Learn the secrets that pro broadcasters know

Masterclass- Learn to Love the Camera

Do you hate the thought of talking to camera? Does the sight of yourself on screen make you want to shut down the laptop and run for the hills?

I hear you. I was you. 

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For years, I hated having my photograph taken, being interviewed, everything. For the first six years of so of my blogging career, you’d think I was a ghost. There’s no record of me being there, from the icy glaciers of Patagonia to the peak of Mt Fuji and the dust of the savannah… not a photo at all. Zip, zilch, nada, nihil. 

But then. I was given an assignment from Lonely Planet that involved broadcasting. Simply put, I had to get over myself. From there, they assigned me the broadcasting live gigs and I had to master all the tricks in the game.

For you see, there are tricks (although the experts call them techniques.) 

And anyone can learn them. 

So, time to wash away the fear, the sticky palms and the tight feeling in the stomach. And learn the techniques to make expressing yourself on camera a breeze and set your ideas free.

Who knows? You might even enjoy yourself while you’re at it. 


At a Glance

  • Watch this one hour masterclass at a time that suits you. 
  • Learn the secrets pro broadcasters know. 
  • Have actionable tips to overcome your discomfort or fear at speaking on camera. 
  • Nail it ;-)

What you’ll get

  • An introduction to the four key steps to success when speaking on camera. 
  • Actionable tips you can use right away. 
  • The three biggest mistakes people make when talking to camera. 
  • A sense of fun and passion! 

What is a webinar anyway?

In short, it’s an online seminar. It tackles one subject and is a mix of student participation and a presentation of ideas.

** The live event has already taken place. What you can do now is access the replay.**

What it won’t be

  • A dreary presentation read out by me!
  • A lot of microphone feedback and people saying “can you hear me, can you hear me?” 
  • Complicated!
  • A sales pitch. If you’ve been burned before, that’s not what’s going to happen here. For full transparency, at the end, I mention two courses I run. That mention will take less than two minutes. The rest of the hour is full, focused teaching.


What’s the refund policy?

If you’re not happy, you can request a refund within seven days, no questions asked. You have simply nothing to lose.

How much does it cost?

Access costs only 47 USD. You can pay in your own currency.

Can’t I just Google it?

Of course, you can get a long way with Google. But you won’t have all the material packaged into one hour with a clear structure.

Plus, who is writing the articles you read when you Google?

You can check out my credentials here: over a decade working as a professional travel writer and broadcaster, with experience in studio and live on the road.

I’ve broadcast from inside Marie Antoinette’s bedchamber in Versailles to from inside an igloo in the Arctic Circle. I’ve interviewed world class athletes and chefs, marine biologists, philanthropists, adventurers and even politicians. I can share that expertise with you.

Are you just going to be talking about tech?

Not really. These are skills that YOU can learn, no matter what or where the camera is and whether or not it’s yours. I will make some suggestions and I’m happy to answer questions on the topic of tech but that’s not the focus of this webinar.

What if I’m not a vlogger or broadcaster (and never want to be one?!)

You wise person, you ;-) Not to worry, the skills for speaking on camera are universal. This masterclass will give you actionable steps for speaking on camera in your work and personal life, whatever that is.