Love Locks in Paris A New Love Tradition in the City of Romance

By Abi King | France

Apr 08

A Romantic Tradition in Paris

Love Locks in Paris

“We’ll always have Paris,” as the immortal line goes. Now, it seems, Paris will always have something to remember as well.

A short while I ago, I blogged about a romantic tradition in Seville. Lovers fix padlocks to the side of the Puente Isabel II, write their names on the metal and cast the keys into the flowing Guadalquivir below.

As I paced across the Pont Des Arts this week, a telltale golden spark caught my eye.

Here, over the water of the Seine and under the watchful eye of Notre Dame, true love clings on.

According to the dates on the locks, the authorities are more forgiving here. Perhaps the legend extends beyond the tourist office blurb after all and Paris really is the city of romance.

Padlocks on the Pont des Arts, Paris

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