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The calming nature of Lopud Island and around Croatia

The Best Croatian Islands for Sailing Trips

The rippled waters of the Dalmatian Coast have long entertained sailors. Amid pine, cobbled streets and complex history, here’s where you can find the best Croatian islands for sailing trips and adventures.

Is Istanbul in Europe and Asia? What You Need to Know

A man casts a glance over his shoulder before arching back and casting his line into the water. The street chatter and rush hour traffic drown out the subtle splash but from the look on his face, you’d think he stood alone in the countryside, miles from anyone, miles from anywhere.

The road to Auschwitz

Things No One Tells You About Visiting Auschwitz Alone

The Auschwitz camps – I, II and III – starved, tortured and executed over a million people during World War II. Prison camps became concentration camps and then ultimately death camps. History lessons at school, the Red Cross Museum in Geneva, the books of Frankl, Levi & Frank and even the film Schindler’s List have provided enough images to haunt me for a lifetime. Will seeing the place with my own eyes change anything?