The Best Things to do in Belgravia, London’s Beautiful Neighbourhood

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Take a walk through one of London’s finest neighbourhoods with our inside guide to the best things to do in Belgravia. 

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UK - England - London Belgravia

The beautiful streets of Belgravia…

The best Things to do in Belgravia, London

For a soothing Sunday afternoon, London’s Belgravia is hard to beat. This beautiful little neighbourhood manages to make the city’s streets shine, in muted rainbows of pastel pretty pinks and lilacs, with memories of cornflower blue. Flowers, real and artistic, tumble around doorframes and tiny cobbled streets lead to sweet little mews just waiting for their Hollywood moment. 

Just across from the workday grit and grind of Victoria, with its hub station to the south and coach station to everywhere, the neighbourhood of Belgravia provides a tonic. An elderflower cordial kind of moment in the midst of a light summer’s day. 

But enough of my fanciful word salad. Let me bring you some concrete ideas on the best things to do in Belgravia, London. 

UK - England - London - Belgravia - Errol Douglas Floral Display

Belgravia. Where everywhere is beautiful.

Wait, where is Belgravia?

Belgravia describes the neighbourhood between Hyde Park, Victoria Station and Buckingham Palace. Some extend the description to Sloane Square and Knightsbridge, but that’s cheating, just a little. Belgravia is Belgravia.

Disclosure: I stayed at The Goring Hotel on a complimentary basis for review purposes. As ever, as always, I kept the right to write what I like. Otherwise, what’s the point? If you book or buy through any of the links on this page, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Cheers!

UK - England - London - The Goring Hotel Abigail King

Feeling right at home at The Goring Hotel, Belgravia

Where to stay in Belgravia

When it comes to where to stay in Belgravia, there’s really only one answer. 

It’s the choice Kate Middleton made on the night before she married Wills. She booked into the only hotel in the world with a Royal Warrant (and, incidentally, a royal suite with a view of Buckingham Palace.)

The hotel is The Goring and it’s a virtual museum of 20th century hospitality. Frequent former guests including the Queen Mother, Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill. 

But what’s a real stay like these days? Let’s talk about that. 

The Vibe

Staying here is like staying in a slice of British history. It’s been a favourite with kings, queens and prime ministers since it first opened in 1910. 

With walls decorated in silver leaf and silk, a roaring fire and scarlet-sleeved footmen trained at Buckingham Palace, The Goring combines comfort with a sense of tradition in the heart of Belgravia.

As a member of the Pride of Britain Hotels collection, The Goring welcomes you into a world of understated glamour. With impeccable service and manners.

UK - England - London - Belgravia - The Goring Hotel Standard Room

Inside the room I stayed in at The Goring Hotel

The Rooms

Each of the 69 rooms has its own unique décor. Styles are classical, with black and white marble bathrooms. You can expect a full turndown service and high quality fabrics.

  • I loved the lighting options: Bright, Calm, Cosy and OOh. Plus, a single master off switch. All hotels should have these!
UK - England - London - The Goring Hotel - The Dining Room Gold and white two diners

The Dining Room: Breakfast and Michelin-starred dinners

The Dining Room

Decorated in cream and gold with the striking Swarovski crystal chandeliers, breakfast here does feel as though you are in someone’s private dining room.

UK - England - London - The Goring Hotel Belgravia walking through the garden via stepping stones-1

A roaring fire and impeccable service in the Lounge at The Goring Hotel, Belgravia

The Lounge

Sumptuous and cosy, the lounge somehow exudes a richly private atmosphere. 

  • Did you know? The gold pictures on the wall represent the plants you can find in the garden.
UK - England - London - The Goring Hotel Belgravia walking through the garden via stepping stones

The largest privately owned garden in London (other than Buckingham Palace)

The Garden

The Goring has the largest privately owned garden in London, apart from Buckingham Palace, and they love to use it. Summer brings family themed events and pop-up bars, while one of the delights of afternoon tea in the Veranda involves the view of restful green.

UK - England - London - The Goring Hotel Belgravia UK arms with Duchess of Cambridge finish

World class wallpaper completed by the Duchess of Cambridge

The Wallpaper

Whoever thought I’d be writing and you’d be reading about wallpaper? But The Goring Hotel is the master of this, with silver leaf and silk techniques that require craftsmanship from China and which can only be found elsewhere in London in, yes, Buckingham Palace again. 

  • Did you know? The pig in black tie is thought to represent the family who own The Goring and their love for hospitality. The lion & unicorn motif was completed by the Duchess of Cambridge to represent the coat of arms.
UK - England - London - Verandah overlooking the garden

The view from the Veranda at The Goring

The Veranda and Afternoon Tea

The light and airy Veranda has a new lease of life after the pandemic restrictions closed down its seafaring ways. Now, while you’ll still find evidence of aquatic elements, like lobster pots and mermaids, it offers food throughout the day and specialises in Afternoon Tea. 

UK - England - London - The Goring Hotel - Footman Harry

Welcome to Belgravia, where footmen train at Buckingham Palace

Even if you’re not staying at The Goring, you can…

Even if you’re not staying at The Goring, you can still enjoy:

  • Afternoon Tea overlooking the largest privately owned garden in London (other than Buckingham Palace)
  • A cocktail in the lounge by a roaring fire
  • Dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant
  • Impeccable service from footmen who train at Buckingham Palace

Looking for afternoon tea but can’t find space at The Goring? Not to worry, you can find afternoon tea experiences in a range of beautiful places across London.

Best things to do in Belgravia London

Bookmark the best things to do in Belgravia on Pinterest for later…

Gorgeous Things to do in Belgravia, London

Belgravia is an area to enjoy just being alive rather than racing to get things done. Wander through her beautiful streets and delight in some of the best treats in London.

UK - England - London - Belgravia - Peggy Porschen people eating cakes outside-1

Elizabeth Street in Belgravia. Possibly the best dressed street in London.

Enjoy Elizabeth Street

Described as an instagrammer’s paradise, this lovely little spot in Belgravia will melt even the most cynical of hearts. Elizabeth Street runs from the grime of Victoria coach station to the flutter of floral facades that accompany the small shops and cafés which make the place famous. 

Some shops change their floral displays every quarter, while others get creative for almost every high day and holiday. This gentle version of street art is always in flux and a walk along here is good for the soul.

Drink ale at the Thomas Cubitt pub

The elegant Thomas Cubitt pub is a Georgian institution with outdoor seating and more space indoors and upstairs. It’s a great place to kill some time if you’re waiting to travel from Victoria station.

Sip Afternoon Tea at the Goring Hotel

Afternoon Tea is an iconic thing to do in London, wherever you go. But if you’re looking for Afternoon Tea in Belgravia, then The Goring is where to go. 

Their jubilee celebrations promise a royal-themed tea and treats spread but even on a normal day, it’s billed as quite the treat. 

UK - England - London - Belgravia - Peggy Porschen

The most famous cupcakes in the land

Queue for cupcakes at Peggy Porschen’s

Perched in pink on the corner, Peggy Porschen’s is one of the most well known spots on Elizabeth Street. If cupcakes could belong in a jewellery box then Porschen’s would be the place to make it happen.

UK - England - London - Belgravia - Eaton Square Sign

Wander around the outside of private gardens to the elite…

Walk around Belgravia’s Squares

When you need to burn off the calories from all those cupcakes, it’s time to walk around Belgravia, glimpsing at the inner sanctums of the private gardens. 

Belgrave Square Gardens covers 4.5 hectares and dates back to 1867. Designed by George Basevi and planted by Thomas Cubitt, today’s garden merges leafy plane trees with tumbling wisteria, a tennis court and a children’s play area. Trouble is, only local residents can go in. But you can look out for the statue of Sir Robert Grosvenor by Jonathan Wylder on the edge of the garden.

Another part of Thomas Cubitt’s 19th century planning is the nearby Eaton Square Gardens, rectangular gardens arranged one after the other in the heart of Belgravia. 

UK - England - London - Belgravia - Motcomb Street

You won’t go hungry on Motcomb Street…

Dine well on Motcomb Street

Whenever you want to give your tastebuds a treat, head to dine on Motcomb Street. Just as pretty as Elizabeth Street, Motcomb specialises in fine food. 

Treat yourself at Rococo Chocolates, either with a homemade truffle or mug of piping hot chocolate. 

UK - England - London - Belgravia - Rococo Chocolates

Belgravia: great for chocolate

Raise the chocolate stakes even further with a visit to Pierre Hermé, also on Motcomb Street. It’s absolutely one of the best things to do in Belgravia. 

Oh, until you head to the Fine Cheese Company and sample some slices there.

UK - England - London - Belgravia - The Fine Cheese Company

Fine cheese and fine company in Belgravia

Say Bon Appetit on Ebury Street

Another institution in Belgravia is the classic French bistrot, Le Poule au Pot. Complete with a beautiful outdoor terrace and indoor candlelit intimacy, it’s another way to nurture your waistline in Belgravia.

UK - England - London - Eccleston Yards Wide Angle

Eccleston Yards: the cooler side of Belgravia

Play it cool in Eccleston Yards

For a slightly different vibe to the white stucco and inky black railing look, take a tour into Eccleston Yards. Mixing brown bricks and twinkling lights beneath an open sky, you’ll find yoga classes, independent shops, cherry blossom, cafes, and sunshine yellow deckchairs. The zone includes London’s first meditation centre and even an open air market on Sundays.

Read the Mews

One of the best things to do in Belgravia on a slightly cloudy afternoon is to wander through the cosy-cute mews of London, camera in hand. Look out for:

  • Kinnerton Street
  • Halkin Mews
  • Groom Place
UK - England - London - Belgravia - Kinnerton Street Alfred Tennyson Pub

Things to do at the edge of Belgravia, London

When it comes to curating a guide to the best things to do in Belgravia, some disagree on what counts as Belgravia. So, for purists, the following may technically be on the edge rather in the heart of the Belgravia neighbourhood. 

But why split hairs when you could be having fun instead?!

Shop in Knightsbridge

As the home of flagship stores Harrods and Harvey Nichols (that’s Harvey Nick’s to Londoners) Knightsbridge is the home of shopping in London. 

Even if there’s nothing you need, it’s worth visiting to admire the artistry in the Food Halls and seasonal gift displays. 

Listen to music in Cadogan Hall

Home of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, this Chelsea institution is a 950 capacity concert hall that will enrich your ears.  

Munch at a Food Market

One of London’s greatest pleasures involves roaming around her food markets. Each has a character of its own. Near Belgravia, look out for:

Take a food tour

With so many great foodie spots in and around Belgravia, it’s the perfect place for a food tour. 

Timings change frequently, so check out this collection of food tours on Get Your Guide for up to date London food tour listings.

Watch something at the Royal Court Theatre

Radical thinking and provocative theatre. If you have the energy for that, then the Royal Court Theatre is the place for you.

UK - England - London - Belgravia Street Art

Beyond Belgravia?

Beyond Belgravia

With so much royal talk in this blog post on Belgravia, you have to walk just a little out of town. To…

Buckingham Palace and the Birdcage walk

Yes, it’s all true. The gates. The balcony. The guards. 

Standing in front of Buckingham Palace can feel surreal, particularly on one of the many days when the royals are preparing to head out for royal duties and the surrounding police on horseback seem alert and almost edgy. 

A lovely way to come back down to earth while heading to more of London’s famous landmarks is to follow the flowers and grassy banks fo the Birdcage walk.

Head along the beautiful St James’s park to eventually pop out at Westminster.

UK - England - London - The Goring Hotel Belgravia Women drinking cocktails

Stop for a cocktail at The Goring Hotel in Belgravia

Travel Tips for Belgravia

Belgravia is not really a place to visit for must-see attractions. It’s a place to visit to appreciate excellence, in food, in shops and in design. It’s a lovely way to spend a mellow Sunday afternoon and to dream of the diplomat lifestyle.

When to visit Belgravia

Belgravia is beautiful all year round, thanks to the white stucco architecture and creative floral displays. But if you dream of sitting on the streets to make the most of those outdoor spaces then plan to visit between May and September but never rule out rain!

How to get to Belgravia

You can reach Belgravia on the Piccadilly Line through either the Knightsbridge or Hyde Park Corner stations. Alternatively, take the District & Circle to Victoria or Sloane Square. 

If you’re coming from further afield, take the overland trains from the south into Victoria or the coaches into Victoria Coach station. 

How to get around Belgravia

Belgravia is a small neighbourhood and one of the joys of visiting is that you can wander around yourself. 

Is Belgravia safe?

With all those embassies and dignitaries around, Belgravia is probably one of the safest neighbourhoods in London.

UK - England - London - The Goring Hotel Royal Suite Interior

Inside the Royal Suite at The Goring, where Kate Middleton stayed


Abi King was hosted by The Goring, a member of Pride of Britain Hotels, a very fine collection of hotels dotted around the British Isles. The carefully-curated collection includes privately-owned properties, each one unique and characterful. An overnight stay is from £455 per room (two sharing) including breakfast. Contact Pride of Britain Hotels on 0800 089 3929 (www.prideofbritainhotels.com).

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