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Are you looking for the world's best holiday destinations? 

The best places to visit in the world to get off the beaten track and find some unusual flavours and history?

Maybe you're about to plan your trip. Maybe you're dreaming in an armchair, or the crook of an early morning commute from a stranger's armpit on your phone.

Perhaps, slap, bang, thank you ma'am, you're seeking classics like London, Paris, New York.

Or maybe, like, me you're in love with all things UNESCO?

Whichever it is, let's help you explore the world.


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We've over 40 countries featured on this site but sometimes you want to plunge right into a region. We get it.

The Middle East

So, to explore Oman, Jordan, Sharjah and more, head over to the Middle East.


This page talks about some of the best places to visit in Africa and heads beyond the Big Five. 

Read about Australian landmarks here.


explore more of North Asia and South Asia, with a focus on Japan.


Being European, and currently living in Europe, Europe's a biggie. It's divided into North EuropeSouth Europe, Western Europe and Eastern Europe

The Caribbean and South America

There's a guide to the best islands in the Caribbean and a collection of South American highlights.

America and Canada

Of course, how could we forget the best of the USA and the hat on top, Canada! 

Where do you know really well?

One of the best things about the world we live in today is that anyone can just sit down and publish something online. 

One of the worst things about the world we live in today is that anyone can just sit down and publish something online. 

We love to travel the world and bring you useful, funny, inspirational and uplifting stories from around the world. But we know some regions better than others. 

Here are the places we've been many, many times. Lived in, worked in, seen all the seasons or spent a considerable amount of time with other people who lived there. 


We write travel guides based on when you are able to travel rather than only where you want to go. Because we understand there isn't always a choice. Not to worry, the world is a great big place and here's what you can do with it...

The best places to visit in January

For a spot of year round sunshine, try the Caribbean or the Middle East.

The best places to visit in February

Embrace the cold and the sight of the sun by travelling to the Arctic Circle to stay in an ice hotel or hitting the European and North American ski slopes.

The best places to visit in March

Catch the last of the ski season in Europe or else enjoy some off peak art in Italian hotspots like Venice and Florence.

The best places to visit in April

Make sure to head to Seville to catch Semana Santa and the Feria de Abril. 

The best places to visit in May

May is a wonderful time to start visiting Southern Europe before the skies become too hot or everyone leaves for the August shutdown.

The best places to visit in June

Zanzibar and New York City are just two extremes open for travel at this time of the year. And literature lovers should make their way to Dublin for Bloomsday.

The best places to visit in July

July marks the month for Canada, with the first of the month marking Canada Day. It's a summer of festivals and the great outdoors.

The best places to visit in August

August marks your best shot at Britain as the rugged Pembrokeshire coastline warms up and the Royal Parks of London spill with summery good cheer.

Surprise beach spots in Europe, like Scheveningen in The Hague, also make sense.

The best places to visit in September

September's a dream month for much of Europe, as the crowds melt, the kids go back to school but the days are still long, the air fresh. Much of China and Japan is readily accessible and the oppressive levels of heat in the Middle East begin to wilt down to more bearable levels.

The best places to visit in October

Greece and the Galapagos come into their own as travel destinations in October, while "leaf peeping" makes forests scarlet in New England.

The best places to visit in November

November is a great time to visit the UNESCO side of Tenerife with warm days and evenings to match both beach and culture activities. It's also good for Yangon and Myanmar as well as Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah in the Middle East. 

The best places to visit in December

Tis the season for Christmas markets, not to mention the start of the ski season in Europe. In the southern hemispheres, this marks one of the few times you can access Patagonia and it's just fun in the sun in Australia and South Africa. 

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“Abigail King has an uncanny knack for showing a location from a new perspective.”

Exploring Europe

I neglected Europe in my travel youth. I sought difference, far shores, wild volcanoes, new flavours and exciting customs. It took until my 30s when I lived in France and then Spain to realise that Europe has more than I can hope to explore in a lifetime. Including wild volcanoes, new flavours and exciting customs.

And, yes, the north, west, east divides aren't perfect. But they're a start!

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