May 13

15 Ways to Get Off the Beaten Track (Or Path) – the Breathless Thrill of Exploration

By Abi King | Travel Tips

Getting off the beaten track. Or path, if you’re American. It’s at once the holy grail of travel, the kernel of truth at the core, and simultaneously a phrase of disdain or a cliché as overused as a hand sanitizer pump in an infectious disease ward (side note, I used to work as doctor.)

But how do you get off the beaten track? And then how do you get back on?!

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Jun 27

Lisbon Restaurants Where Locals Eat

By Abi King | Food , South Europe , Western Europe

Where locals eat in Lisbon Finding Lisbon RestaurantsWhere Locals EatBreathless, sweaty and most definitely ready for food, I pushed open the glass door and stumbled inside. “Are you still serving?” I asked, the words more direct than I’d have liked. A man walked towards me, in black against the bright white walls, clear-varnished wood and chic-hipster vibe I’d […]

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May 20

Finding Hidden Gems and Unusual Things to do in Athens: Gold Beyond the Acropolis

By Abi King | Greece

Athens is an unusual city. With its eye-watering place in world history, the olive-soaked Mediterranean air breezing through and the Acropolis shining on a hilltop, Athens should be an easy city to fall in love with.

Yet alongside the romance, Athens packs in skyscrapers, traffic jams, urban grit and edgy street art.

And a visit there is all the better for it.

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May 01

Places of Interest in Sabah: Rainforests, Reefs and the Ape with “the Soul of a Man.”

By Abi King | South Asia

It’s no exaggeration to describe Malaysian Borneo as a paradise for anyone who loves nature, soft sand and incredible sunsets. But it might surprise you to learn that it’s easier to get to than it sounds. Often overlooked in favour of sister state Sarawak, Sabah mixes up bright cities, lemongrass, turquoise water and eco-reserves like nowhere else on earth.

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