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Here’s everything you need to know about campervan hire in the UK, from rules of the road to the best campervan rentals. From one of our treasured guest writers.

See also the best campervan routes in the UK and the best campervan accessories for your next trip.

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Campervan Hire in the UK: Your Road Trip Awaits

We love a good road trip, no matter where you are in the world. And embracing your inner #vanlife is the ultimate in road trips. You can wake up and see the sunrise, stumbling right into that outdoor view. No more packing and unpacking, queueing and feeling as though life is passing you by. 

Stock up on your road trip essentials with this road trip checklist, check out these campervan accessories, note down the best campervan routes in the UK and then plan the trip of your dreams with our Road Trip Planner. 

But don’t miss out the most important step: booking your campervan rental!

Here’s what you need to know about campervan hire in the UK.

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Finding the Best Campervan Rentals

You don’t have to own a motorhome to experience the camper life. A campervan rental is the easier solution. Take your pick from the following options:

VW Camper Hire Logo

VW Camper Hire

Yes, the VW stands for Volkswagen. VW Camper Hire carries those retro aesthetic vans you see on Pinterest.

What You Need to Know About This Company

VW Camper Hire has 11 types of campervans for you to choose from:

  • Forest (Bay)
  • Sydney (T5)
  • Daisy (Bay)
  • Gertie (Bay)
  • Bertie (Bay)
  • Scarlett (Bay)
  • Buddy (T5)
  • Rosie (T5)
  • Dexter (T5)
  • Freddie (T5)
  • Olive (Bay)
  • The depot point is in Southampton, Hampshire (near New Forest National Park). You can take the T5 campers on a Europe destination trip, but not the bay ones.

    Most of the vehicles they have are dog-friendly. The exceptions are Bertie, Dexter, and Olive.

    The bay vans can go to Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex, and Wiltshire.

    The T5 vans can explore the entire UK, Ireland, and Europe (exception: Forest can’t be taken to Europe).

    It’s a great choice if you’re looking for an equipped van with a fridge freezer, gas hob, and kitchen inclusions. The only downside is the lack of toilet and shower facilities.

    You can start reading up on the details (berths, seatbelts, specifications) here.


    The prices generally start from £290 to £310. It varies depending on the campervan, month, duration, and if it’s the weekday or weekend.

    You can also avail some add-ons such as renting drivers, camper chairs, beds, etc. There may also be additional pet charges and more charges if you’re taking a Europe trip (charged per day).

    Learn more about their camper rent pricing here.

    How to Rent in the UK

    VW Camper Hire’s website makes it easy to plan a camping trip. You can easily see the vehicle availability on specific dates and conveniently book the campervan that best suits your case.

    You’ll be asked to secure your booking by confirming the pick-up and drop-off information, target location, and driver details. And of course, pay!

    You can use their finder if you’re struggling to choose a campervan. You have to fill out what you’re looking for, and they’ll suggest the best-fitting camping van rental for you.

    Quirky Campers Logo

    Quirky Campers

    Quirky Campers is like your one-stop-shop for everything campervan or motorhome related. It’s like the Airbnb app, but for campervans, if you will.

    You can hire or buy a van, rent out or sell your van, and convert your plain campervan interiors into something fun. They’re called Quirky Campers for a reason!

    What You Need to Know About This Company

    Quirky Campers offer a wide range of campervan hire options in the UK. There are too many for us to list down here; it’s easier for you to scroll through their list here.

    To get you started, Quirky Campers efficiently categorises the most basic needs to help you find the best fit in no time.

    • Last-Minute (what’s available NOW)
    • Just for Two
    • Families
    • Small Campervans (best for small groups of 2-3)
    • Luxury Motorhomes (luxurious interior and specifications)
    • Pet Friendly
    • Off-Grid (vans that can help you survive like real campers!)
    • Woodburners (campervans with wood burners included)
    • Cream of the Quirk (campervans with stunning interiors)

    Because the range is wide, your location options are almost endless. Some examples are Edinburgh, Glasgow, Darlington, Wales, Scotland, England, etc. There’s an option for you wherever you are in the UK.

    Another wonderful thing about Quirky Campers is their dedication to social responsibility as a company. They donate 10% of their profits and promote environmentally friendly practices!


    The campervan prices vary, ranging from less than a hundred pounds to £200 a night. 

    Here are some examples to set the perspective for you:

    • Elliott costs around £92 a night (location: Aberdeen, two berths, fully equipped kitchen, etc.)
    • Chamonix in Darlington costs £115 a night (3 berths, pet-friendly, has a toilet and outside shower, etc.)
    • Roaming Delilah is a luxury campervan in North London that costs £225 (2 adults, one child)

    How to Rent in the UK

    When you click on a motorhome hire that caught your eye, the interface will direct you to fill out the necessary information, such as your details and start and end dates.

    They will send the rest of the registration steps to you via email. We suggest reading through the instructions correctly to ensure a smooth process.

    Spaceship Rentals Campervan Hire in the UK

    Spaceship Rentals

    Although the pick-up and drop-off points are limited to London and Edinburgh, you can drive these campervans and motorhomes within and outside the UK.

    Yes, we’re talking about Europe! You can explore and enjoy Europe with Spaceship Rentals.

    What You Need to Know About This Company

    You can stop worrying too much with Spaceship Rentals’ unlimited mileage. Nothing ruins a good road trip holiday than tracking your mileage now and then.

    That means you can enjoy a trip to Europe, too! And you can add up to four (4) drivers without additional charges.

    It’s safe to say that Spaceship Rentals understands how to arrange a fantastic road trip. We also love the free 24/7 roadside assistance!


    Their campervan pricing isn’t bad, either. Some vans start at £80 a night, and that’s already their luxury motorhome hire option. They don’t have hidden extras, too.

    The interiors are pretty generic, but the specifications are highly functional (i.e., integrated fridge freezer, complete kitchen, cooling, heating unit, etc.) — for a campervan rental, that’s all you need.

    Spaceship Rentals have large motorhome options compared to others, perfect for a large company or big groups of people.

    How to Rent in the UK

    Spaceship Rentals’ website makes the comparisons for you. Their straightforward interface shows you the specifications of their campervan hire options so that you can choose well.

    Click on the ‘Book Now’ button and select the motorhome hire you want.

    Bunk Campers - campervan rental in the UK

    Bunk Campers

    Bunk Campers is the best choice if you’re in London or Edinburgh but wish to have more campervan hire options.

    What You Need to Know About This Company

    Bunk Campers is one of the most well-known campervan hire choices in the UK. They have a total of eight (8) kinds of campervans:

    • Nomad VW (4 campers)
    • Aero (2 campers)
    • Aero Plus (2 campers)
    • Vista (2 campers)
    • Vista Plus (4 campers)
    • Grande (6 campers)
    • Europa (4 campers)
    • Saver 4 (4 campers)

    Bunk Campers requires drivers with a full-category B license. Each motorhome hire has a unique range of features, which you can read here.

    They have accessible depot points in Edinburgh (best for Scotland trips), Dublin, Belfast, and London Heathrow Airport (best for England trips).


    Their camper vehicles are more expensive than the others on this list — a 1-2-day trip with the Nomad costs around £600 based on their website finder.

    But the higher price range can be explained by its many inclusions:

    • Unlimited mileage
    • Drivers insurance
    • 10% discount on ferry crossings
    • 30% discount on UK Camping and Caravan Club campsites
    • 24/7 roadside assistance
    • Good inclusions (bike racks, heating, stove, toilet, shower, etc.)

    If you look at the bigger picture, these motorhomes give the best value for your money. They’re vehicles that resemble a mini-home, perfect for a holiday adventure on the road.

    Too expensive for a rental? They also have budget-friendly options and a plethora of discounts. You need to have good timing to score the best deals!

    How to Rent in the UK

    As soon as you open the website, their landing page is waiting for you to input your information.

    Enter the pick-up and drop-off time, date, location, camper number, and drivers’ details. They’ll look for the best range applicable to you and choose away.

    The instructions are pretty self-explanatory afterwards. Follow the directions to complete your campervan booking.

    Landcruise Motorhome Hire

    LandCruise Motorhome Hire UK

    If you’re all about the budget, we’re with you. We believe in an affordable campervan that can house a big group of campers.

    What You Need to Know About This Company

    LandCruise Motorhome Hire specialises in massive motorhomes.

    We’re talking about vehicles that can accommodate six (6) people and are equipped with complete amenities from the kitchen to the toilet.

    They have the following fleet options:

    • Dog-friendly Motorhome Fleet
    • Campervan Hire Fleet
    • Budget Motorhome for Hire

    You can view the inside of these camping vans through their virtual showroom. A fair warning: There’s a lot! You’ll want to try out all the range.


    A lot of variables go into the cost of these rentals. We can’t give a standard amount, but we can offer an estimated example.

    We used Land Cruise’s search feature to book the best vans for these details.

    • Pick-Up Date: July 14, 2022
    • Drop-Off Date: July 21, 2022
    • Duration: 6 days
    • Pick Up Location: Chichester
    • Adults: 1; Children: 0
    • Pets: No preference
    • Drivers Information: UK Drivers License; 25-75 years old

    Here are some of the options they gave us (view the complete list here):

    • Auto-Roller 746-2: £1,050
    • Auto-Roller 707-6: £1,000/week
    • Zefiro 690: £870/week (not unlimited mileage; only 800 miles maximum)
    • Swift Escape 502-1: £750

    How to Rent in the UK

    After deciding on a motorhome or campervan using their search feature, click ‘Book Now’ to reserve the vehicle.

    The interface will show you a summary of your order, including the extras you may want to add. Ensure that you check everything before proceeding to checkout.

    If you’re familiar with online shopping, the following steps will be familiar — input your billing information and place your order.

    Touring Cars Motorhome Hire Logo

    Touring Cars

    Let’s expand a bit further from the UK. Touring Cars specialises in campervan hire for Europe holidays. They’re upholding a branding of premium camping with high standards.

    What You Need to Know About This Company

    Touring Cars is one of the trusted campervan hire companies across Europe. They have pick-up and drop-off locations in Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, and more.

    You can tell that their motorhomes are meant for travelling and holidays because of the booking features such as:

    • Unlimited mileage
    • Airport transfers
    • 24/7 roadside services
    • Well-equipped vehicles
    • Van insurance

    They have six (6) types of motorhomes for you to choose from:

    • Van (compact; suitable for 2 people)
    • Small (premium; ideal for 2 people)
    • Medium (suitable for 4 people)
    • Family (premium; ideal for 5-6 people)
    • Large (premium; suitable for 5-6 people with many luggage)
    • Luxurious (suite-type; ideal for 2-4 people)


    Like most motorhomes on this list, the Touring Cars vans have varying costs based on the specifications.

    For the most accurate quotation, fill out the booking feature on the website’s landing page.

    Note that there’s a 200€ booking fee to pay upfront. You can settle the remaining balance 45 days before the van pickup.

    How to Rent in the UK

    You’ll fill out your desired date and location on the landing page. When you click the ‘Real-Time Availability & Prices’ button, they will show you the appropriate vehicles for the trip.

    After choosing, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can customise the van inclusions. This includes additional services, amenities, and conditions with corresponding charges.

    Create an account to proceed. It’s needed for the insurance and payment processes. After which, they’ll ask you to finalise the missing details. Click ‘Send’ to confirm your reservation.

    Indie Campers - Campervan hire in the UK logo

    Indie Campers

    Indie Campers is like the merged version of Touring Cars and Quirky Campers. We’ll explain!

    What You Need to Know About This Company

    Like Touring Cars, Indie Campers expands outside the UK. Their motorhomes can explore Europe and more. But like Quirky, they offer a massive range of campervans.

    Some vans are theirs, while some are vehicles of other owners. They likewise act as agents. They’re not limited to the UK, as they also have a franchise in America.

    They have many rental spots in different countries and cities, highly accessible to anyone who wants to hire a motorhome regardless of where they are in the world.

    • Scotland
    • Ireland
    • Edinburgh
    • Belfast
    • London
    • Berlin
    • Salt Lake District
    • Manchester


    Their price range is affordable and reasonable. For example, a trip from Scotland (Edinburgh depot) costs €225.60 per day with their Nomad van.

    The vehicle can accommodate four passengers with two beds, including a toilet and shower. The drawback, however, is that it’s not unlimited mileage.

    It’s a great choice for a short-term road trip with a smaller group of people around the country.

    Of course, you can modify and select other options depending on the type of camping adventure you’re planning.

    How to Rent in the UK

    Similar to the campervan hire companies on this list, hiring a motorhome through their website is easy.

    You can choose the location you want in the ‘Campervan Rental’ option, which you quickly see on the website.

    You’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll input the location and date, and they’ll search for the best rental fleets for the details provided.

    After choosing the campervan range you want, it’s time to finalise the information and proceed to checkout.

    Sunshine Campers Logo for Campervan Hire in the UK

    Sunshine Campers

    We’ve been talking about Scotland and Edinburgh ⁠— what about our adventurers from Wales? This campervan hire is the answer.

    What You Need to Know About This Company

    We’re not done with the VW vans. Sunshine carries some of the most stunning VW rentals travelling along South Wales.

    They have the following campervan hire options:

    • Campervan Hire Merlin

    • Campervan Hire Dylan

    • Campervan Hire Owain

    • Campervan Hire Bryn

    • Campervan Hire Bevan

    All of them are VW camper vehicles already converted, offering top-tier interiors and rental amenities.


    We tried to book the Campervan Hire Owain from the 29th of July to the 5th of August. For a week’s worth of rental, the total is £880. It’s a reasonable range.

    Their prices are also lower (at £770) for off-peak days. You must also deposit £750 for the insurance, which they will return in full within seven days.

    How to Rent in the UK

    Choose the campervan hire you like in the ‘Our Vans’ section. Once decided, click on the van to read about the specifications and crucial details.

    If satisfied, click on ‘View Availability and Book’ to check if the vehicle is up for rentals when you need it.

    You’ll have the option to add extras (additional drivers, awning, carrier, etc.). You can also skip it if you have none.

    After which, fill out the personal details and review your rental information. If everything’s set, click ‘Book Now’ to confirm.

    Open Road

    Open Road is your campervan hire service if you live or are in Scotland. Their pick-up and drop-off are based at the Glasgow airport, which is highly accessible if you fly to Scotland.

    What You Need to Know About This Company

    Open Road offers a campervan hire service for their VW T6 Transporters. It’s a four-berth vehicle with luxurious interiors and all the mod cons included.

    We think their video offers the best explanation of their stunning VW vans, complete with explanations and a tour:


    For two (2) nights in the Highlander F70, the total for one adult is £735.00.

    To set things into perspective, the Highlander F70 is a luxurious motorhome with rear twin beds, an electric drop-down double bed, and rotating captain seats.

    Considering that it’s a motorhome with complete amenities with a lot of room space, the pricing is already great.

    How to Rent in the UK

    Go to ‘Bookings’ and then conduct an availability search. Enter your travel duration and days, along with the number of passengers.

    When you click ‘Search,’ a list of available vehicles will appear below. Look for the van that suits your needs and confirm the reservation from there. Be sure to follow the instructions.Apollo - Campervan Hire UK


    While we’re still in Scotland, we can’t miss out on Apollo. But of course, Apollo is not only limited to Scotland. They also have drop-off locations in England and Northern Ireland.

    Apollo offers five (5) categories for their motorhome ranges:

    • Duo
    • Duo Plus
    • Family Traveller
    • Family Traveller Plus
    • Family Voyager

    The names of their campervans are self-explanatory. The Duo camper vehicles are the most economical and compact, while the Family Voyager is the largest and most luxurious.


    Apollo motorhomes are one of the most affordable rentals in the country. You can get a van for less than £100 per day.

    However, the downside is that it’s difficult to book because of the reasonable prices.

    If you want to travel across England or the UK via a road trip with Apollo, book early ⁠— we’re talking about months ahead!

    How to Rent in the UK

    Apollo’s website is easy to navigate. You can start in the ‘Campervans’ section and choose a vehicle model that catches your interest.

    The prompt for your trip details will appear nonetheless, and you can fill it out to check for their availability.

    The exact section will pop out anywhere on the website, making it easy to book a rental whatever you click on. Follow directions and confirm your details!

    Goboony campervan rental logo


    Now for something a little different. Goboony describes itself as a kind of AirBnB for campervan rentals. It pairs up private owners with those looking to rent a campervan. They have over 3000 vehicles on the books, with pick up and drop off locations everywhere from Cornwall to Scotland.

    Costs start at £65 per day and you only need to put down a £150 deposit. 

    • Check out campervan rental with Goboony here.
    Campervan Accessories and Packing Hacks - looking out over the water

    Campervan Hire in the UK: What to Consider

    With so many campervan hire services and vehicles to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on the best one.

    We get it; you just want to get the best RV rental so you can finally savour the smell of fresh beans with your hand coffee grinder and drip filters!

    To help you, here are some things to consider when choosing your camping rental vans:

    1. UK Van Amenities

    Though fun, living in motorhomes for days is no joke. It’s not a house or hotel with 100% of the accommodation amenities.

    You must choose rental vehicles with enough equipment to help you survive a few days away from home–and comfortably at that.

    Assess the condition of the passengers to determine what you need. Remember that some campervan rentals don’t have bathrooms or utilities — is that a factor you can live without?

    If you’re travelling with children, elders, or pets, ensure that the amenities of the rental vehicle are friendly to them.

    If you do happen to book a rental lacking amenities, you can pack your own materials for the trip. That’s also a camper experience right there!

    2. Where is the Best Place to Pick Up a Campervan Rental in the UK?

    The UK is a large country with many location options to explore. If you’re not familiar, you might book vehicles that are inconveniently far from where you’re coming from.

    Many of these campervan hire companies are precise with their details. Here are the specifics to consider:

    Pick-Up and Drop-Off Location in the UK

    You’ll come across these terms as you look for rental vehicles. Some also use depot. Note that these are not destinations.

    It’s where these vehicles are kept and parked. When the day of your trip arrives, you’ll go to the indicated location to pick up the rental vehicle and drive off to your itinerary.

    After the trip, you’ll return the campervan to the drop-off location. Some rental companies have the same pick-up and drop-off points, requiring you to complete a roundtrip.

    Some allow you to drop it off elsewhere in the UK. For instance, you picked it up in Wales, and you’ll drop it off in Edinburgh.

    It depends if your rental company has rental sites in different parts of the UK.

    Can You Leave the UK in Your Campervan and Drive to France and Beyond?

    Most rental companies don’t meddle with your plans. You can go anywhere you want if you follow the limitations, such as maximum mileage or within certain UK areas only.

    A common restriction is not being able to drive outside the UK. However, some let you travel across the EU with unlimited mileage.

    Another thing to consider is that some rental companies arrange their packages by the location of the destinations.

    You’ll choose where to go ⁠— they’ll find the best vehicles for you and charge accordingly.

    3. The Price of Campervan Rental in the UK

    Rental motorhomes are generally pricey because of their features and functions. It’s all the more expensive if you go for ‘aesthetically pleasing’ vans with modified interiors.

    In choosing vehicles, consider the price of the rental. There are affordable options with generic designs but are highly functional nonetheless.

    4. What is Included?

    Another factor that comes into play with these vehicles is the inclusions. Is the price only inclusive of the rental fee? Or are there other perks?

    Some vans are 100% furnished, with kitchen equipment down to the little details.

    Some rental companies partner with caravan parks and holiday destinations around the country. You can get discounts and passes.

    These are good benefits to consider.

    5. How Far Can You Realistically Drive?

    Some rental vans in the UK are limited to certain places only. Mileage is also something to consider.

    It all depends on how you want the trip to pan out. If you want to explore the whole UK and even outside, those vehicles with limits won’t work for you.

    If you want to go outside the UK, like driving to the EU and even beyond, get vehicles that have the capacity to reach those destinations.

    But if it’s simply for a weekend getaway, you can avail of limited mileage for fewer costs. These are personal things to consider before choosing the vans of your choice.

    Campervan Hire Rental in the UK: Pros and Cons

    Campervan hire in the UK a great solution for road trips. You’ll find so many beautiful spots that you can best admire by driving!

    But we understand why you’ll hesitate. Let’s weigh the pros and cons together, shall we?

    Campervan Hire UK Pros

    • You’re only responsible for the vans during your holiday duration
    • You don’t have to buy your own campervan to experience #vanlife
    • Many of these rental vehicles are well-furnished and maintained
    • The cost is reasonable overall

    Campervan Hire UK Cons

    • Hiring vans can be expensive if done often (if you plan to have campervan holidays often, it might be wiser to own vehicles and hire them out as a rental when not in use.)
    • The pick-up and drop-off locations of the vehicles might be inconvenient for you.
    Campervan Accessories and Packing Hacks - twinkling lights

    Campervan Hire in the UK: Tips and Tricks

    Planning to go for it?

    Here are some quick tips to help make the experience smoother:

    1. Book Early

    Like any other holiday plan, it’s best to book early to find the rental vans and days according to your preference.

    For instance, your UK plan is to go on a 3-day trip. However, the van may only be dropped off a week from now because it’s fully booked. This requires you to make significant adjustments.

    If you book early, you can freely choose the date and time you want.

    2. Size Up

    Camping vans are narrower than you’d think. After all, they’re still vans that must be compact enough to travel far.

    If you’re with family or groups of people, we suggest you size up for everyone’s comfort.

    In some cases, the description says it’s suitable for four, but only two berths exist. If the other passengers are comfortable sleeping in non-beds, that’s okay.

    3. Make the Most of Discounts and Promos

    Many rentals in the UK offer discounts and promotions, usually during certain seasons or occasions.

    Take advantage of these by scouting for vouchers and codes to save on overall costs.

    Campervan Hire in the UK: Frequently Asked Questions [FAQS]

    Let’s address some FAQs about campervan hire in the UK!

    How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Campervan in the UK?

    The average cost for a campervan in the UK is around £100-200. This depends on the inclusions, amenities, and the type of vans you’ll use.

    Note that corresponding charges apply for the extras and add-ons (i.e., additional driver, gas hobs, beds, etc.).

    Can You Sleep in a Campervan Anywhere in the UK?

    Technically, you can’t sleep just anywhere in the UK. First, it’s not good etiquette to park simply anywhere. You need to be mindful of the properties and privacy of people.

    However, with the increasing number of motorhomes in the UK, it has been somewhat tolerated. You can probably stay overnight without being reprimanded.

    But don’t abuse it.

    It’s safer for you to sleep in caravan parks or places that specifically accommodate campervans. It’s also fewer worries for you.

    Can You Drive a Campervan in the UK with a Car Licence?

    Smaller vans can be driven by someone with a car license (category B). However, the larger motorhomes with a MAM of 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes require a category C1 license.

    Is Renting a Campervan in the UK Worth It?

    Yes! Hiring a campervan is enjoyable in many places in the world, but the UK is still one of the best places to do it.

    Though the initial research takes a while, the memories you’ll make and the freedom you’ll experience outweigh all that.

    Why not bookmark this article on campervan hire in the UK on Pinterest for later?

    Campervan rental in the UK cover image

    Final Words On Campervan Hire in the UK

    The UK today, tomorrow ⁠— the world! It sounds cheesy, but there are genuinely a lot of places in the UK worth exploring.

    Many people appreciate UK road trips, especially because of the air travel restrictions in previous years.

    We say go for it! It’s worth a try at least once in your life.

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