13 Best Solo Cruise Tips To Make You Fall in Love with Cruising Alone

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Take note of these solo cruise tips and learn how to have a wonderful cruise alone.

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The Best Solo Cruise Tips for You

Going on a cruise by yourself may sound like a terrible idea, but in reality it can be an incredibly empowering experience. Whether you want to break out of your comfort zone or there’s a last minute change to your trip, this article will share all the tips you need to get the most out of your cruise experience. It’s the collection of solo cruise tips that you’ve been waiting for.

Best Solo Cruise Tips at a glance

  • Mindset: go to have fun, whether that’s making new friends or retreating into blissful silence
  • Book a single cabin in advance
  • Pack a day pack with what you need on boarding day. No need to wait for the rest of your luggage to have fun. 
  • Smile and chat, smile and chat. You will make friends (if that’s what you want.)
  • Enjoy setting your own itinerary with no-one else to please. 
  • Try group activities at least once to find people you gel with. 
  • Take a scarf or towel to “mark” your seat at the poolside or busy buffet. 
  • Take a book or notepad to “romantic” couples restaurants. 
  • Pretend to be an international woman or man of mystery if you feel self-conscious eating alone.
  • Attend any singles events that the cruise ship offers.
  • Check the dress code in advance. This can be a big deal on cruises.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask – to meet later, to swap room numbers, whatever. 
  • Relax. It’s all going to be OK.

Let’s face it, most of these solo cruise tips above are pretty self-explanatory. But, let’s delve a little deeper into some of the rest…

Book a single cabin

You might assume that going on a cruise is solely for couples, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cruises are a great holiday option for solo travellers as they offer everything from entertainment through to great lodging options. Plus, the cruise vibe is one of making friends and getting to know other passengers. It’s baked right into the experience.

According to The Cruise Line, “In recent years cruising has become a popular choice with solo travellers looking for an alternative to land-based holidays. It’s easy to see why; safe surroundings, world-class dining and service and like-minded guests are big attractions – as is the opportunity to discover lots of new and exciting places.” 

You should book a single cabin if you want to get the most out of your solo cruise ship. Single cabins are available on most cruise ships and allow you to enjoy a private space at a cheaper cost than larger cabins. If you are okay with having a little less space, booking a solo cabin on a cruise is a great option. 

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Don’t feel afraid to eat alone

According to 24 Hours Layover, “One of the reasons that holds many people back from travelling by themselves is the thought of eating alone at a restaurant at mealtimes. And for many people who do manage to travel alone, dining solo can be one of the hardest parts at first.”

For some people, this is a non-issue. They are used to it, they are fine with it. 

For others, it can be a one way street into social awkwardness and losing any kind of appetite to begin with. If that’s you, then please rest assured that, in the best possible way, no one else cares. Eat alone, eat in a group. It makes not a jot of a difference to anyone. 

However, if that tough love is less than helpful, then read on. 

Think of the benefits. When you’re a solo traveller, you can go to any restaurant you want to and dine out at your favourite places without having to consider the opinions or dietary needs of others. When you’re full, you can leave. When you’re tired, you can go to bed. And if you’re running late for any reason… well, who cares if there’s no-one waiting?

What’s more, the great thing about going on a cruise is the chance to meet new people and mealtimes provide a great opportunity to do this. Many restaurants have group seating or buffet options, meaning that it’s easy to get talking to people in the queue and chat to people sitting next to you. Smile, say hello and take it from there.

Enjoy Setting your own itinerary

We’ve all experienced the stress of travelling with friends or family. While it can be nice to have company, sometimes being with people all day long can take its toll. From arguing about which sights to see to bickering over where to eat, travelling with others can be a stressful experience.

Solo travelling is a great opportunity to travel at your own pace. Whether you want to try that new restaurant, visit a particular place, or spend the day in bed, solo travelling puts you in control.

Enjoy it! 

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Meet people through activities

Booking a solo cruise trip is a great way to meet new people and experience new activities. Cruise ships offer a wide range of activities for everyone to enjoy and they are a great way to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people.

Taking part in an activity will help you make friends with the other people onboard. Having the opportunity to get involved in classes, unwind in the pool, or participate in adrenaline-inducing activities that allow you to strike up conversations with your fellow passengers. 

Activities on cruise ships can range from cooking classes and rock climbing to water parks, theatres, and sports. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s bound to be something you enjoy!

Book a day trip

Taking a solo cruise trip offers a great chance to explore new places and discover new cultures. Many cruise ships travel around numerous islands or countries, stopping along the way to allow passengers to take part in day trips.  

Booking a day trip gives you the chance to take part in anything from a sightseeing tour, walking tour, or guided activity such as hiking or kayaking. Shore excursions are a great way to explore new places while connecting with other passengers. By the end of the day, you could have met some life-long friends or simply a few nice people to eat dinner with.

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