November 16, 2021

The Best Italian Themed Gifts for People Who Love Italy

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What do you buy for someone who loves Italy? Why authentic Italian themed gifts, of course! 

Here's our gift guide to the best Italian themed gifts for people who love Italy. 


Italian Christmas Card - Buon Natale - AnnieMoonStudio

Italian Christmas Card - Buon Natale - AnnieMoonStudio

The Best Italian Themed Gifts: Gifts for Italy Lovers

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Murano Glass Italian Sweet Gifts by LittleLuxuryDecor

Murano Glass Italian Sweet Gifts by LittleLuxuryDecor

Gorgeous Murano Glass Gifts

Venetian glass from the island of Murano celebrates Italy with a great explosion of beauty and colour. Any Italy lover will know that this is a gift that comes with thought and craftsmanship. 

You can go for whimsical items like these Murano glass sweets above. Or head into the jewellery category below...

Personal Millefiori Murano Glass Pendant from JocaleCrafts

Personal Millefiori Murano Glass Pendant from JocaleCrafts

These beautiful Murano glass pendants from Jocale Crafts come highly recommended for their colour and craftsmanship. Customers can also purchase an optional letter to personalise the gifts. Find the necklaces on Etsy here.

Italian Food Gifts

Food makes one of the best Italian gifts because, well, if you have to ask, are you really an Italy lover?! Whether you're searching for gifts for Italians or presents for those who simply love Italian stuff, then start with food and you can't go far wrong.

Pasta Making Machine

One of the best Italian themed gifts imaginable is the Made in Italy humble pasta maker. Arm yourself with the recipe for how to make a real ragu and spend hours amid flour and egg yolk, rolling and turning and twisting pasta into different shapes.

Italian Coffee

Where would Italians be without their coffee? Grab a taste of their beans (if not their fashion flair) with Italian brand Illy's classic coffee.

Fortnum and Mason Italian Wine Quartet - Italian Themed Gift Ideas

Italian Wine

You have so much scope when it comes to shopping for wine as an Italian themed gift, from your local supermarket to specialised bottle shops and department stores. Unique Italian gifts are designed to be shared, after all.

Authentic Italian Hamper from Torino

Authentic Italian Hamper from Torino by MorianoHampers

This delicious collection of Torino treats makes the perfect gift for Italy lovers. Items include garlic salami, green pesto, pasta, chianti and more. Order from Moriano Hampers on Etsy here.

The Best Italian Books as Gift Ideas

Gorgeous Italian Themed Coffee Table Gift Books

  • The Italian Gentleman takes a look at the history of fashion through the personal tailors of Italy, interviewed by a French columnist.
Italian Christmas Gift Ideas: Lonely Planet Rome book on location

Italian Guidebooks and Phrase Books

If you're shopping for someone planning a trip to Italy, then a gorgeous guidebook still makes a great gift even in this age of technology. 

Enjoy this fabulous collection of stories and recipes for Italian cookies all packaged together into a gorgeous gift book.

Unique Italian Culture Gift Ideas

Italy - Emilia Romagna - Forlimpopoli - Casa Artusi-Cooking Lesson Different Types of Pasta

A Virtual Italian Cooking Lesson or Wine Tasting

2020 has been the year of the virtual and that's not always a bad thing. Transport your friend or family member to the land of the Boot through an online cooking course. If you're lucky, you may get to share the experience with them - or at least the end result. 

Amalfi Coast Print from Italy from Twenty Five Store Art

Amalfi Coast Print from Italy from Twenty Five Store Art

Italian Art

You can obviously go in several different directions here, either rounding up reprints of the masters, photographs of gorgeous Italian cities or indulging in nostalgic Italian travel-related art. 

I love this print of the Amalfi Coast on Etsy, for example.

Funny Italian Gifts

Comedy Socks

Simply no-one's life is complete without a pair of Italian themed socks like these. Keeps that dream trip in mind every time you do the laundry!

Or you could take it one step further with a pizza box of socks...

Italian gift - Italian themed doormat

Italian Themed Gift from Artsydoormats

An Italian Themed Doormat

Feel Italian coming and going, with this Italian speaking doormat from Etsy.

Make Your Own Italian Themed Gift Basket

When it comes to Italy themed gift ideas, the most flexible option is the gift basket. What's more,  it's something you can easily make yourself if you need to keep the price down. 

Make Your Own Italian Themed Gift Basket

Start with a basket or wooden box, add some scrunched tissue paper or shredded padding and then hit up your local delicatessen for some gorgeous Italian foods. 

Think different shapes of pasta, amaretti biscuits, limoncello, Illy coffee, pecorino and parmesan cheese, parma ham, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and a panettone. All Italian gifts from Italy.

Order a Pre-made Hamper of Italian Gifts

You can make this a luxury gift by ordering a pre-made hamper or more of a bargain if you shop locally and round up inexpensive gifts from Italy.

Italy - Emilia Romagna - Rimini-motorbike and Abigail King in Borgo

Now here's why it's worth visiting Rimini Old Town...

Gift Ideas for Someone Planning a Trip to Italy

For gifts for someone travelling Italy, you can pick one or several of the following to make a package of perfect travel gifts:

Italian Gifts for Him

Well, first of all, all of the above! Let's move beyond outdated gender stereotypes!

Second of all, we live in the world we live in. So, here are some unique Italy gift ideas specifically aimed at guys:

Cuff Links

Indulge in a little shirt jewellery with these Italian gift ideas:

Italian themed gifts - luxurious Italian ties made in Italy


Likewise, with a gentleman's apparel, you can have some fun or aim for a more stylish option:

Italian Christmas Card - Buon Natale - AnnieMoonStudio

Italian Christmas Card - Buon Natale - AnnieMoonStudio

Authentic Italian Gifts for Christmas

First of all, stock up on these beautiful Italian Christmas cards that say Buon Natale here.

21 Gorgeous Italian Gift Ideas for Italy Lovers Cover Image

Bookmark the Best Gifts from Italy

Enjoying these authentic Italian gifts? Bookmark now and come back to shop for Italian Christmas gifts later!


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