Lech in Summer: the Green Ring of Austria

Lech Zürs am Arlberg is a small place that attracts big names to its ski slopes. The Jordanian Royal Family. Formerly, Princess Diana. But summer in Lech is often overlooked. New flavours, traditional herb walks and innovative art installations spice up these hiking routes in Austria. Locals call it “the door to pure nature.”


Why You Will Love the Buschenschank Steiermark, Austria’s Foodie Paradise

I love to discover new things. New words, new traditions, new flavours.

And a Brettljause in a Buschenschank Steiermark hit that holy trinity of newness in Austria.

First, the words, all buoyant and brilliant with their German love for capital letters bish, bash, bosh in the centre of a sentence. No strict one capital letter diet for them!

Oh no.

Hintertux Glacier Austria Ice Palace Ice formation

The Mystery of the Hintertux Ice Cave in Austria

For centuries, people walked or skied over Nature’s Ice Palace on the Hintertux Glacier, never knowing it was there. Now, you can visit all year round if you know how. Here’s how to make the most of summer in Zillertal – and to head inside Austria’s ice cave.