Sep 10

Oman’s Dazzling Grand Mosque in Photos

By Abi King | Asia

With heat so hot it pressed like a physical weight all around me, I stepped into the cool of the bright white, fight white Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, neighbour to Saudi, capital of Oman. White to reflect the heat, white to fight the heat, white, bright, dazzling white, sunbeam white in a disorienting […]

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Jul 03

7 Inspiring Short Breaks from London

By Abi King | England

Sandy coves and heather-tinged fields. Cobbled streets, jagged rocks, clotted cream and stacks of flattened Welsh cakes, served hot with butter and the crunch of scattered sugar. The West, as the motorway signs describe it, lays out a carnival of ideas when it comes to ideas for short breaks from London that will make you ooh and […]

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Jun 25

The Beignets of Cafe du Monde New Orleans

By Abi King | USA

Above green and white stripes, the fans spin around. And around. Faster and faster, round and around. Frantic, fizzing, furious above the speckled sugar, they spin and spin, the hot air hugging them with a stubbornness that’s almost chic. Cafe du Monde New Orleans This is Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, an icon for […]

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May 22

7 Great Photo Spots in New York

By Abi King | USA

New York can be a tricky topic for me. I know the Big Apple well and yet I’ve not seen her in years. I travelled there regularly, know corners of her intimately and yet the world and his wife/husband/civil partner/dog thinks they know her even if they have never been. And of course, I no […]

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May 07

What’s so special about Quito?

By Abi King | South America

When it comes to Quito, Ecuador has the kind of problem countries like to have: a kaleidoscope of world class things to see. While hummingbirds flutter through cloud forests inland and turtles glide past pink sands in the Galapagos, Quito stands on the sidelines like a screenwriter at the Oscars: brimming with character and underpinning the action, yet curiously […]

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Apr 25

Cultural Things To Do in Edinburgh

By Abi King | Europe

Hello science my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again. There it stood on the wall, etched in shades of grey. No, not those shades of grey but speckles of grey instead. Patches here, a splatter there. The shadows that build up across canvas to reveal the true life shape of a molecule […]

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Apr 02

11 Beautiful Things to Do in Spain

By Abi King | Spain

Enter your favourite photos of Spain for the chance to win a Canon PowerShot G7 X camera I’m never quite sure whether it’s appropriate to write love letters to a country. But that’s what I’m going to do today with Spain. Spain, you see, was my ugly duckling turned swan. My fresh-out-of-the-lake Mr Darcy after a […]

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Mar 12

The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb

By Abi King | Europe

Elvis may have crooned about the Heartbreak Hotel, but Croatia’s capital has the real thing (minus the overnight stays.) Swap Lonely Street for Ćirilometodska in Zagreb and uncover the strange situation that is the Museum of Broken Relationships. The Museum of Broken Relationships I stumbled through its doors, years ago, as part of my #IronRoute series […]

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Feb 28

Ask Abi: Unusual City Breaks in Europe

By Abi King | Europe

Ideas for Unusual City Breaks in Europe So, here’s a question I get asked a lot: where are the best places for an unusual city break in Europe? It’s a topic I could write a whole book about (or, hey! At least a substantial section of a travel blog ;-) – see the best destinations […]

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