The Best Cranberry Bog Tours, A Scarlet Surprise in Massachusetts

Until you’ve seen the untold beauty of a raspberry-ripple cranberry bog, you haven’t lived. Here’s how to find the best cranberry bog tours in Massachusetts. With a splash of history on the side. From Ella Buchan on Drive USA. Cranberry Bogs in Massachusetts I’m a little obsessed with cranberries since visiting Massachusetts. The tart, bouncy little rounds … Read more

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Things to do in Nantucket Island, Nantucket Harbour

Why You Should Travel to “The Faraway Place” in New England

Compact and picturesque in charcoal grey and deep-sea blue, the island of Nantucket once hosted the astronauts of their time: the whaling captains who inspired Moby Dick.

They ruled the marine world, trading in risk, adventure and wealth. And then something happened.

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Swimming with manatees in Florida’s Crystal River

How to Swim with Manatees, Crystal River, Florida

Florida is known for its crystal, turquoise blue. So why am I deliberately slipping into the mud with a snorkel? To go swimming with manatees, that’s why. To search for and understand those gentle marine giants who carry with them an eco success story all of their own. Here’s an ethical guide to swimming with manatees.