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Inside the Travel Lab is one of the leading luxury travel blogs in the world, ranking in the top ten according to Vuelio (formerly Cision) and other metric based rankings. It won the Best Travel Blog Award from Vuelio in 2016 and co-won a Travel Media Award for Innovation in 2015. It has been described as "one of the best travel blogs in the world" by Lonely Planet and as "essential reading" by National Geographic Traveler. 

Award winning blog Inside the Travel Lab featured in Stylist Nat Geo Lonely Planet BBC

Inside the Travel Lab always keeps the right to write an honest and fair account of experiences. Sponsorship is always disclosed.

Abigail King


We bring a professional approach to reach fellow professionals: educated, affluent, frequent travellers in the UK, US and beyond.

Inside the Travel Lab was part of the team that won the Innovative Campaign and Content Award at the Travel Media Awards 2015. 

  • ​Award-winning writing and photography
  • Over 8 years experience: outstanding in the digital sphere
  • Partnerships with household names like Lonely Planet, Canon, Cathay Pacific, National Geographic Traveler and more





Design coverage tailor-made for you. Use cutting edge practices, specific hashtags, eBooks, analytics, dedicated publishing schedules and more. Fees start at £495. 


As a director of Captivate Digital Media and a founding member of iAmbassador, Inside the Travel Lab knows how to use the power of blogger amplification to get results. Fees start at £3500.


Let us experience your destination and share that experience with readers. Costs need to be covered and we cannot publish material straight from press releases. We regret that we no longer review apps.


Our sponsored posts are typically written in-house. Fees start at £495.

We also offer advertising options on the website sidebar, newsletter, instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

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Abigail King is an award-winning journalist and photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Lonely Planet, the BBC, Red, CNN and more. She’s also written countless city and regional guides.

She is one of the leading figures in the UK for blogging and social media in travel and runs regular training sessions on the subject for travel writers, photographers, students and companies.


Abigail King can produce freelance articles and images as well as host TV shows and social media events through apps like Periscope.


From the Royal Geographic Society in London to Dubai, Spain and Finland, Abigail has hosted workshops and delivered keynote speeches.


Need advice on blogging or your social media strategy? Book two 30 minute phone calls for tailor made advice. Fee £100.

We no longer run guest posts, product reviews or competitions unless part of a broader project or campaign. We also don't enter into projects where we must compete directly against other bloggers or members of the public.

As an experience-based site, we do not feature "round-ups" or write about places or products unless we have directly experienced them ourselves.

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