Monkey Mischief in Malaysia at the Batu Caves

By Abi King | Malaysia

Sep 14
Monkey at the Batu Caves

A Monkey at the Batu Caves

The Batu Caves, Malaysia

Less than ten miles from Kuala Lumpur, the Batu Caves house one of the most popular Hindu shrines in the region. When I first caught the expression of this monkey, poised and watchful, I imagined to myself he might be wearing an expression of prayer, of solemnity, of reverence.

How wrong I was.

The Backdrop

Entrance to the Batu caves

Entrance to the Batu Caves (Check out the people on the staircase…)

The Staircase

Staircase to the Batu Caves

Monkey At the Ready

Monkey hands at the Batu caves

The Monkey Attacks…

Monkey attacks girl at Batu caves

The Monkey Knows What He Wants…

The Monkey Wins…

Batu Monkey with water bottle

The Spoils of Victory

Batu monkey licking water off steps

Victory never tasted this good…

A Final Glimpse

Batu cave monkey

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