

There's a lot of information here. This bonus one page cheat sheet makes it easy for you to find what you need when. 

About The creator,

Abigail King is an award-winning author, journalist and broadcaster. She is the founder of Inside the Travel Lab, described by National Geographic Traveler as "essential reading" and Lonely Planet as "one of the best in the world." 

She first studied Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge before completing her medical degree and working as an Intensive Care & ER doctor for the best part of a decade before swapping the wards for a life on the road. 

She's travelled to over 60 countries, spoken at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on the subject of sustainable tourism and for the EU & NASA in Helsinki on the topic of digital integrity and counter terrorism. 

She likes hot tea, fresh strawberries and marmite toast, buttered just right.

Italy - Emilia Romagna - Rimini-Abigail King in Borgo
Italy - Emilia Romagna - Rimini-motorbike and Abigail King in Borgo

Here’s what people are saying about Abigail King

Seb Neylan Lonely Planet

Seb Neylan

Lonely Planet Editor

Immensely reliable

"Abi conducts herself professionally and is immensely reliable. Most importantly, the content she produces is top notch. Whether it’s social content on Twitter, live video content on Periscope or well-written article pieces and blog posts on LonelyPlanet.com. Other member of the Lonely Planet Online Editorial & Community team would echo these sentiments. Beyond all this, though, she’s affable and a pleasure to deal with – which is always a big plus!"

Amy Alipio Nat Geo Writer

Amy Alipio

Associate Editor, National Geographic Traveler

Well-researched and nicely detailed

" Abigail brings a writerly and stylish voice to her travel pieces for me. Her pieces are well-researched and nicely detailed. She makes my job easy as an editor!"

How much is your time worth?

If you billed the time you spend travel planning, studies suggest that planning errors could cost you as much as $2500 in hourly fees alone. Not to mention any expensive mistakes you make along the way. 

You deserve to plan a great trip for less!

These planners streamline your planning with focus and clarity, freeing you up to travel more (or just scroll through instagram or whatever, there's no judging here.)

Road Trip Planner and Toolkit Abigail King Cover Image

Handbook and planning worksheets



  • Road Trip Handbook
  • Printable planners 
  • Travel Planning Formula
  • On the Road Stories
  • Apps and Maps

Don’t Miss out!

The world is waiting...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a paper product?

Nope! This is 100% digital, meaning that you can download and use it right away. You can print out the worksheets and planning pages that you need and leave those you don't. Better for the environment, quicker for you.

What's the order time?

These are digital products and so will reach your inbox anywhere between five and fifty minutes. The webinar masterclass takes place approximately once a month, so it will depend when in the cycle you join.


YES! I've travelled through Greece, Louisiana, Massachusetts, England, Wales and Florida with baby and then toddler Lab. I know the realities of a family road trip very well!


Yes, absolutely! The planning process is the same and the Handbook specifically has a section for solo travel. I've driven across Morocco, Australia and Austria on my own and so I know what it's like. 


As the Road Trip Planner is full of digital downloads, we can't offer a refund policy on this. Please look closely at the contents before you buy. 


If you have Adobe Creative Suite membership, you can edit the PDF files. However, you won't be able to edit them within usual word processing software like Google Docs or Word. If this is a feature you would like, please email [email protected] We are always looking to improve our products. 

Let's get it done

I'm confident that this toolkit will help you bring your travel dreams alive. I'm proud of all the work and passion that has gone into it and the community of people behind it.

I hope you'll sign up and join us so that you can forget about travel overwhelm and to do lists, streamline your planning process and go on to have the road trip of your dreams.

See you on the other side.