How to Find the Best Travel Blogs

By Abi King | Best Blog Tips

May 22

Everything you wanted to know about finding the top travel blogs

Finding the best travel bloggers

Finding the Best Travel Blogs

I’m off travelling next week, so today  I was rummaging about inside my blog performing a little blog maintenance. Updating this, backing up that. It’s the blog equivalent of cancelling the milkman and handing your neighbour a spare key before you leave.

A post-it note reminded me that I’d promised to say a few words about how to find the best travel blogs, so here you go. If you’re not interested in any other travel blogs because you’re already head over heels in love with mine (smooch!) then forget about this and try Time Travel: The Transcantabrico Train instead. Or Can You Score A Country on Ethics? Or browse your way around the Adventure section and enjoy!

Otherwise, read on.

Finding the Top Travel Blogs – Why is it so difficult?

On the surface, finding great travel blogs to read should be easy. With the help of the mighty Google, not to mention the new, fandangled twitter thing, tracking down a great travel blog should only take a few seconds.

Alas, not so.

A quick google (yes, it’s become a verb) on “the best travel blogs” reveals the following top three results:

1)      An article written in 2005

2)      An article from 2008 that doesn’t seem to know what a travel blog is and includes the review site TripAdvisor

3)      An article written in 2003 proclaiming that most travel blogs run out of material within about a year

An even quicker twitter search throws up lots of tweets from people asking others to vote for them in a “best travel blog” contest. Searches for “good travel writing,” “top travel blogs” and “recommended travel blogs” reveal the same kind of thing.

Finding the Best Travel Blogs To Read for Inspiration & Entertainment

If you’re looking for a great travel blog to read (rather than trying to find a travel blogger to work with) then here’s how to do it.

1)      Think about the kind of travel blog you want to read (eg luxury, backpacker, family based or photography led.)

2)      Head over to the resource section on this site and look for the category that best suits your tastes.

3)      Check out the travel blogs listed for your category.

4)      Repeat the procedure on their blogs (almost all travel blogs have a blogroll or “links” section. Just like when it comes to making friends, the chances are that if you enjoy one blog, you’ll enjoy the sites that blog recommends.)

5)      Read and enjoy!

Finding the Best Travel Blogs – To Work With

In a sense, the procedure is pretty much the same. I’ve seen far too many companies get over-excited at lists and statistics to the point where they are desperate to work with bloggers on projects that have nothing to do with the kind of thing the blogger writes about. Backpackers in Michelin restaurants, independent travellers on rigidly fixed tours.

That said, if money’s involved, then you do need to look at the numbers.

Finding the Best Travel Blogs by Numbers

These days you’ll find several different scoring systems, each with their benefits and each with their flaws. Don’t get too despondent, though. These indicators still give you far more information than the old “column inches” approach.

Website Traffic

Google Analytics is generally regarded as the industry standard, although many other metrics are used. Google Analytics statistics are private, however, a special secret between the almighty G and the humble travel blogger. Alexa and Compete provide the next best public measure of website traffic.

Loyal Audiences

The number of email, RSS and Facebook subscribers reflect to some extent the loyalty of readers.

Social Media Measures

Klout and Peer Index measure a blogger’s “influence” in social media (principally on Twitter and Facebook.)

Yet, it’s time consuming to go through each of those metrics yourself. Which brings me on to the next method…

Lists of the Best Travel Blogs

There are probably as many, if not more, lists ranking travel blogs than there are travel blogs themselves. Each with their own generous helping of “magic dust,” otherwise known as “I like them, so you should too (see above method.)”

While not perfect, lists based on statistics do give you a clearer idea of where a travel blog stands in relation to its peers. Here are the most respected statistic-based lists:

Top Travel Blog Lists Based on Statistics

Numbers photo

Finding the Best Travel Blogs by Numbers

The Top 150 General Travel Blogs – Compete, Alexa, RSS Subscribers, Google PageRank, Yahoo & Google Indexed Pages

100 Top Travel Blogs by Traffic – Compete & Google Ad Planner

Top 50 Travel Blogs from Travelocafe – Combining site visitors and social media presence

That’s it! I’d be happy to add any others to the list as long as they’re based on objective metrics. Thanks for stopping by – and happy reading!

How to Find the Best Travel Blogs: A Summary

1) Forget searching on Google and Twitter

2) Follow personal recommendations from travel bloggers you respect

3) Use statistic-based lists

Find more resources here: the best blog tips



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Angela May 28, 2011

That’s quite a comprehensive post on finding good travel blogs! I spend a lot of time reading travel blogs and I have to say that I find new interesting ones every day. And if I have to be completely honest, sometimes I trust bloggers more than corporate travel media industry…

    Abi King May 29, 2011

    And I could have written much more on the subject! I agree – there are so many interesting travel blogs out there but I remember that when I started I didn’t know where to look to find them. Happy travels!

liv July 24, 2011

Since the whole genre is a rather competitive ad market, about the only way to find genuine content is to know that the author has actually been there. Pictures and image search can do a lot for you if you can tell a tourist photo from a stock photo.

Stan Diamond October 20, 2011

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Stan Diamond

Travel Blogs October 22, 2011

Hi all,
Great idea putting this list together. OE Travel Blogs offers unbiased travel reviews and advice from like minded travellers that have been there and done that! First hand reviews and advice from passionate travellers sharing their experiences and recommendations. OE stands for Overseas Experience. Visit us and see what we’re talking about.

James Cook December 23, 2011

Thanks for the post I am just getting my head around Alexa at the moment so hopefully my rank will improve :)

    Abi King March 17, 2012

    Don’t get too hung up on the numbers – as long as the trend is going the way you want! Good luck.

Andy January 2, 2012

Great advice here, thanks. Will be going through the above resources now; I have also had the same problems with information overload, especially for more ‘niche’ travel blogs. Personally if I never see another website filled with self-congratulatory trip reports by Australian couples ‘doing Europe’ I won’t lose any sleep…finding sites for grown-ups who are done with the whole budget/backpacking/bumming around thing is more of a struggle, hence the one I started. It’s early days yet but the response has been positive; will be searching your site for more info now :-)

    Abi King March 17, 2012

    Ah, well the great thing about the web is that there’s room for everyone! I know quite a few blogs who have moved beyond/never covered backpacking…Velvet Escape springs to mind, also 501 Places, Isabelle’s Travel, Aviators and a Camera, Solo Traveler, Almost Fearless, Quirky Traveller, My Itchy Travel Feet…And, of course, Inside the Travel Lab! ;) Good luck with your project- let us know how you get on!

Abi King July 4, 2012

Glad you found it useful. Cheers.

Veny (@MissLaiLai) September 1, 2012

Hi Abi, I am involved in a project to research for influential travel bloggers (I believe we approached you as well ;) – and I only found out about this article as I google on things! Very comprehensive list, and thank you so much for sharing this. I am definitely bookmarking this.

Safe travels!

    Abi King October 17, 2012

    You’re welcome – and thanks for thinking of me!

Agness (@Agnesstramp) October 11, 2012

Hi Abi. Great post. I have just started blogging seriously and I discover fantastic blogs and travel websites every day, which are my inspiration and motivation to carry on blogging and sharing my travel experience and adventures. Looks like most of the bloggers quit them jobs for travels or swapped their career for being on the road. We are so different, but at the same time we have so much in common. Thanks for sharing and wish you happy and safe travels every day :-)

    Abi King October 17, 2012

    Yes, we are a mixed bunch. Good luck with your work and safe travels to you too.

    Paul February 17, 2013

    Agness, I’m relatively new to blogging too and you really do realise how difficult it is to find some of these great blogs. There are lots that I read, but barely a day goes by when I don’t discover some new one that has been running for years that I was completely unaware of!

leanne drew June 6, 2013

So happy to have found your site, good ol Google. I am also a fairly new blogger, promoting my local area for tourists that pass through. We miss out a bit on the glossy promotions. I’m not the one on an adventure, but want to help those that are enjoy the hidden secrets around here. . If that makes any sense? Im also stalking web site layouts lol.. yours looks great! Look forward to more updates via email subscription. Cheers

    Abi King June 14, 2013

    That makes lots of sense! And that’s one of the good things about the internet – there’s a chance for every story to be heard. Good luck!

Rob June 28, 2013

I’ve recently found that the top 10 travel pages on Technorati have some excellent blogs to discover! Thanks for sharing your suggestions.

    Abi King June 29, 2013

    I’ll check them out – cheers.

elina sara March 13, 2014

Very nice explanation, Before found you’r blog, i was really confused which travel blog is good for me. But now everything is cleared.

Stephen John June 5, 2014

Gr8 advice over here. thanks for your post.

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