Whether you’re planning an incredible solo trip or looking to build your perfect family bucket list, the first place to start is with where you want to go. Find all the classics here plus some destinations that I hope will surprise you.

We also have a collection of the best beach and safari destinations and the best wildlife experiences to help you get started.


Popularly known for its wide open plains and safari wildlife, Africa offers all this and more. From the sand that swirls around the Egyptian pyramids in the north to Table Mountain that rises out of the ocean in the south, this is a mighty continent with much to share and so much more than you see in the headlines.

Start with this article on the best places to visit in Africa. Fancy a spot of adventure? We answer the question: can you drive across Africa?

North Africa

East Africa

Southern Africa

West Africa

Dominican Republic with Kids - iguana
Iguanas. Virtually dinosaurs in the eyes of a child…

The Caribbean

While the Caribbean islands may share the same pristine beaches and sparkling shores, the history, landscape, culture and food make each and every island distinct. 

Start with this guide to the best Caribbean islands for solo travel (even if you’re not travelling solo.) Some of the easiest islands to get to include Nassau in the Bahamas and Barbados. But to get off the beaten track, try this beautiful spot in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Read more stories from the Caribbean here.

Dominican Republic

Route 66 Sign in Santa Monica
Planning a sustainable beach trip: Alabama is leading the way

North America

Check out our separate collection of travel guides and stories from North America here.

Italy - Rome- Abigail King walking outside the Vatican


We have a whole section dedicated to travel in Europe. With particular love for travel in Spain. Check it out!


Australia makes for a fascinating place to visit, no matter your age.

Japan - Tohoku - Aomori - Hachinohe Emburi Festival Dancers and Scenes- Child dancing at the Hachinohe Enburi Festival


To explore Asia fully would take more than nine lifetimes. 

If you’re wondering where to start, great entry points are Hong Kong and Singapore.



Vietnam, Thailand & the Philippines

Singapore & Malaysia


India & The Maldives

View of the Treasury Petra by Night
My View of the Treasury Petra by Night

The Middle East

Frequently misunderstood, the Middle East is one of the most intriguing and hospitable places that I’ve ever been to visit. Perhaps I’m biased, I lived in Saudi Arabia as a small child. But my subsequent travels have revealed layer upon layer of warmth and friendship, outstanding natural landscapes, fresh food and world altering history.

But where should you start? Right here with this article on the best places to see in the Middle East.


United Arab Emirates


How to spend two days in Tel Aviv

Ecuador - Quito - buying a traditional souvenirs in Ecuador
A guide to the markets of Quito and what to buy in Ecuador

South America

This beautiful continent has some of the most impressive natural landscapes on earth. For example…



Planning your trip


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