Mother and child by the Eiffel Tower for Paris with Kids Article

Why You Should Visit Paris With Kids

The French capital is more than just glitz and glam, it’s a great choice for your next family holiday…and this expert guide to visiting Paris with kids is here to prove it.

France - Paris - By Night

French Drinking Toasts: How to Say Cheers in Paris

SantĂ©! That’s the quickest way to say cheers in French. But French drinking toasts are more complex than that. Get it wrong and you face seven years of bad sex luck, according to tradition.

Here’s an inside guide to toasting your French friends

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Hidden Gems in Paris: The Best Secret Spots in Paris

Paris has a reputation for romance and style for a reason. But it’s still a hulking, great capital city in a thriving 21st century country.So, what should you do after you’ve seen the classics? Where should you go? Here’s our inside guide to alternative and unusual things to do in Paris.

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7 Unusual Things To Do in France

From the peeling paint of countryside farmhouses to the sweet sugar of macarons, the bright lights of dazzling Paris to the snow-powdered wooden chalets that speckle around the ski resorts, it seems there are plenty of reasons why more people travel to France than any other country in the world.

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How to Spend 4 Days in Paris

If you’re wondering what to do in Paris in 4 days, I’ve put together the ultimate guide with more than 30 things to see in Paris. Get ready to savour the City of Lights with this 4 day Paris itinerary.