The Best Toddler Travel Toys for Airplanes (And Aeroplanes)

By Abi King | Family Travel

Dec 10
Toddler Travel Toys

Toddler Travel Toys

Please find our collection of the best toddler travel toys for airplanes (and aeroplanes) below. 

Toddler travel toys for airplanes all gathered into one, neat list. Great for family travel, long haul flights and short haul flights with young children.

Toddler Travel Toys for Airplanes

With the right preparation, travelling with a toddler can be great fun. Or at the very least, simply part of everyday business. We've written a complete guide to flying with a toddler over here which includes tips and tricks for the airport and on the flight itself. 

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But a little preparation goes a long way. And apart from playing with your child or stocking up on snacks, buying the right travel toys helps enormously. 

What makes a good travel toy?

What works well as a toy at home, doesn't always translate to a great toy on a plane. 

Essentially, travel toys need to be non-messy, easy to find in the dark, hard to break and quiet to avoid annoying everyone around you. 

It's also good if they don't take up too much space and don't weigh too much but, quite honestly, these are secondary considerations!

And, of course, they have to be able to pass through airport security. 

The Best Toddler Travel Toys

With that in mind, here's my recommendations for the best travel toys for toddlers on planes. We've flown long and short haul with Baby Lab and tried and tested these to the max!

I've also included the Amazon link because, let's face it, chances are you're reading this on your phone with a toddler nearby or in the dark while breastfeeding or cramming all your life admin into 10 minutes so who has the time to wander off shopping elsewhere?!

If you buy through these links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. However, all of these products have been tried and tested by our own toddlers, on a flight, and we're only recommending the ones that worked!

Busy Airport Book Toddler Travel Toy for Plane

Busy Airport Book - A Great Toddler Travel Toy for Plane Journeys

The Airport Busy Book

Airport Busy Book - a hard board book for younger, enthusiastic fingers with moving parts and flaps. 

This is a great way to prep your toddler for the upcoming flight as well as explain parts of the airport and takeoff. 

It's robust and interactive. Always a hit. 

Travel Aquadoodle Set for Toddlers on a Plane

Travel Aquadoodle Set for Toddlers on a Plane

Aquadoodle: Art on the Go

Aquadoodle - draw with water, no need to worry about getting pen and crayon everywhere!

Plus, the travel version comes in a suitcase so they can carry it themselves and feel as though they're joining in the airport extravaganza.  

Worm on a string toddler travel toy

Worm on a string: more relaxing than it looks

Puzzle With Connected Pieces

Worm on a string - develops fine motor skills and concentration and coordination without dropping small pieces on the floor. Also, strangely therapeutic as a stress reliever for parents as you thread the worm in and out and in again...

Airport Sticker Book Toddler Travel Toy

Airport Sticker Book Toddler Travel Toy

Airport Sticker Book

Airport sticker book - one step better than an ordinary book, this sticker book makes it easy to talk to toddlers about what's going on around them. 

Washable crayons toddler travel toy

Washable crayons: yes, the colour really washes off!

Washable Crayons and A Colouring Book

Washable crayons & small colouring book - more for restaurant use after you've ordered a meal than on the plane but can work for both. I was skeptical at first but they really ARE washable. As are these washable pens.


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