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Desert Sands Al Wadi Nature Reserve Glamping in Ras Al Khaimah

The Mystery of the Al Wadi Nature Reserve in the Arabian Desert

Across the sand, something is moving. Slowly. Stuttering. But real.

An oryx, I think, white flanks caked in dust, horns piercing the air. It’s almost as though she’s following the sun, appearing with its quiet, dawn-like shift across the dunes.

It’s early, but as a new mum, I’m used to early.

I’m not that used to quiet.

Saint George church mosaic in Madaba Jordan

The Madaba Mosaics Jordan – Making the Broken Beautiful Again

Madaba is famous for its mosaics. Or, rather, the Madaba mosaics are famous.

This small town in Jordan, nineteen miles southwest of Amman and on the Kings Highway, smells of cardamom, rosewater and ancient sighs. It earns its place on the map of the world today with a map of the world from yesterday: one of the oldest maps of the Holy Land, built out of two million pieces and embedded in the floor of the Saint George Greek Orthodox Church.

Wadi Abadilah rock and water

15 Best Hidden Gems in the U.A.E

Many places in the Emirates are larger than life. But you can still find some captivating hidden gems in the U.A.E – if you know where to look. Here’s an inside guide.

Jordan - solo female travel Abigail King

Is Jordan safe for solo female travellers?

Is Jordan safe for solo female travellers? I love Jordan and have visited many times. And the short answer is: yes. Yes, it is. But there’s slightly more to it than that. Here we talk about what you need to know before you go.

Jordan - Wadi Rum - landscape view with car in distance

The Right Jordan Itinerary For You

Plan your perfect Jordan itinerary and enter a world of swirling red sand, ancient cities, stargazing skies and stories that will last several lifetimes. Pull up a chair, grab some cardamom coffee and let’s walk you through our Jordan travel guide.