The 50 Best Travel Websites

By Abi King | Travel Tips

Aug 12

The 50 best travel websites according to The Independent in the UK. With contributions from @insidetravellab


The 50 Best Travel Websites

I’ve spent the best part of the day zig-zagging through travel websites, trying to solve the Rubik’s cube-like logistics of my travel and calendar plans for the year ahead.

A good friend of mine has been struggling with the same.

So, just as I was thinking that compiling a list of the most useful travel websites I know of might be useful to you…I remembered that I’d already done that for The Independent.

The 50 best travel websites featured in The IndependentSo, somewhat overdue admittedly, here is the list of the 50 Best Travel Websites according to The Independent. With suggestions from yours truly.

I have plenty more to add to the list but then we’d be here all day. And there are travel adventures to be planned!

(Shh, only joking. I’ll post more here later anyway.)

Happy travel planning everyone,



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