Feb 16

Can You Solve the Puzzle of the Philae Temple in Aswan Egypt?


There are many doorways into Egypt. This article, resurrected from the archives, looks as the ancient and modern in Egypt, through the puzzle of the Philae Temple near Aswan.Philae Temple, AswanFor over two thousand years people have stood where I’m standing now. And yet they haven’t.The Puzzle of the Philae Temple in AswanFor although these honeyed […]

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Feb 09

The Nuremberg Sausage: A Symbol of Love?

Food , Western Europe

The Nuremberg sausage or bratwurstUnderstanding the Nuremberg SausageThe city of Nuremberg may have an international reputation for some of the worst events on earth. But the Nuremberg sausage shows another side of the city. Whether called bratwurst of a Nurnberger, here’s the inside info on 700 years of sausage making history. Oh, and it tastes […]

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Jan 02

Where is hot in February 2020?

Plan Your Next Trip

Long and Short Haul Options for Hot Destinations in FebruaryFebruary. That short, bouncy month that treats itself to the occasional leap year and which is STILL COLD in the northern hemisphere. When it comes to the best places to visit in February, the world offers up a travel smorgasbord or opportunities. But where is hot […]

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Dec 04

21 Unusual Things To Do in Rome to Escape the Crowds


 Find unusual things to do in Rome, from stunning skylines, hidden sects, secret passageways and seriously good food. Let’s help get you off the beaten path in Rome, escape the crowds and see the best of the Eternal City.Unusual Things To Do in Rome: Off the Beaten Path in RomeIf you book or buy through […]

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