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I'm Abi, a doctor turned writer who's worked with National Geographic, the BBC, Nat Geo Traveller, UNESCO, NASA and more and travelled to over 60 countries. Go behind the scenes here.


Travel can and should be a  force for good. We bring you authentic and sustainable travel through curated travel tips, hand-crafted travel stories and useful and beautiful travel guides. We believe in the benefits of sustainable tourism.

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Build your perfect bucket list for summer or take things further with this bucket list for families. Try your luck at this food and drink trivia quiz and Spain quiz and write sunset captions so that when travel is back, so are you! 

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"Bringing the world closer is the mission for Abigail King, doctor turned writer, whose thoughtful travel blog is an inspiration. Not only is it crammed with informative features and practical advice, it covers the whole gamut of travellers, from solo and family groups to adventure and even business trips. Lively, intelligent and utterly absorbing, you’ll want to follow her round the world" Italia Magazine


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The 50 Best Travel Websites and Travel Resources 2023


Here are the best travel websites that I'd recommend for authentic, boutique and luxury travel.

 And here's how to create your own satisfying family bucket list. And the best cruise packing hacks.

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Enjoy the romance and escape the crowds in the City of Lights with our focus on secret spots in Paris. 

Best apartments with a view of the Eiffel tower in Paris

Plan your perfect weekend in Paris with our inside guides. Uncover the best hotels in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower, map out your 4 day Paris itinerary and beat the crowds with this collection of hidden gems in Paris.


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Let the good times roll in New Orleans, birthplace of jazz, Creole cuisine and the intricate latticework of the French Quarter.

Beignets New Orleans

Are you looking for practical information? Like how to plan your New Orleans itinerary, where to find the best swamp tours in New Orleans , what to do in New Orleans with kids or how to put together a great big Louisiana New Orleans Road Trip?

Or, you can head north on this Alabama Road Trip with all these fascinating facts about Alabama.

Surprising Stories

Enjoy independent travel writing and narratives from around the world.

The Madaba Mosaics Jordan – Making the Broken Beautiful Again
The People Who Are Older Than The Bible. Kakadu, Australia.
What Do We Value the Most? Quito, Ecuador, Has Surprising Answers
A Poem About South Africa That Challenges and Comforts


Summer in Austria spills sunlight over mountain peaks and covers the snow in a carpet of glitter. In the Austrian Alps, hiking paths and ski resorts create the perfect playground for both outdoor activity and wellness and relaxation. And there's more...

Austria - Hintertux Glacier - Abigail King in the snow

Yep. You can embrace the snow in Austria in summer.

Are you looking for practical information? Like how to visit Austria in summer, what you can do in St Johann in Tirol and fun things to do in Innsbruck with kids?

Or, you can head into the past with questions about dark tourism in Vienna. Or learn the difference between your strudel and your schmarren with this guide to traditional food in Austria.

Fire up your imagination and inspiration with our collection of the best travel quotes that you don't already know. Find road trip quotes, travelling alone quotes, sunset captions and hiking captions and stay entertained with 101 Fun Road Trip Questions for your next drive.