Supporting Inside the Travel Lab


From time to time I get asked to review products or services. Sometimes I get money off for doing this, sometimes someone offers to pay me, sometimes I get nothing at all. Sometimes I review things without being asked to.

Here’s my approach: if it’s something I think I’ll like, might be useful to you and relates to Inside the Travel Lab then I’ll do it! Why on earth wouldn’t I?

If, however, it’s got nothing to do with the the blog or I’m not allowed to write bad things about it, then I won’t get involved (for what I hope are obvious reasons.)

A review is only any good if I can be honest.

Adverts & Sponsors

Will always be labelled as adverts or sponsors. Either directly, where there’s space, or with an asterisk (*) to make reading and browsing easier.

Affiliate Links

I will only use affiliate links for products that I would recommend anyway. Again, hopefully for obvious reasons.

What’s an affiliate link?

An affiliate link works in the same way as commission – if you end up buying something through a link on my site then Inside the Travel Lab gets a slice of that money. One example would be buying a book on Amazon by clicking through a picture on my site. I’ll add an asterisk (*) anywhere where it’s not already obvious that this is an affiliate link.

Do most sites do this?

Many sites use affiliate links and paid reviews. Not all that many are upfront about it.

What about free gifts, press trips and, I don’t know, brown envelope jobs?

No hidden nastiness. I’ll stick to my ethical guidelines and declare any money or freebies I get upfront.

I agree with and follow the Blog With Integrity pledge that you can read in full here.

Fair enough? If you disagree, let me know.