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Download an entire toolkit of resources to help you travel more easily, with more purpose and more joy.

Includes checklists, hacks, budget planners, handbooks and more.


Plan the perfect Road Trip

The Road Trip Planner and Toolkit © brings you digital products to make your road trip happen. Read the Road Trip Handbook and plan exactly what you need (and nothing that you don’t) with the range of printable downloads.

It’s the art of making life easier. 

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Masterclass- Learn to Love the Camera

Creative Courses

The Writing Boost: a series of online workshops and worksheets to boost your writing skills and your inspiration.

Write Better, Right Now: an online course to help you master the written word.  It will strip the fluff away and teach you powerful techniques to make your writing sing.  

Learn to Love the Camera Masterclass: actionable tips to overcome your discomfort or fear at speaking on camera. 

Our Freelance writing masterclass talks you through the business side of earning a living from your words. 

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Your Toolbox

An entire toolkit of resources to help you write better, faster and with more purpose and joy.

Free Travel Resources

Find our collection of the best travel websites here.

We have packing lists you can access for free on this travel tips page.

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