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Currency: Euro (EUR)

Language: Castilian Spanish – Catalan and Basque (and others) in regional areas

Best way of getting around: Independent driving (the intercity roads are empty) or fast trains. Occasionally internal flights.

Highlight: the Alhambra

Travel tip: Plan your meals. Many restaurants only open for lunch from 2:30 onwards and it can be difficult to get dinner before 10pm.

Dress Code: Casual but fairly chic.

Unusual highlight: The River of Gold in Alpujarras

Travel to Spain

Spain has so much more than just sand and sunshine. From local traditions to food and recipes, to landscapes and history, this was a place, Seville more specifically, I called home for a few years. The powerhouses of Barcelona and Madrid undoubtedly dazzle, but other destinations such as the medieval city of Girona and Valencia play a wonderful supporting role.

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