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Hi there, I'm Abi. I'm a writer and photographer who swapped working as a doctor for a life on the road.

Join me, as we seek out unusual travel,  thoughtful luxury and making the most of our one and only lives.


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Let’s think and dream as we travel the world:

Welcome to Inside the Travel Lab, a travel blog, or magazine if you will, on thoughtful luxury travel.

It’s time to think about the world, to roll around in its colours, its spices, its senses and its sights, and to find out more about this place we all need to call home.

What makes this blog different?

Responsible Travel Yet Luxury Travel

Eco-travel doesn’t need to be miserably bare. Luxury travel doesn’t need to be soulless. Inside the Travel Lab brings you the best of the world while also striving to make the world a better place.

Historic Travel Yet Active Travel

History helps us understand the world and our place in it better. Adventure keeps us alive. There’s no need to decide between stuffy museums and pulse-racing fear. Inside the Travel Lab covers both history and adventure without the boring or barren bits.

Inspirational Travel Yet Cynical Travel

Hey, I live in the real world. I worked as a hospital doctor after all. Bad things come to us all, frequently for no reason. People cheat and inspirational quotes can be nauseating. But also… Inspiration and purpose is the only thing that matters in this world. It’s not a race to the bottom but a challenge to rise to the top.

Plus, plenty of travel photography tips

Because “Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” Marc Riboud.

Abi walking through Rome via @insidetravellab


Hi, I’m Abi and after all these years I’m still not sure how to start my introductions!

I’m a writer, blogger, photographer, speaker, TV host and explorer. I’ve travelled to over 50 countries, though I only keep count when I need to write words like these.

In 2007, after years working as a doctor in trauma, intensive care and A&E, I began to follow a different dream.

The dream to “become a writer.”

I had no idea what I was doing but trusted that if I followed the same path as I did with medicine (read, find experts, study, experience, enjoy and experiment) I’d get there in the end.

Today I work with Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveler and Traveller (the spelling’s different on either side of the pond) and many more. I’ve gone swimming with crocodiles, interviewed survivors from the Atom bomb, glided over deserts in hot air balloons and had a hot shower and hit the slick city scene of New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo.

Oh, and I also like the TV series Blackadder and marmite toast, buttered just right.

Most of this blog is about the world out there, not the goings on inside my own little life but if you are interested in such things then these are the posts to read:

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“Abigail King has an uncanny knack for showing a location from a new perspective.”

Abigail King featured by Cosmopolitan

“Why we love her: She makes us feel a little bit more intelligent just by reading her posts.”


Abigail’s clever insights and inpsiring Instagram shots will make you want to ditch the day job for a jaunt to the coast of Costa Rica.

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“Influential globetrotter.”

Inside the Travel Lab Huffington Post“Her writing rocks, she takes great photos and reading about her unusual journeys really makes you feel alive.”

“Sassy, globetrotting, female elite.”

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“Grazia quizzes the world’s hottest online experts.”

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“A pioneer in the blogger and travel influencer sphere, demonstrating best practices and impeccable professionalism.”



If it was good enough for Shakespeare and Michelangelo, it’s good enough for me! If you have or represent a brand or product that values integrity, responsibility, beauty and luxury then please get in touch.

Find out more here.

Disclosure & Freedom

I always keep the right to write whatever I want here on Inside the Travel Lab, that’s the whole point of having a blog. And I always disclose.


Giving Back

I give 10% of the money I make each year, in whatever guise it finds me, to what I feel to be a good cause.

This year it’s the Red Cross & Crescent.