December 13, 2020

The Best Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

Looking for the best luxury travel gifts for him? Don't worry, there's more to life than socks. Enjoy this collect of unique travel gifts for men who love to travel.And if that doesn't do the trick, try our other gift guides here.

39 Travel gifts for men. Find the perfect present idea for him with this gift guide that covers budget, luxury and mid-range. We include choices for business travelers, backpackers, luxury travelers and travel decor for the home. All with easily shoppable links. Buy gifts for him that he'll actually use. #travel #gift #present #men

The Best Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

Ah, travel gifts for men. Where do you start with present ideas for him?

It can be hard to know what to buy for men, since society sees bath salts and a scarf as about as socially acceptable as stripping down and belting out karaoke at a job interview. Or indeed, any other situation. 

And where does that leave you?

Socks? Socks! James Bond never had to wear socks (actually, Ed, I think he did.) But that’s not the point.

Let’s save your present searching bacon (or vegan alternative) with this list of brilliant travel gift ideas for him. To make it even easier, we've categorised these luxury travel gifts for him into different budgets for luxury. 

Disclosure: if you buy through this site, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Cheers!

Wander Club - National Park Collection Photo - Travel Gifts for Him

A Unique Travel Gift for Him

The Wander Club creates handcrafted tokens with the names of travel places as a souvenir. For each gift bought, the Wander Club provides a meal to children in need. You can choose the places for the tokens and make them as personal as you like.

Traditional Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

Touchscreen Leather Gloves

Lovely, supple leather gloves add a touch of class to a journey, whether it's checking into a five star hotel on a romantic getaway or taking out the bins on a standard weekday night.

But there's only one problem? How to operate a touchscreen at the same time. Enter these leather gloves, which promise full touchscreen access at all times.

Passport holder

He'll still have to actually hold his passport, but this gift makes it look much better. 

You can go for the lean, rough and tumble look like this vintage-looking leather passport holder fresh from a 1990s Levi ad.

Or, buy him one that also functions as a wallet and loyalty-card holder, like this leather passport holder in a rich, chocolatey brown.


One of the best travel gifts for men who travel for work is a decent briefcase that will go the distance. Make sure you know your man well and suss out which features matter most to him. 

Does it need to look stylish? Be waterproof? How many gadgets do you need it to hold?

I've rounded up some gorgeous options for you. 


If buying a briefcase was daunting enough, a suitcase is all the more so. Tastes are so personal. Needs all the more so. 

But if you know your guy well, this can be one of the best travel gifts you can buy. A decent suitcase should last for years - and he'll have a reminder of you everywhere he goes. 

So, how do you narrow it down. Surreptitiously, you need to find out the following...

  • Carry on or checked luggage
  • Hard shell or soft
  • Backpack, over the shoulder or wheelie

Fully equipped with this information, here's what to do next. 

Carry On Luggage

Read the full guide to the best hand luggage or carry on luggage over here.

Hard Shell Suitcase

After a decade on the road, neither Samsonite nor Rimowa have let me down. A good wheeled option is this expandable hardside suitcase from Samsonite.

Soft Shell Suitcase

Either go for the adventurous, all weather Osprey range.

Or, the less practical but supple and sexy leather holdall, like this YALE weekender bag.

Travel Wallet

You may need to do some research on this one. Some people love the zip up, RFID protected travel wallets with space for cards and cash. Other people see them as unnecessary and just use their own wallet, maybe combined with a money belt.


A decent washbag for a frequent traveller is probably next in line after a decent suitcase. Sometimes, it just seems as though hotels are out to destroy you with their smooth-topped, rolling and curving surfaces that mean that almost your only choice is to leave things on the toilet or on the floor. Uck. 

Unless, of course your washbag has a hook! Not a loop to hang on a hook. But an ACTUAL HOOK, should the hotel or airport toilet lack such an essential devide.

Yes, forget the Christmas concoctions of Old Spice and aftershave and buy your travel man a decent washbag!

Here's one: water-resistant, stylish, HOOK

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Oh my. Headphones are the closest things to cars when it comes to gadgets to obsess over when travelling. Sure, most airlines still give them out for free. Most cities have public transport. That matters not a jot!

There are two main choices. Sleek and discreet. Or so large they need a suitcase of their own. Tread carefully, and try to suss out the headphone preference of the man you have in mind before you buy.

What about gifts for her?

Why are you writing about luxury travel gifts for men? What about women?!

Yeah, I know. I actually loathe the gender stereotypes our marketing economy tries to foist upon us. Men can like pink. Girls can detest frills.

But, size and personal hygiene do make a real difference, some of the time. For all those other times, shop away.

And just to complete the set, here is a list of the best travel gifts for her.

The same caveats apply ;-)

Practical Luxury Travel Gifts for Men

Packing Cubes

Once you've tried packing cubes, you'll never go back. At a surface level, they sound as though they organise your clothes. But the benefits go further than that. They make it easy to stay organised as you travel, they protect clothes from creases and damage, and they make it easier to get things out of a suitcase quickly while on the go. Every professional traveller I know swears by them. 

Travel adapter

File under boring but important. The most versatile travel adapters are those that work worldwide, you can simply slide out the setting you need.

Power Banks

Next up, are portable power banks. These are blocks that you charge with electricity in your hotel room and then use throughout the day. 

They come in a range of sizes, typically the larger, the more charge. 

Water bottle

Drinking water becomes a priority when travelling and the right water bottle can help with this. 

Vacuum insulated, powder-coated stainless steel bottles are all the rage at the moment: they keep cold drinks cold, hot drinks hot and prevent condensation from collecting on the outside and making everything else soggy. 

  • The Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle comes with a gift box and a range of colours. It also comes with three different lids (straw, flip and stainless steel screw top,) so you can be more confident you've bought the perfect gift.

I also want to give a shout out to the Platypus Water Reservoirs for active backpackers. Flexible and squishy, they're great for hikers and long city tours. Slip them into a day backpack for sips without needing to keep stopping to take things out of your bag.

Travel Toiletry Refill Bottles

The idea behind these bottles is simple: decant your favourite toiletries into these airline-approved bottles and save money while still looking groomed. 

The only caveat? Make sure the guy you have in question will actually use them. If his idea of a shower involves grabbing whatever bar of soap is closest, then these will be a waste of time and money. If he has a three product routine, buy away!

Luggage Scale

Airlines show no mercy when it comes to weight these days. It's easy enough to check how much luggage weighs before you head out, but rather more difficult once inside the hotel room. 

Enter a portable travel luggage scale. I've chosen this Samsonite luggage scale for two reasons. First, it's lightweight, which is half the point. Second, it's manual rather than electronic, thereby sidestepping any battery or charging issues while your guy is on the road. 

Bamboo Cutlery

Single use plastic is bad, obviously, but often there isn't a choice when on the road. Enter bamboo cutlery, a greener way to eat. 

Sunglasses Holder

On the road, sunglasses can easily get scratched. In planes, cars, hotels, pockets, bags.

Practical travel gift for men - the Aquaplanet Waterproof rucksack

A Waterproof Daypack

Absolutely perfect for a guy with an active lifestyle, a "dry bag" style backpack protects laptops from the rain or keeps camera gear dry during a kayak or active boating trip. Aquaplanet make some of the toughest bags around, with roll down tops and waterproofed zip seams for keys, phone and wallet. They also come with padded, adjustable straps and reflective stripes. 

Personal Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

Flight sleep kit

The idea here is that you put together a flight sleep kit that includes things that he, personally, would like. 

So you include the essentials:

  • - inflatable pillow
  • - eye mask
  • - ear plugs
  • - a scarf or pullover if you want to raise the perceived value of the gift

Then include a favourite magazine or scented oil perhaps. If that's too "feminine" then try a scented soap in a tin.

See also: how to sleep on a plane for more recommendations.

Travel Journal

Rustle up the romance of a bygone age with this gorgeous leather travel journal, with paper to write on and everything. Farewell screens, hello ink splots. 

Luggage Label

Will a lovely leather luggage label stop your luggage from getting lost? No, but it will look good before it gets there. Buy a pair of chocolate leather luggage labels on Amazon here.

Hip flask

So much snazzier than a plastic bottle! You can even find ones with initials or engravings. I like the look of this pure copper hip flask on Amazon here.

The Best Luxury Travel Gifts For Him for Home

Map of the World

You can buy a huge range of maps in frames or decals to stick to the wall. A popular idea at the moment involves a Scratch Off Map of the World, whereby the man of the hour can keep a visual record of the countries he's visited. 

A Travel Themed Savings Jar

Keep the mind focused with a travel-themed piggy bank. It's a cute gift for him, with little room to go wrong.

The Best Luxury Travel Tech for Him

Ooh, the travel tech options are endless. But I've tried to limit them here to stop gift buying fatigue. 

With travel comes photography, usually, with the urge to capture the moment forever. 

You can spend a small, or even a large, fortune on travel tech but there are also some good budget options available. 

Here's what I believe are some of the best travel gifts for him in the tech department.

A Camera

This is not for the faint of heart. But digital technology has improved enormously and today's cameras easily outshine those from even five years ago. Most are now capable of video, with resolution and performance our younger selves could only dream of. 

Entire articles could be written on the subject. But if cash is not a problem, but time most definitely is, let me help you with my own recommendation. 

The Sony Alpha 7RIII. You will also need memory cards, batteries and a case and so the quickest way to do this is to buy a bundle like this on Amazon.

Always check out the local cashback offers on the Sony site directly or through other retailers, like Jessops.

Phone lens kit

At the other end of the scale, you can upgrade his phone with a variety of clip on lenses that allow for special effects. 

I've used Olloclip for years, they have a range of options but this multi-lens kit looks best for the traveller because of its handy case. 

Monopod/phone selfie stick

Mock them all you like, a good selfie stick or monopod does lead to better travel photos with someone in them!

Finally, I've found one that works well with both a smartphone and GoPro and it comes with a stand so that you can move further away. 

It's ingenious and you can buy the selfie stick slash monopod right here.

A Gimbal or Starter Vlogging Kit

These days, you don't need much kit to start travel vlogging but a gimbal and a decent microphone are a must. I've written a whole article on the topic of what makes the best vlogging starter kit, again with links to help you buy. 


A GoPro is a neat piece of kit that's a camera and video in the palm of your hand. They're small, tough and lightweight. And most importantly, they come with a range of accessories designed to help film adventurous pursuits. 

You can mount them on your head, to your wrist, chest, the dashboard, take them underwater...

They're not cheap but they're not all that expensive either (compared to the mirrorless camera above, anyway.)

You can buy a GoPro on Amazon here.

Camera Harness

Moving back to the mid-range gift, a camera harness is the gift he never knew he needed. It attaches to most large cameras and frees the hands while hiking or racing around a city, but keeps the camera attached. You can buy a camera harness here.

Portable Speaker

Personally, I like a bit of quiet when I travel, or headphones of my own. But for the guy who needs music on the go, look into these portable speakers. 

Polaroid camera

Go completely retro with a polaroid camera. They're back, I tell you! Or at least, so the cool kids tell me. You can buy a retro but actually modern Polaroid camera here.

Garmin Running Watch

Does your man like to run and travel? Then razzle dazzle him with a Garmin running watch that can track is route in new locations and feedback more data than he'll know what to do with. 

Entertainment Gifts for Him


Ah, sweet, soft pages of books, how I miss thee. But I don't miss the extra weight in my luggage nor the hours of boredom once I'd finished the books I could carry.

Surely, one of the best travel gifts for him is a kindle. That way, thousands of books are available at almost any time of day or night. 

If you first saw or tried one years ago, it's time to think again. The technology has improved enormously, the screens are kinder to the eyes and the bookmarking and pageturning tools even better. 

>> Buy a Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon here.

Unique Travel Gift Ideas for Him

A Hotel Giftcard

For many of us, it's tough to justify spending money on a break when there are so many other pressing things to be done. A Hotel Giftcard takes away that guilt, not to mention the logistics of trying to book a hotel stay for someone else. 

The whole process can be online only or you can arrange for them to send a physical card and gift set. Over 110 000 hotels participate in the scheme in over 170 countries. And don't worry, it's not just about the bigger chains. Independent and boutique hotels belong too. 

A Travel Hammock

Just how much fun does a travel hammock sound? I had an old fashioned one back when I backpacked long term and I loved it. Nowadays, travel hammocks are more lightweight, eliminating one of the reasons why I stopped carrying one.

The best travel gifts for him that he will actually use. For the business traveller or backpacker in your life, this travel gift list will help you find the perfect present for him. #Travel #Gifts #Men

For the Man Who Has Everything

Can I let you in on a secret? He doesn’t have everything. At least, not yet. He may have rhythm but does he have…

Physio Approved Massage Balls

Don't worry, they're nothing kinky.

Rub them under your feet. Stick them between your shoulder blades on a long haul flight. Do that awkward looking thing where you sit half cross-legged on the floor and lean over the ball until you shriek with pain!

They’re the perfect gift!

Clinically tested (whatever) and robust to the core, these spiky balls can bring pleasure back – or at least relieve pain – in all manner of travel situations.

More Luxury Travel Gift Ideas...


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