How to Pack for a Ski Trip: 15 Essentials for Your Ski Packing List

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Wondering what to pack for a ski trip? From the best ski gadgets to everyday staples, we talk about the ski essentials you need on your ski packing list.

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How to Pack for a Ski Trip

Skiers and gadgets go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether it’s the latest skis or a new accessory filled with technology, skiers are always looking to upgrade their gear and find an edge out on the slopes. But what are the ski essentials? What should be on your ski packing list? New gadgets? Or bare essentials? Here we take a look at how to pack for a ski trip.

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The Best Ski Gadgets

Every winter ushers in a new slate of must-have skiing gadgets and winter sports tech. Some of it is genuinely useful, but there’s a lot out there that is just a flashy new colour or an unnecessary feature upgrade. Sifting through the volume of gadgets and gear to find the true skiing essentials can be tricky. 

So here is a list of the best gadgets and essentials to pack for your next skiing adventure. Whether you are cruising to Alaska or flying off to the alps, this is the gear you need to pack for your ski trip. In other words, add these ski gear essentials to your ski packing list.


SunGod Vanguards Ski Goggles

Ski goggles used to be an awkward essential – something that you obviously had to have, but that most of the time just got in the way. Not anymore. Goggles in general have swept forward with the times, and the latest Vanguards are seriously impressive, giving you a panoramic field of vision while keeping snow, wind, rain, and sun out of your eyes. They are big, so you’ll need to adapt to them a little, but the difference they make is worth it.

GoPro Hero10 Black

Getting good skiing photos and videos can be tough, but not with the GoPro Hero10. This little camera does big things and can take almost everything you throw at it. Strap it on as you head for the slopes, and you’ll end up with some breathtaking footage of your latest black run.


Even the most experienced skiers out there will benefit from a little coaching. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, Carv’s digital training app is a must-have, providing incredible, personalised training plans and tweaks to your technique that drastically improve your overall skiing. Using innovative sensors and a whole heap of data, Carv is able to track your every move and tell you exactly what you need to do to improve. It is a real game changer and something every skier should try.

Maier Sports Podkoren Ski Jacket

A good ski jacket is one of the most essential, best pieces of kit you can take with you to the slopes, and Maier’s Podkoren offering is about as good as it gets. Warm, comfortable, and packed with clever features and the latest ski gear technology, this is ski apparel done pretty much perfectly.

BCA Float Avalanche AirBag

While it’s never nice to think about the worst-case scenario, skiing does come with a certain level of risk, and it is always worth being prepared. The BCA Float Avalanche AirBag gives you peace of mind when you are out on the mountain, an essential piece of kit that could save your life if disaster strikes.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Almost all sports enthusiasts these days like to track their activity via wearables. And while for running, swimming, and cycling you can often get away with budget models, for skiing it is worth investing in the best. Garmin’s multisport watch is the ultimate fitness tracker, keeping tabs on your speed, distance, and vertical drop data, and helping you see how your skiing is developing over time. Best of all, the Fenix 6 Pro comes pre-loaded with ski maps for over 2,000 ski resorts around the world, giving you a massive head start on planning your next ski adventure!

Whether you are a beginner on the slopes or an enthusiastic fan of winter sports, these cool skiing gadgets and presents for skiers and snowboarders will significantly improve your next trip to the slopes.

There are numerous goods on the market to assist you to ski in style and with confidence, ranging from revolutionary safety accoutrements to ski and snowboard gear that is merely fashionable.

Prepare to take your outfit to a whole new level as more gadgets, gear, and presents for both experienced and novice skiers

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Ski Essentials for your ski packing list

A Helmet

Snow helmets come in a variety of sizes and styles and are vital for protecting your brain – and your life. . As with vital skiing or snowboarding equipment, the current market provides several options to improve and modify your wardrobe during the off-season.

Smith snow helmets are sleek, energetic, and available in an array of vibrant hues. Ideal for skiers and snowboarders wishing to upgrade their worn-out equipment.

A Portable Charger

A portable charger is an ideal piece of equipment to bring along. It is very simple for your phone and other electronics to die on the slopes before you can find an outlet. Chargers that are portable can provide hours of additional battery life. 

They fit snugly in backpacks and can be plugged in and left to their own devices. If you ski or snowboard without GPS transmitters and rely on your phone, this may be a vital piece of equipment.

Water bottle or hydration pack

Hydration is a top priority for all skiers and snowboarders on the slopes. Water bottles and hydration packs are useful items to keep on your person. Typically, portable water bottles and hydration packs attach or fit effortlessly with backpacks and other equipment. Add it to your ski packing list!

Ski socks

Ski socks do much more than simply keep your feet warm. They keep them comfy in tight boots and are optimised for speed and performance. Don’t just wear your everyday socks, invest in some special ski socks instead.

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Fun things for your Ski Packing List

Here’s how to pack for your ski trip with a sense of fun and adventure!

A fun Board Game

If your family enjoys travelling to ski resorts or the mountains, you will need a variety of evening activities once the slopes have closed. Ski Run is a clever and entertaining ski-themed board game that may amuse players of all ages.

After a long day on the slopes, there is nothing better than cuddling up with the family, enjoying a drink, and laughing the night away while playing a fun board game.

Ski Bottle opener - fun things to pack for a ski trip

Bottle Opener

This is another entertaining novelty accessory that is an excellent conversation starter at social events. These ski bottle openers are constructed from repurposed ski components. Simply mount to a wall, relax, and crack open a few cold ones with excellent company.

A Bluetooth Beanie

Bluetooth beanies are an excellent present for skiers and snowboarders of all ages. In addition, there is a multitude of hip and vibrant styles to pick from. With Bluetooth technology incorporated into the beanie, you can enjoy the mountains while listening to your favourite music or conversing with friends over a phone conversation.

Ski or Snowboard Tuning Kit

Maintenance is vital for skiers and snowboarders who wish to enhance their safety and performance on the slopes. Especially for beginners, the variety of available products can be bewildering.

A ski tuning and snowboard tuning kit contains everything necessary to wax and tune your cherished skis and snowboards.

A Ski or Snowboard Bag

Ski bags are one of a skier’s most reliable pieces of equipment since they are compact, fashionable, and functional. Anyone who skis frequently will attest to the wear and tear that frequent skiing can have on pricey equipment.

Consequently, it is important to acquire bags and equipment that can withstand significant roughness.

Snowboarders also require a durable and elegant bag to transport their trusted snowboard. 

If you are an avid snowboarder who has been using the same worn-out equipment for years, this could be the ideal time for an upgrade.

A boot bag

Ski boots and snowboard shoes are notoriously difficult to pack. Due to their size, the boots take up a great deal of space, and there is frequently a great deal of snow and wetness when packing for the return journey. If you have your own boots, you need a boot bag. Designed to separate ski boots from the rest of a skier’s equipment, boot bags compartmentalise skiers’ apparel exceptionally well.

Foot warmers

Numerous skiers and snowboarders will be interested in any ski equipment that help keep your feet warm. Foot warmer inserts are easily inserted into ski boots. They can provide many hours of additional warmth and heat on their feet and are ideal for extended snow excursions.

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Gear Lists and Packing Lists

Get ready for your next adventure with our handy, focused packing lists. 

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