an entire toolkit of resources to help you travel more easily

For a limited time, we have partnered with Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt from Solo Traveler World to bring you the complete Travel Toolbox © for only $49.99. 

It contains all our travel digital products into one simple bundle – and it’s one of our most popular products.

What Can You Expect?

Basically, we’re confident you’ll find what you need! Are you bursting with ideas and struggle to come up with a plan in advance? Or are you happiest dealing with spreadsheets and planning every last detail? Either way, there’s a resource for you. 

By working together, Inside the Travel Lab and Solo Traveler World have pooled resources for the carefree traveller and the perfect planner. 

Take a look at what’s inside…

How to plan a trip in half the time

The Secret Travel Planning Formula

Want to know how to plan a trip in half the time? 

It’s the perfect antidote for those who want to go and do instead of sit and plan. It’s our signature Dr Drake Method, delivered as a video, PDF and email series.

Road Trip Planner & Checklist Cover

The Road Trip Planner

Want to know for sure that you can afford what you’re getting into? Download the detailed travel budget spreadsheet and plan your next trip budget worry-free. 

Solo Traveler Road Trip Budget Cover

Travel Budgets

Want to know for sure that you can afford what you’re getting into? Download the detailed travel budget spreadsheet and plan your next trip budget worry-free. 

Solo Traveler Wits and Wonder E Course

The Solo Travel e-Course

Longing to plan a great big solo trip but not sure where to start? 

Enter the purpose built seven week -ecourse on solo travel from, well, the experts at Solo Traveler. 

Advanced Travel Hacks Cover

Advanced Travel Hacks

Not your first time around the block? Check out the advanced travel hacks in an easy to digest eBook format. 

Then hit the road. 


Solo Traveler Travel Insurance Tip Sheet Cover

The Travel Insurance Tip Sheet

Travel insurance has always been important but Covid showed us just how essential it could be. Read this expert advice from an industry insider and feel confident with your choice of policy.

The Road Trip Handbook Cover Image

The Road Trip Handbook

We love a good road trip and have distilled years of experience of solo road trips, family road trips and road trips as a couple into this handy travel guide.

How to use Pinterest to plan your travels

Planning with Pinterest

Have you heard about Pinterest but are not sure what to do with it? 

Pinterest can be an amazing way to both find inspiration for a trip and to bookmark special places to go. 

This step by step instruction video shows you how. 


Solo Traveler Road Trip Budget Cover

The Road Trip Budget Spreadsheet

You can only spend a dollar once. Spend it wisely with this purpose built spreadsheet for road trips. 

Just Imagine If You Could…

Feel confident about your travel plans, knowing that you have planned enough to handle every situation and yet done so in half the normal time! Imagine waking up in a new place, your feet walking on cobblestones and ancient paths and climbing glistening skyscrapers. Imagine laughing with new friends, tasting new flavours and feeling the sunshine and breeze on your skin as you take a deep breath and know that you are making the most of your dreams and this one life.


Is this a paper product?

Nope! This is 100% digital, meaning that you can download and use it right away. You can print out the worksheets and planning pages that you need and leave those you don’t. Better for the environment, quicker for you.

What’s the order time? 

These are digital products and so will reach your inbox anywhere between five and fifty minutes.

Will this work for family trips? 

YES! I’ve travelled through Greece, Louisiana, Massachusetts, England, Wales and Florida with baby and then toddler Lab. I know the realities of a family road trip very well!

I’m planning a solo trip. Will this work for me?

Yes, absolutely! The planning process is the same and the Handbook specifically has a section for solo travel. I’ve driven across Morocco, Australia and Austria on my own and so I know what it’s like.

What’s the refund policy? 

As this is full of digital downloads, we can’t offer a refund policy on this. Please look closely at the contents before you buy. 

Can I edit the downloads? 

If you have Adobe Creative Suite membership, you can edit the PDF files. However, you won’t be able to edit them within usual word processing software like Google Docs or Word. If this is a feature you would like, please email [email protected] We are always looking to improve our products.