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Abigail King from Inside the Travel Lab
Inside the Travel Lab one of the best travel blogs featured by Nat Geo Traveller, BBC, Stylist

"Abigail King is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and speaker whose work has appeared in National Geographic Traveller, Lonely Planet, the BBC and more. She's travelled to over 60 countries and Inside the Travel Lab regularly ranks as one of the best travel blogs in the world." 


 Visit USA Blogger/Vlogger of the Year - 2019

Vuelio Top UK Luxury Travel Blog - No 2 - 2019

British Travel Press Awards Shortlist, Teletext - 2019

Disruptor of the Year Finalist - TravMedia - 2019

12 Month Achievement Finalist - Traverse - 2019

LATA Best Blog Award - Second Place - 2019

Best Digital Influencer Finalist - World Travel Market 2018

Best Digital Article 2018 - LATA Media Awards

National Geographic Traveller - Best Travel Blog Finalist 2016 


Abi on corner of Brooklyn Bridge

Hi, I'm Abi

Hi, I'm Abi, and I write about thoughtful travel around the world. 

And I really hate writing "about" pages. 

I've been blogging for ten years, and for over half a decade, you'd struggle to find a photo with my face on it. I kept away from the camera.

From Doctor to Writer and Mum

But here we are in 2019. The world has changed. Ten years ago, I worked as a senior doctor in Intensive Care. Then I followed a different dream: to become a writer and then a mother. Neither were easy; both made life more interesting and amazing than I could ever have imagined. 

Broadcasting for Lonely Planet and Presenting at UNESCO Paris HQ

So, today, instead of shying away from the camera, I find myself broadcasting live for Lonely Planet. Instead of staying quiet, I'm giving talks at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris to high level delegates from the EU and China on the subject of sustainable tourism.  

Welcome to this corner of cyberspace

But I think most of all, I'm at home here, on this little corner of cyberspace that has unexpectedly opened so many doors for so many people (including me!)

Which dream will you follow?

So, as you read this, I wonder. What will you find here that will change life for you? What will make you think about the world - and yourself - a little differently? And what will you achieve?

This Site in A Nutshell

From far-flung adventures in Patagonia to cosy day trips from London, city breaks in Seville, hiking with orangutans in Borneo and testing out the best spas in the world, if it's interesting and beautiful, it's here.

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What's in it for you?

Gah, that's a big question. Well, hopefully you'll benefit from the travel tips and travel guides built from decades of professional experience.

Perhaps you'll enjoy the travel chat, that includes everything from the silly to the serious. 

Or maybe you're looking to work with us, in which case, let me guide you this way. 

But most of all? Wouldn't it be interesting if you had the chance to stop and think about the world in a different way?

What makes this blog different?

We (and by that, it's mostly me, Abi, but I do now have a backup team!) hope to make you think, make you smile, inspire you, tempt you and show you. We don't shy away from issues but we don't go cooking them up just for the sake of clicks and page views. 

We honestly (and slightly embarrassingly) want to make the world a better place. Seriously. While also, you know, dealing with the headaches of the middle seat and the difficulty in finding a cabin bag to suit all occasions. 

Taking You Behind the Scenes

Here, we go behind the scenes. Whether that's talking to survivors from the Nagasaki bomb attack or interviewing people who saw the Iron Curtain fall, I believe that it's people who make a place. 

Not that everything's always so serious, of course. There's also time to eat, drink and be merry and even call it a cultural experience. Tequila anyone?

Giving You The Time to Think

Lists can be handy, lists can be good. But in-depth can be better. 

Honest, Tried and Tested Reviews

Other sites recommend places, companies and experiences they've never tried in return for cash. We don't. 

Original Words and Pictures

Others republish press releases and rely on someone else's stock photos. We don't. 

Authentic Social Interaction

Other sites use robots to make it look as though someone is replying to you. We don't. Every response you get comes from a real person. Usually me ;-) We don't get involved in buying likes, gaming algorithms or any other soul-sapping venture born of desperation. If you like what we do, great! If not, well, there's no point in faking it, right?

Travelling how people travel

The travel industry is intent on pigeon-holing everyone into a niche. Solo travel, family travel, adventure travel and business travel.

Well, guess what? That's not how people live! Here, we cover a mix of solo travel, couples travel, family travel, business travel and travel with a baby because that's life as most of us know it. A work in progress. 

What do others say?


A pioneer in the blogger and travel influencer sphere, demonstrating best practices and impeccable professionalism.  

Emma Sparks - Deputy Editor, Lonely Planet


Inside the Travel Lab Nat Geo Traveller


“Abigail King has an uncanny knack for showing a location from a new perspective.”

The Independent - Inside the Travel Lab

"Travel expert Abigail King contributes to the 50 best travel websites." 


Abigail’s clever insights and inpsiring Instagram shots will make you want to ditch the day job for a jaunt to the coast of Costa Rica.

Abigail King featured by Cosmopolitan

“Why we love her: She makes us feel a little bit more intelligent just by reading her posts.”

“Grazia quizzes the world’s hottest online experts.”


What does it mean to be a responsible traveller or ethical traveller? Green traveller or eco traveller?

Are they the same thing? How is sustainable tourism different?

Here on Inside the Travel Lab, responsible travel has been our default position since we began. Because, ultimately, it reflects being a decent human being and caring about people around you as well as yourself. 

But it's not always easy and the information we have about the world and how we affect it shifts all the time. So, without being preachy, and without taking the joy out of things, here's the section for responsible travel. But know that that theme runs throughout the whole site.


I began travel blogging and "being an influencer" back before those terms meant anything. I've also put together many projects from the other side so I know the pitfalls and how hard it can be to find the best travel bloggers. 

In fact, I've learned a lot along the way. 


Want to travel the world and call it a career? So did I! At first I thought of things like travel writing or teaching. Or, as a doctor, I thought of Medecins Sans Frontiers. But the more I travelled, the more I realised just how many ways there were to travel the world. 

Some jobs are unusual, like becoming a Race Engineer at Formula One. Others may take place everywhere but some people, like Ferran Adria, transform what it is that they do. Then there are dancers who travel the world. Underwater photographers who travel the world. Even teachers ;-) Hey, it is a good idea after all!


 If you have or represent a brand or product that values integrity, responsibility, beauty and luxury then please get in touch.

We always keep the right to write whatever we want here on Inside the Travel Lab, that's the whole point of having a blog. And we always disclose.

But we love connecting people with places and products they'll love. And sponsorship? Well, if was good enough for Shakespeare and Michelangelo, it's good enough for us!