VW ready to drive across Africa on the Africa Rally

Can you drive across Africa? How to make it work

Can you drive across Africa? Yes, you absolutely can. But you need to know what you’re doing. Here, the founder of Africa Rally shares his inside information so that you can have the trip of a lifetime. How to see Africa overland Africa is such a vast continent that it’s easy to feel small when … Read more

South Africa - Cape Town Rainbow - A Sign of why South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation

21 Unusual Things to Do in Cape Town, South Africa

You can’t help but find unusual things to do in Cape Town: it’s part of the city itself. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and enjoy South Africa. Let’s explore this most famous of cities within the Rainbow Nation.

Traditional Gambian dish of benachine served on a blue dish with a side of vegetables

Gambian Cuisine: the 15 Dishes You Need to Know

Rich in colour and ritual, Gambian cuisine is a delight to explore. Take your tastebuds on a journey through peanuts and lemon juice, baobab and wongo juice, with this guide to traditional food and drink in the Gambia.

Africa - Namib Desert Oldest in the world in Namibia near Dune 45

The Country Named After the Oldest Desert in the World

Fifty-five million years. It’s a long time, no matter how you look at it. For 55 million years, particles of sand, in shades of blood red, caramelised orange and an exhausted, jaded rust have sifted one over the other in this part of the world.

I stand clasping a few of them, gasping for breath.

Tanzania - Kilimanjaro - Snowy peak resembles an ice cream chocolate splodge

What You Need to Know About Trekking Kilimanjaro

Trekking Kilimanjaro, the snowy peak in the heart of Africa, will leave you with memories for years to come. But there are things you need to know before you go. Here, we talk about the practicalities of climbing Africa’s tallest mountain.

Soweto BBQ

What You Don’t Know About Soweto, South Africa

Nelson Mandela’s incredible life is inextricably linked to events that took place in Soweto in South Africa. Accordingly, you’ll find a well signposted Madiba Heritage Trail around the key landmarks in Johannesburg. But what about the rest of Soweto? What is it like to visit this neighbourhood today?

Further view red tsingy rock formation

The Red Tsingy in Madagascar: What You Need to Know

It snaked towards us slowly. A scarlet, silted, rust-red, blood-red, iron-tinged flow. The water seeped around the edges of my boots, my footprints swallowed up within seconds.

It visibly stained my soles.

Up ahead, I saw two men walking, the two men who were travelling with me. But no other soul was there.

South Africa - Cape Town - Bo Kaap - Woman looking into the street

Why Colour Still Matters in Cape Town: What to do in Bo Kaap

Why Colour Still Matters in Cape Town: What to do in Bo Kaap
With its colourful houses and Cape Malay cuisine, Bo Kaap is the perfect area to start talking about how South Africa is the Rainbow Nation. Between walking tours and food tours, you’ll find authentic experiences that shed light on the legacy of apartheid and the challenges of a modern South Africa. Here’s what to do in Bo Kaap.

Driving in Morocco

Driving in Morocco: What You Need to Know

It’s an inauspicious start. No map. No SatNav. No cash – my very last dihram cleared out by the unexpected fuel charge.

No internet access to check the route. No signal on my iPhone. Just a pen, a scrap of paper and a hastily scribbled map, uneven streaks of biro connecting Moroccan towns that appeared on a picture in the hotel lobby.