Masterclass: How to Earn Money as a Freelance Writer and Whether it’s Right for You

From business writing to blogging, emails to essays, novels to news features, good writing stays the same. Learn the skills that King uses in her work with Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveler, the BBC and more and become confident that YOU can submit professional quality work. Every single time.

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You Will Learn…

  • How to work out whether freelance writing is right for you
  • How to understand the process.
  • Golden rules to follow when pitching
  • A step by step guide to crafting the perfect pitch
  • How to track down editors
  • How to submit your work and look professional
  • How to increase your chances of success
  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • How to enjoy working as a freelance writer!

What You’ll Get

Access to a pre-recorded one hour masterclass that you can watch at your own pace and keep forever. This will contain:

  1. Real life examples 
  2. Step by step instructions
  3. A blueprint to follow
  4. A roadmap for your career 

Bonus Material

  • Download 4 Steps to a successful pitch PDF to keep
  • Join our private Facebook group to meet like-minded people and ask questions for support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I Haven’t Written Anything Yet?

Zero stress! You can watch this and make notes right away. And you will have access to the video for as long as it is online (minimum 12 months.)

How Much Time Do I Need?

The masterclass itself lasts one hour. The step by step instructions and blueprints we cover may take you four to eight hours to digest but you can take action right away.

What Makes This Different to Other Masterclasses?

There’s no fluff. No whimsy. It’s full of practical tips that you can actually use right away. This isn’t an ivory tower dreaming exercise, it’s based on real life work and real life editors. Plus, it’s interactive, with a Facebook group where you can chat with other students and your tutor.

What if I’m Not Sure? What’s your Refund Policy?

Ooh, we usually have a full refund policy, although we’ve never actually had to use it after hundreds and hundreds of students. 

However, for our one hour masterclasses we can’t offer a refund for obvious reasons. 

I Can’t Join Now. When Will you Run This Again? 

This is a pre-recorded one hour masterclass. So once you buy your ticket, you have access. So, buy now, download and then watch when the time is right. Although, if you ask me, the right time to start is right now.

What if I’m Already a Published Writer? Will I Learn Anything New?

That’s a good question. I would bet that you’ll learn some new tips for finding editors and promoting your work. However, probably the most useful thing for you involves revisiting why you’re doing this and exploring a different perspective. 

Send across an email if you’re not sure. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

What if I Don’t Have a Blog? And Don’t Want to Be a Blogger?

Absolutely no worries. This course is about writing. Where you write doesn’t really matter. 

Can I Pay in Instalments?

Not at the moment, sorry. Keep in touch, though, as this may change in the future. 

What if I Use a Different Currency to USD?

No worries. The software will automatically sort out the exchange rate. We are a UK company but use USD for international convenience.