10 Interesting Facts about Sharjah, the Creative Hub of the U.A.E

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Looking for some curious and interesting facts about Sharjah in the U.A.E? Let us help you explore this enigmatic Emirate.

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Interesting Facts About Sharjah

Sharjah may not be as well known as Dubai and the other neighbouring states but that’s not because there’s nothing to know. There are simply so many beautiful and unusual things to do in Sharjah.  But today, let’s talk about some interesting facts about Sharjah.

Planning a trip to Sharjah

  • Most flights still head into Dubai, so fly there and then drive to Sharjah
  • You can find many gorgeous luxury properties in Sharjah, like the atmospheric Hotel Al Bait but look over here for a cheap hotel in Sharjah
  • Don’t forget to buy travel insurance and pack long, cool layers with a hat to protect against the heat

Sharjah has only had one ruling family since the 17th century

Each emirate state is ruled by monarchs. Interestingly, Sharjah has been ruled by one family from the start and the power of ruling the state is in the hands of the Qawasim family. They established this authority back in the 17th century and have held it ever since.

Currently, His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi is serving as the 18th ruler. The U.A.E share the framework of economic, military and legal departments but some forms of government remain separate.  

Sharjah became the UNESCO Capital of Arab Culture in 1998

In 1998, UNESCO declared Sharjah as the Capital of Arab Culture and together they present awards to individuals, groups and institutions who promote and regenerate Arab culture. 

Sharjah hosts the Sharjah Biennial Art Exhibition and the Sharjah International Book Fair, mixing tradition with modernism and libraries with light shows.  

Sharjah is the 3rd most populous emirate

If you didn’t know about the state’s population density, here it is. Sharjah is known as the third most populous emirate among the seven emirates in the UAE. 

Sharjah is affordable

According to recent estimates, Sharjah is 28% cheaper than neighbouring Dubai.

You don’t have to spend a lot in order to enjoy a nice meal out or stock up on groceries. And who doesn’t like that? 

The First EMirate to Educate Women

Sharjah was the first emirate to introduce the right for women to study in 1942, setting the pace for the other states in the U.A.E.

Sharjah borders all the other emirates

And it’s the only one to do that. Sharjah is also the only place in the emirates with beaches that face both the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Oh, and if you have a car and a driving license, you can easily travel to the other emirates too. 

Sharjah translates to mean…

Rising sun. Which is rather poetic, yes?

The oldest recorded mention of Sharjah occurs…

…two thousand years ago, on a map produced by the Greek geographer Ptolemy. Other recorded histories of the emirate stretch back for 6000 years. 

Interesting facts about Sharjah - books and literature

Sharjah hosts The 4th Largest Book Fair in the World

Sharjah Book Fair began in 1982 and has been going strong ever since. 

Sharjah makes up 3% of the U.A.E

For all these accomplishments, the land mass of Sharjah makes up a measly 3% of the total land in the United Arab Emirates. 

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