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Looking for some plain old weird things to do in Daytona Beach, Florida, to add a bit of variety to your trip? Discover some unique places to add to your Florida bucket list right here.

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Weird Things to do Daytona Beach Florida

Home of the Daytona 500 NASCAR race, Daytona Beach sweeps a wide line of sand along the coast of Florida.

But it’s not all about the cars.

Here, Ella Buchan talks about the fun and unusual and just plain weird things to do in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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Hidden Gems in Daytona Beach

Come and explore Daytona’s hidden gems with this curious collection of non-touristy things to do.

Unusual things to do in Daytona Brownie Grave

1.) Visit Brownie’s Grave

Brownie’s story begins in 1940, when he trotted into a cab office on Beach Street, then the town’s main hub. Moved by the easy charm of this large stray mutt, the cabbies ‘adopted’ Brownie and built him a house outside. Other local businesses soon got involved.

Each day, Brownie made the rounds from store to store, collecting money for his food, vet bills and the occasional ice cream in a little box around his neck. Word spread and donations poured in from around the country, which Brownie’s benefactors invested in a bank account in his name.

Such was the reputation of Brownie that when Eddie James and Alvin Almodovar opened a pet boutique along this stretch in July 2016, they named it after the legendary canine.

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UNUSUAL things to do in Daytona Beach - visit Brownie's Dog Boutique

2) Visit the Halifax Historical Museum

Fayn LeVille, director of the Halifax Historical Museum (housed in the old Florida Bank & Trust building where Brownie held his bank account), describes Brownie as a unique animal who seemed to ‘see into your soul’.

When you sat with him, troubles melted away.

A smooth gravestone lies prone in Daytona Beach’s grassy Riverfront Park.

Marked by a topiary figure, it honours one of the Floridian beach town’s most beloved residents: Brownie.

His funeral drew huge crowds, the town mayor delivered the eulogy and his death made front page news.

Etched in the granite slab is the simple tribute: ‘A Good Dog’.

And although Brownie died in 1954, sightings are regularly reported, with ghost-like reports of a tan coloured dog spotted wandering by the riverfront.


3) Drive on the Sand

Daytona Beach is one of few places in the world where you can enjoy the crunch of sand and pop of seaweed beneath your tyres.

The tradition began in 1902, when drivers attempted to set new land-speed records and spectators watched from the grass-tufted dunes.

In 1935, a speed of nearly 273mph set a record. Today, it’s limited to 10mph.

Unusual things to do in Daytona - eat seafood snacks

4) Snack on Shrimp and Grits

When it comes to food, restaurants like Ocean Deck have been serving serve flaky mahi mahi tacos and local craft beer on a moonlit terrace for more than 50 years.

On Sunglow Pier, Crabby Joe’s dishes up the best breakfast in town. I order shrimp and grits (a creamy maize porridge) with smoky-sweet andouille sausage.

Salty air fills my nostrils and the soothing soundtrack of the sea drifts through the windows. Further down the pier, fishermen and women cast their rods as surfers and the occasional playful dolphin go by.

4) Flip Your Own Pancakes & Bathe in the springs

Half an hour west of Daytona Beach, the Old Spanish Sugar Mill Grill and Griddle House is set within De Leon Springs Park, where Spanish moss drapes from oak trees and a freshwater spring invites you to jump in.

The griddle house has hot plates in the centre of each table, and diners are brought ceramic jugs of batter to cook and flip their own pancakes, adding extra toppings like pecans and pumpkin puree.

Unusual things to do in Daytona Beach via @insidetravellab

5) Meet Your Own Angel Wings

After a post-pancake dip in the springs, I head to Artisan Alley in DeLand, a discreet enclave with food trucks, craft brew pubs and street art.

After posing for a photo at angelic DeLand Wings, I drive on to discover another grand example of a story being lovingly preserved and polished, at the Stetson Mansion.

Unusual things to do in Daytona Beach Spanish Sugar Mill

6) Embrace the Stetson

Mining for gold in Colorado in 1860, Stetson fashioned himself a hat with a wide brim to keep the rain out of his eyes. A man offered to buy it, and an idea was born – growing into the iconic cowboy hat.

After Stetson’s death in 1906, his Florida home passed through six families, its historical significance all but lost. Then JT and partner Michael Solari stumbled across it in 2005, looking for a project.

Their sensitive restoration has brought the little-known history of Stetson to life. Original, intricate parquet floors and leaded glass windows whisper of the past.

“I’m supposed to be here,” says JT, as I tour through the restored former home of the famed hat maker and his wife Elizabeth.

Unusual things to do in Daytona - visit the Stetson Mansion

7) Look for the Stetson Shadow

Thomas Edison, a friend of the family, oversaw the installation of electricity. Henry Flagler, the engineer behind the Florida Keys’ Overseas Railroad, had a private track built so that architectural materials could be delivered direct to the home.

These stories are told as part the Stetson Mansion’s popular behind-the-scenes tours, which navigate the maze of rooms dotted with vintage hats.

JT and Michael point out an uncanny shadow which, when viewed from a certain angle at the foot of the wooden staircase, looks like a cowboy, the brim of his hat jutting against the windowpane.

Whether or not you believe that the ghosts of a hat maker and friendly tan dog roam across this beach town, their stories remain very much alive.

And it’s one of the most affectionate weird things to do in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Where to Stay in Daytona Beach

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The Shores Resort & Spa

As Daytona Beach’s only AAA four-diamond resort, this elegant property has glowing fire pits, a pool lined with cabanas and an al fresco cocktail bar facing the ocean. Rooms are decorated in warm hues of ochre and cerulean, reflecting the sunny beachside setting, while many have balconies from which to watch the spectacular sunrises.

Check rates and book a stay at The Shores Resort and Spa here.

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