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With the right gear, anything is possible. Check out our gear guides and packing lists here.

Road Trips

We love a road trip! Few things beat the freedom of the open road and the sense of possibility and exploration. It’s a great way to travel slow, to travel with kids, with friends or all by yourself. 

But a good road trip does take some planning. 

Luckily, we have what you need.

How to be a responsible tourist

Responsible Travel

The travel industry is one of the biggest in the world. The choices we make, the people we visit, the products we buy, all help shape the world. Nowhere is perfect. No-one person is, either. 

But that shouldn’t stop us from trying. Everything on this site aims to help you travel more and travel better.

Powerful examples of sustainable tourism

Striding across towards Westminster with a carry on suitcase in London
Getting the right gear makes it easier to travel

Getting the Right Gear

With the right gear, anything is possible. Hunting for the Northern Lights at minus 40 in the Arctic Circle becomes a joy. Cocktails in Miami, easy peasy. With the wrong gear, everything becomes harder. Despite this being a luxury travel blog, I’m not a big believer in shopping for shopping’s sake, nor spending just for the sake of it. What I do know is that the right gear makes almost everything alright

We run in-depth reviews on individual pieces of equipment, but to get started, check out these articles:

You can also find my recommendations on my Amazon page

Italian Gift Ideas - Italian Art Amalfi Coast Holly Anne Blake

Gift Ideas

Hand-checked ideas to help you buy presents for the ones love.

Packing Lists

Browse our packing lists and download the ones you need.

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Family Travel Tips

Family travel is a wonderful thing – as long as you’re prepared! Start with this travel bucket list for families and bucket list for the summer. Then add to the planning tools above with these child focused travel tips.

Need a way to keep the children entertained? Check out our list of the best travel journal ideas and prompts for kids.

For younger children

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Flight Hacks

Cruise Tips

General travel tips and life hacks

How to travel more with a full time job