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Learn the secrets published writers know

From the award-winning writer and author Abigail King comes Write Better, Right Now: an online course to help you master the written word.  It will strip the fluff away and teach you powerful techniques to make your writing sing.  


Learn how to craft the perfect scaffold for your work and don't waste a moment of your time while doing it.

Secret Sauce

Discover the tips that pro writers use all the time to further their career and spice up their writing.

Writing by Numbers

Work out what to do when inspiration leaves you and never be stuck for words ever again. That's a serious promise.

Blueprint for GOing Pro

Don't let dreams fester any longer. Work out how to go pro and get there.

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writing Feedback

Nothing beats personal feedback and nothing will bring you progress faster. 

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Can't see the wood for the trees? Have a professional eye look over your blog and social media profiles and provide bespoke advice and actionable next steps. 

From $79. Book here.

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OUR ROAD TRIP PLANNER changes everything

Embrace the thrill of the road with this tried and tested planner and process. 

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I've gathered together products I'd recommend for different kinds of trips on our Amazon shop over here. 

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Pack your swimsuit in your hand luggage. If the suitcase is lost, you can still swim!

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