See the world through new eyes - Abigail King walks through Rome

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Inside the Travel Lab one of the best travel blogs featured by Nat Geo Traveller, BBC, Stylist

See the world through new eyes... 

Inside the Travel Lab is a top luxury travel blog for thoughtful travellers.

It's regularly described as one of the best in the world.

From far-flung adventures in Patagonia to cosy day trips from London, city breaks in Seville, hiking with orangutans in Borneo and testing out the best spas in the world, if it's interesting and beautiful, it's here.

Make Me Think, Make Me Smile. Inspire Me, Tempt Me, Show Me.

What makes this blog different?

We focus on quality and hope to make you think, make you smile, inspire you, tempt you and show you. 

More about the place than me

Hi, I'm Abi, a doctor who swapped my stethoscope for a career with words and pixels. Though you will find some personal material here, my main aim is to help you discover more about the world, to roll around in its colours, its spices, its senses and its sights, and to find out more about this place we all call home.

Going behind the scenes

I try to bring a place alive through going behind the scenes. Whether that's talking to survivors from the Nagasaki bomb attack or interviewing people who saw the Iron Curtain fall, I believe that it's people who make a place. 

Not that everything's always so serious, of course. There's also time to eat, drink and be merry and even call it a cultural experience. Tequila anyone?

Taking the time to think

Lists can be handy, lists can be good. But in-depth can be better. 

Tried and tested reviews

Other sites recommend places, companies and experiences they've never tried in return for cash. We don't. 

Original Words and Pictures

Others republish press releases and rely on someone else's stock photos. We don't. 

Authentic Social Interaction

Other sites use robots to make it look as though someone is replying to you. We don't. Every response you get comes from a real person. Usually me ;-) 

Travelling how people travel

We talk about solo travel, couples travel, family travel, business travel and travel with a baby over here.

Why? Because that's how I travel, in a variety of different ways, and I'm guessing that you do too. If not now, then soon enough, you will ;-) 

Founded in 2009

That's old school as far as the internet is concerned. We've been travelling and writing about it for nearly ten years, through thick and thin, surgery and childbirth (well, not literally, thankfully.) But, you know.

Abigail King in Barcelona at the Casa Mila

Abigail King is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, speaker and photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic Traveller, Lonely Planet, the BBC and more.

British based, she loves Blackadder, mango chutney and marmite toast, buttered just right.

Striving to bring you the best of the world while hoping to make it a better place too.

Inside the Travel Lab a Pioneer in the Digital Landscape
Helping readers to make the right choice when booking


Co-winner  Visit USA Digital Influencer Award 2017


National Geographic Traveller Best Travel Blog Finalist 2016 

Co-winner Travel Media Award for Innovation 2015

Inside the Travel Lab Nat Geo Traveller


“Abigail King has an uncanny knack for showing a location from a new perspective.”

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“Why we love her: She makes us feel a little bit more intelligent just by reading her posts.”

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“Travel expert Abigail King of Inside the Travel Lab.”


Abigail’s clever insights and inpsiring Instagram shots will make you want to ditch the day job for a jaunt to the coast of Costa Rica.

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“Grazia quizzes the world’s hottest online experts.”

MSN Travel Superblogger Abigail King

“Abigail King is another writer who manages to look beyond the obvious and approach things from a different angle.”


If it was good enough for Shakespeare and Michelangelo, it's good enough for us! If you have or represent a brand or product that values integrity, responsibility, beauty and luxury then please get in touch.

We always keep the right to write whatever we want here on Inside the Travel Lab, that's the whole point of having a blog. And we always disclose.

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