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Oct 01

The Emotional Meaning of Home

Responsible Travel

What is homeWhat is home? My weekend foraging for firewood while glamping in beautiful West Wales has me musing on a topic that returns to me again and again over the years. Just what is home? And is it up to us to define it? The Emotional Meaning of Home This week, I was supposed […]

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Apr 02

How to Find the Kindness of Strangers

Responsible Travel

I’m far from the first to string those four words together. Legendary journalist Kate Adie looped them in a line to describe her autobiography; Vivien Leigh sighed them in A Streetcar Named Desire. Writing courses rail against them and editors hang their heads and demand something fresh.

I’ve even…

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Mar 25

What is it like to visit Auschwitz alone? What to expect.

East Europe , Responsible Travel

The Auschwitz camps – I, II and III – starved, tortured and executed over a million people during World War II. Prison camps became concentration camps and then ultimately death camps. History lessons at school, the Red Cross Museum in Geneva, the books of Frankl, Levi & Frank and even the film Schindler’s List have provided enough images to haunt me for a lifetime. Will seeing the place with my own eyes change anything?

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