Longing to travel after everything that's happened?

You need The Travel Toolbox©

The Travel Toolbox © is an entire toolkit of resources to help you travel more easily, with more purpose and more joy after all the upheaval of Covid-19.

Yes, even if you're travelling solo. Yes, even if you have a young child. 

Travel Toolbox with Solo Traveler

Travel with confidence with our secret formula and fact-based approach. Good times included. 

Discover our complete digital library of resources, including our Road Trip Handbook and access to the exclusive online course, Wits and Wonder, from Solo Traveler.

"The travel toolbox is a thoughtful collection of guides, tools and philosophy that is relevant and so useful for all kinds of travellings... a gift for a loose wandering soul like me! "



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You deserve feel confident as you explore the world.

For a limited time, we have partnered with Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt from Solo Traveler World to bring you the complete Travel Toolbox © for only $36.95. It contains all our travel digital products into one simple bundle - and it's never been on offer before.

PLUS, it's been tailored to travel in a post-Covid world. 

As a former doctor, I don't say that lightly.

The Travel Toolbox

Only $36.95

What can you expect?

Basically, we're confident you'll find what you need! Are you bursting with ideas and struggle to come up with a plan in advance? Or are you happiest dealing with spreadsheets and planning every last detail? Either way, there's a resource for you. 

By working together, Inside the Travel Lab and Solo Traveler World have pooled resources for the carefree traveller and the perfect planner. 

Take a look at what's inside...

Covid Travel Guide Webinar


Catch the replay of our premium webinar on travel during the Covid pandemic with Solo Traveler. 

Coronavirus Packing List Cover


Travel has changed. Here's what you need to know and pack for travel in a post-covid world.

Solo Traveler Wits and Wonder E Course



Longing to plan a great big solo trip but not sure where to start? 

Enter the purpose built seven week -ecourse on solo travel from, well, the experts at Solo Traveler. 

How to plan a trip in half the time


Want to know how to plan a trip in half the time? 

It's the perfect antidote for those who want to go and do instead of sit and plan. It's our signature Dr Drake Method, delivered as a video, PDF and email series.

Advanced Travel Hacks Cover


Not your first time around the block? Check out the advanced travel hacks in an easy to digest eBook format. 

Then hit the road. 

How to use Pinterest to plan your travels


Have you heard about Pinterest but are not sure what to do with it? 

Pinterest can be an amazing way to both find inspiration for a trip and to bookmark special places to go. 

This step by step instruction video shows you how. 

Solo Traveler Travel Budget Cover


Want to know for sure that you can afford what you're getting into? Download the detailed travel budget spreadsheet and plan your next trip budget worry-free. 

Solo Traveler Travel Insurance Tip Sheet Cover


Travel insurance has always been important but Covid showed us just how essential it could be. Read this expert advice from an industry insider and feel confident with your choice of policy.

Road Trip Planner & Checklist Cover


Road trips make sense in a pandemic! Allow our signature Road Trip Planner to guide you through the planning process and leave you with a treasured souvenir at the end. 

The Road Trip Handbook Cover Image


We love a good road trip and have distilled years of experience of solo road trips, family road trips and road trips as a couple into this handy travel guide.

Solo Traveler Road Trip Budget Cover


You can only spend a dollar once. Spend it wisely with this purpose built spreadsheet for road trips. 

Pre Trip Planning Checklist Cover (1)


Never be caught out again! Browse our packing lists and planning checklists and print out the ones for you.

  • Ultimate Pre-Trip Checklist
  • The Hiking Gear Checklist
  • The Ultimate Packing List
  • The Carry On Checklist

"I found the course covered a lot of topics in a very helpful way. I enjoyed the links to podcasts, I was encouraged and empowered reading testimonials from a wide range of travelers on different topics, and I find that all the information is presented in a clear and upbeat way. Preparation is so important and you make it fun! I'm off to Spain in a couple of months and taking the course has helped me validate what I'm doing well and made me think of what I can do to make my experience even richer. Thank you!"



Travel Toolbox with Solo Traveler

Just imagine if you could...

Feel confident about your travel plans, knowing that you have planned enough to handle every situation and yet done so in half the normal time! Imagine waking up in a new place, your feet walking on cobblestones and ancient paths and climbing glistening skyscrapers. Imagine laughing with new friends, tasting new flavours and feeling the sunshine and breeze on your skin as you take a deep breath and know that you are making the most of your dreams and this one life.

Take a closer look at what you'll find inside The Travel Toolbox ©


It takes knowledge, good planning, and an understanding of the world to travel. It requires the wits of an adult.

Ah, but to truly enjoy the wonders of this world requires all your senses being alive as they were when you were a child.

Hence, the Wits & Wonder Travel Course.

In seven emails, we’ll help you with the practical aspects of travel. We’ll help you develop travel skills, build travel confidence, and cultivate money strategies so that you can travel more.

We’ll also point you to your youth. We’ll help you develop your senses and the wonder you had as a child so that they may infuse your travels with new richness and fun.

How to plan a trip in half the time Mini-course

Spreadsheets not your thing? Has life whirred past in a blur of back of envelope scribbles and emails stored somewhere that you know you could find if you needed to. Learn our secret formula for travel planning success through our mini-course. It's our secret weapon.


Spreadsheets are for you? Enter the Travel Budget Spreadsheet and Road Trip Spreadsheet from the organisational and budgeting ninjas at Solo Traveler World.

How to Travel Responsibly During Covid webinar

We know you care about the planet and the people and cultures you visit. Access our replay on how to travel responsibly now that Covid is around.

BONUS TRAINING: Checklists for every season

My friend, we have you covered! Pack like a ninja with copies of our:

  • Coronavirus packing checklist
  • The ultimate travel packing list
  • The pre-trip checklist
  • The hiking and walking holiday checklist
  • The carry-on luggage packing checklist
  • And more!
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Hi there, I'm Abi

And I know exactly what it's like to want to see the world - and do it right.

Today I'm a travel writer who's travelled to more than 60 countries, driven solo through the Sahara, interviewed Nagasaki blast survivors and spoken about responsible and sustainable tourism with UNESCO, the EU and NASA.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Years ago, I had big dreams but no blueprint. And while I'd always loved to travel, I'd always done it the hard way. 

When I switched from doctor to professional writer, I knew I needed a different approach. When I became a mother, I had to refine it even more.

So, I developed a system.

 The Travel Toolbox © can give you a taste of all that good stuff. It gives you access to the resources and digital downloads I'd recommend and you can go and get started on your own.

What's more? It contains amazing products from our partners Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt at Solo Traveler.

Want to know more about them? Well, I'm glad you asked!

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Janice and Tracey are the duo behind the award-winning Solo Traveler blog and community. Founded by Janice, they work to help people travel the world on their own, with the great postcard tagline "glad you're not here."

We've known each other for years and worked together at many different travel conferences. Janice is a leading light for finding organisation amid the chaos and is therefore the perfect partner for my more wild, free-spirited ways!

"I'm a pretty well travelled person, however am always flying by the seat of my pants. When it comes to trips, I usually just barely plan for the basics and then figure the rest out on the fly. This has been an exciting way to go, and always seems to work out in the end!

More and more however, i find myself frustrated with extra costs and time spent getting myself out of the sticky situations that could have been avoided with a little extra planning.

I've been meaning to make myself some checklists and create more awareness around travel budget for YEARS! The travel toolbox has all the things that I've been procrastinating to sit down and create for myself. So easy! What a timesaver this is going to be!

I'm excited about the simple systems for keeping all the useful information you've gathered in one easy access place.The budget spreadsheets are also going to be super helpful, I know I always spend extra when I make all my decisions on the fly. The travel toolbox is a thoughtful collection of guides, tools and philosophy that is relevant and so useful for all kinds of travellings... a gift for a loose wandering soul like me! "



Travel Toolbox with Solo Traveler


  • the Toolbox

  • Small Print

Is this a physical product?

No, it's a mix of digital products, including PDFs, private videos on YouTube and an email tuition series.

Is this only for solo travellers?

No, not at all! We've partnered with Solo Traveler to access their expertise (which also works well for people travelling with friends, family or on business for most of the time too.)

But if you are thinking about travelling on your own for the first time, then this is definitely the toolbox for you!

When will I be able to access the toolkit?

Right away! Occasionally, it can take up to 20 minutes for the material to arrive in your inbox but it's usually even quicker than that. 

How will I access the toolbox?

You can download most of the contents right away. The mini-courses will be delivered by email, so you will need to add your email address to each mini course you want to access. 

What's going on with the spelling?!

Ha! I'm from the UK so use British English. Janice and Tracey live in Canada, so use Canadian English. That's why you'll see a difference between "traveller" and "traveler" about the place. 

But what about Covid?! 

As a former doctor, health and responsible travel is of the utmost importance to me. I would never advise you to break health guidelines and we include bonus material relevant to the pandemic to address just this. 

It's too much stuff! I'm overwhelmed!

No worries! You don't need to use it all. In fact, we don't expect you to use it all. Just as you don't use every tool in a toolbox, so you don't need everything that's here. But the point is, you should be able to find the tools you do need. 

"Great compact information on everything you need for traveling solo with resources that can be used for years to come."



Ready to get started?

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