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What’s so special about Berlin?

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Top things to do in Berlin tips from locals via @insidetravellab

Berlin. The world seems to love you but I’m not quite sure why. I went, once, and the two of us had a pretty good time. Your Christmas Markets glittered, your Currywurst tickled me pink and the history from your Wall (and the years that surrounded it) seeped deep into my soul. I was tired, almost broken. Searching for missing pieces and finding them in your winter heavy rain.

But I can’t help but notice that others talk about you in a very different way.

[pullquote align=”normal”]“I love Berlin,” they gush whenever I mention your name. “It’s such an exciting city.” [/pullquote]

In dazzling Toronto, the folk who represent T.dot sighed and told me “We want Toronto to be like Berlin. A place people can’t wait to go to.”

Just what’s so special about Berlin?

It’s unsettling. Rather like finding out that kid you went to school with now works with Brad Pitt and George Clooney. (Only joking and sorry to disappoint. I have no such school friend…as far as I know.)

So, over to you, dear readers. I have a day and a half in Berlin next week – and I’m wondering what I should do.

 I have a day and a half in Berlin next week – and I’m wondering what I should do.

Where should I go?

Where can I find the glitz, glamour, funk, fun, excitement and energy that you all seem to talk about in this cold German capital?

Go on. Let me in on the secret. What makes Berlin special to you?

What's so special about Berlin?

Update on Berlin: I’m back!

And I’ve gathered up all this information to write about the best things to do in Berlin over here.

Go on. Let me in on the secret. What makes Berlin special to you?


  • Sometimes it takes more than one visit to appreciate a city. i didnt like Paris my first time. I’ve been to Berlin once – the history of this city always fascinates me and the outdoor beer garden festivals were filled with such great vibe and friendly people. But I still don’t feel ‘in love’ with Berlin. I wish I did. i promised myself i’d return because I really think it deserves a second chance. I know there is more to their culture than beer and a brick wall. I’m determined to find it! Sometimes places need a second chance :)


  • Berlin left me in a weird mood. I was there for a conference and in the off time we explored Berlin – to begin with: at Alexander’s platz they had this big gathering of the right wing party, our hotel was in the Eastern part of Berlin left a depressing impact on me. Our hotel was probably the mood lifter (nHow Hotel, check my Blog)!
    The last day my colleague and me took up Berlin by foot from the Museum Island on to Brandenburger Tor, Holocaust memorial (at night! leaves me with a cold feeling down my spine even today) and then came the more positive perspective of Berlin with the Potsdammer Platz and the Sony center, where we had dinner with baked potatoes and ribs, the portions where far too big, really! We couldn’t finish it! Have been putting off the write up, but you inspired me now!

    There may be brighter sides to Berlin, but to me it was more depressing and yet impressing!


  • Kreuzberg: soak in the Turkish market, an outside fiesta

    Prenzlauerberg: hip hip hip

    Art: it’s everywhere!!!Beer: cheap, buy it at one of the many Spaetis (a 24 hour or late night kiosk) who carry the best selections

    Couchsurfing: join one of the many weekly meet ups

    Best way to quickly soak up the tourist stuff: Sandemann’s free walking tour

    Street Art free walking tours: learn about graffiti culture and take some dope photos

    Abi, I know you have already gone to Berlin by now but if you ever need a cheerleader for the city, please contact me. The energy of Berlin is free, contagious, wild, artistic, sharing, daring, hip, sophisticated.

    Best city in Germany. Period.


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