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VW ready to drive across Africa on the Africa Rally

Can you drive across Africa? How to make it work

Can you drive across Africa? Yes, you absolutely can. But you need to know what you’re doing. Here, the founder of Africa Rally shares his inside information so that you can have the trip of a lifetime. How to see Africa overland Africa is such a vast continent that it’s easy to feel small when … Read more

Car Rental Checklist - rental car beneath live oak in Louisiana

The Only Car Rental Checklist You Need

Let our car rental checklist put your mind at rest before you head off on that next road trip. Here’s everything you need to think about. And the things you don’t. You may also be interested in our Road Trip Planner & Toolkit and the list of Road Trip Essentials here. The Perfect Car Rental … Read more

Road through the beach for the best short travel quotes

101 Fun Road Trip Questions for Your Next Drive

Looking for some road trip questions to help the ride go by? When it comes to getting to know someone better, nothing beats a road trip. Maybe it’s the lack of eye to eye contact that makes people open up. Maybe it’s the miles that pass between you. But if ever you find yourself searching … Read more

Road Trip Drive Through Forest

The Best Road Trip Quotes to Fuel Your Next Journey

The best road trip quotes fuel the imagination and drive the quest for knowledge. Or, you know, make for a great road trip instagram caption or quotation to combine with a gift for someone about to go travelling. From inspirational road trip quotes to funny road trip quotes, we have you covered.

Which one inspires you the most?

What to bring on a road trip - packing checklist PDF - van through the dust

Road Trip Essentials: Your Printable PDF Road Trip Packing List

Wondering what to bring on a road trip? Don’t miss a thing with this printable road trip packing list.

I’ve driven through snowy mountains, desert sands and cramped cities in more than 40 countries, often on my own. And I’ve made almost every mistake you can think of.

Learn from me and plan the perfect driving holiday – anywhere in the world.