How to Enjoy Madrid’s Literary Quarter – The Gorgeous Barrio de Las Letras

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Stroll with me through Madrid’s Literary Quarter and learn about writers and artists, past and present.

Madrid Literary Quarter Map

Madrid’s Literary Quarter

Poetry spills across the streets in flattened golden letters in the Literary Quarter in Madrid. Bodegas serve cerveza and bitter olives til near the break of dawn. And nuns keep their silence through the centuries, behind the red brick walls of a nunnery.

Where is Madrid’s Literary Quarter?

The literary quarter has a lovely central location, within walking distance of Madrid’s Golden Triangle of Art Museums. The area runs between Plaza de Santa Ana and Paseo del Prado.

Cervantes and the World’s First Novel

A fine-muscled statue of Cervantes, clad in tights and clutching a manuscript, peers down on pedestrians in the open air; the author of Don Quixote, arguably the first novel in the world, receives more respect now than he did when he was alive.

Cervantes’ Rival: Lope de Vega

Back then, Cervantes lived on one of these streets along with writer and rival Lope de Vega, although not in the same house. His daughter, however, was placed in the local nunnery.

Today, you can visit the 16th century mansion of Lope de Vega, resplendent in dark Tudor-like beams and whitewashed lime walls. Cervantes’ house is no more.

Nor is his burial place, the former small churchyard now a sweet garden centre with butterflies, real and papery, fluttering through the trees.

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Casa Alberto, Madrid Literary Quarter
Casa Alberto is the perfect place for a literary-themed drink

Hidden Secrets in Madrid’s Literary Quarter

The tale of a genius unrecognised in his time whispers through these narrow streets. It passes the 19th century Casa Alberto, painted in blood-like burgundy red to signify its role as a bar to a population who, ironically given the location, largely couldn’t read.

Yet the mark of a city that bursts with culture is that not only does it look back, and remember, but that it also looks forwards and celebrates.

Street art in Madrid Literary Quarter
I found this pop of colour coming to life within the literary quarter, inches from where Cervantes remains are thought to rest.

Street Art in the Literary Quarter

Spanish street artists Remed & Okuda scattered silver, sunflower yellow, hot pink and sky blue across the quarter in a three day festival called Streets of Colour (that’s not a translation, it seems that English is sexy these days.)

And for all my love of history and (shh, it’s not sexy, museums,) what interests me most about both is how they make me feel.

Inspired to work harder to create a better world?

Inspired to get down to it and follow those dreams?

Or, on the streets of Madrid, inspired to create in huge bright bursts of colour?

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How to Get to Madrid’s Literary Quarter

This spot is very well connected, which is one of the reasons why it’s also a great place to stay.

You can catch local trains (Cercanias) Madrid-Atocha and Madrid-Sol and the Metro from Antón Martín (L1), Atocha (L1), Sol (L1, L2, L3)

Golden poetry on the floor in Madrid Literary Quarter
Lines of poetry line the floor in Madrid’s Literary Quarter

Where to Find the Golden Letters in Madrid’s Literary Quarter?

Look out for these quotations from great Spanish artists on the floor of Calle de las Huertas.

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Disclosure – I love Spain well and have visited many times and even lived there for a while. On this occasion, I visited in partnership with iAmbassador and Madrid Tourism. As ever, as always, I kept the right to write what I like.

Info: I’m very picky about the tour guides I recommend but I’d highly recommend Monica if you’re looking for art and cultural information on the city. You can reach her through the tour programme offered by the tourist office. 

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