5 of the Best Luxury Villas Near Barcelona with a Private Pool

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Looking for the best luxury villas near Barcelona with a private pool? You’re in luck. A wonderful collection awaits, with surrounding countryside ready to restore the soul (and nourish the palate.) Here’s our inside guide.

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Disclosure: I stayed at Masia Cabellut as a guest for review purposes. As always, I kept the right to write what I like. As ever, as always. If you book or buy through any of the links on this page, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Cheers.

The Best Luxury Villas Near Barcelona with a Private Pool

Let’s face it, Barcelona is brilliant and beautiful. Especially if you know where to go to avoid the crowds. 

But just beyond Barcelona, just a short drive away, you’ll find a Mediterranean paradise of rolling olive groves, scorched blue skies and peace. Privacy and sweet, blossoming peace. 

Spain - Masia Cabellut Abigail King

Masia Cabellut: a stunning luxury villa near Barcelona

I’ve been a fan of Catalunya, and Costa Brava in particular, for years. But my latest foray into her landscapes took place in and around Masia Cabellut, a vineyard which opened its doors to visitors as a luxury villa near Barcelona with a private pool only this year. 

And she sends sighs through the rows of curling and unfurling leaves, the scent of lavender, the soft lap of the pool. 

Spain - Masia Cabellut - Private swimming pool

The private swimming pool at Masia Cabellut

What is a Masia?

A Masia is a Catalan word for a kind of grand farmhouse, a cross between a chateau and a gîte in France.

Spain - Masia Cabellut Moroccan Terrace Abigail King

The beautiful Moroccan terrace in Masia Cabellut

Peter and Jurate bought this Masia and restored and developed it over careful, meticulous years. Today, you’ll find its spacious outdoor pool, a Moroccan tiled terrace, a refrigerated wine cellar and room to sleep sixteen with a lounge fit for a magazine photoshoot. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Spain - Catalonia - Masia Cabellut lounge

The lounge at Masia Cabellut, Catalunya

During my trip to Masia Cabellut and the surrounding area, you guys sent me lots of questions along the lines of how could you hire the place and how easy was it to reach from Barcelona.

So, that got me thinking. I ought to fill you in on how Masia Cabellut hosts big family get togethers, weddings and corporate or yoga retreats. But also, since they will probably book up fast, I asked them to share their reviews and recommendations for other luxury villas near Barcelona with private pools.  

Let’s get to it.

Spain - Masia Cabellut - Roberto wine tasting

Wine tasting at Masia Cabellut in Spain

Wine Tasting in Masia Cabellut

Masia Cabellut operates a fully functional vineyard and grapes run up and down the rolling hills around the house. The vineyard ships wine to Michelin-starred restaurants… And so, with background information like that, an important part of any visit is to stop and sample the wine. 

Spain - Masia Cabellut - wine tasting and tapas

Wine tasting and tapas at Masia Cabellut

Masia Cabellut produces main types of wine, from sparkling whites to deep, warm reds. Watch this video on Masia Cabellut to learn more – there’s a whole section on wine tasting at the end.

Spain - Masia Cabellut - Peter Johnsen Wine tasting preparation

Drinking the fruit of the land at Masia Cabellut

The Best Luxury Villas Near Barcelona with a Private Pool

Here’s the hot list…

Masia Cabellut

To recap. Less than an hour from Barcelona and just 25 minutes from the coast, Masia Cabellut is surrounded by vineyards. And, yes, it makes its own wine. 

“We wanted to make wine and to make a beautiful place,” said one of the owners, Peter Johnsen. 

The master bedroom at Masia Cabellut, a luxury villa near Barcelona with a private pool

The master bedroom at Masia Cabellut, a luxury villa near Barcelona with a private pool

Dating back to 1745, the newly renovated property opened its doors to guests in the spring of 2022 with a flourish of design and a call to the past. Each bedroom is different but the theme is the same: natural wood and cream and views of the surrounding countryside.

Spain - Masia Cabellut Dining Room

Inside the dining room at Masia Cabellut

A Luxury Villa Near Barcelona with Catering Facilities

A fully equipped kitchen makes it an ideal holiday home, and a separate area for commercial catering makes it ideal for hosting events and weddings. The private swimming pool is an outdoor pool surrounded by a broad expanse of stone and with spectacular views. However, it is not gated so watch out with young children.

You’ll also find air conditioning, parking, great wifi, and a scenic garden area for exchanging vows or simply letting nature show you what she can do.

Lavender, thyme and rosemary mingle breeze across the land and walking routes that date back to Alexander the Great thread their way throughout this history. 

It’s a peaceful, quiet, private place with clean design and a passion for wine.

Spain - Masia Cabellut Wine Tasting Range

Sleep in a real vineyard at Masia Cabellut

Spain - view from church across vineyards

More Vacation Rentals:

Luxury Villas near Barcelona with a Private pool

Casa Felix

Casa Felix is another masia, a beautiful historic home, just fifteen minutes from the bright and breezy seaside city of Sitges. Sleeping up to 50, with three kitchens, two pools and a sauna and gym, it’s a great setting for either a wedding or great big family get together and celebration.

Xalet del Nin

The majestic, historic house the Xalet del Nin lies just a few minutes from the coastal city of Vilanova, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Refurbished in 2019, this building commissioned in 1913 now has purpose- built event space amid its spacious Mediterranean gardens. Yet the central house remains unreservedly characterful and Catalan, preserving the atmosphere of the area.

Almiral de la font

Surrounded by lush green views of the Garraf National Park, the Almiral de la Font is another stunning Masia with both sea and landscape views. The main house sleeps between 16 and 28, with a further 4-5 places available at the adjoining cottage. 

As well as being a gorgeous luxury villa near Barcelona with a private pool, it also has an additional children’s pool and Moroccan chill-out lounge.

Kids and teens can enjoy the fun further with a trampoline, snooker table and modern home cinema.

Mas la Boella

Mas La Boella welcome guests into a boutique hotel in the heart of 110 hectares of gardens and farmland. While it’s also suitable for weddings and corporate events, the restaurant welcomes residents and non-residents alike. 

Just a short drive from Tarragona, the hotel hosts 13 suites decorated in lacquered wood and king-size beds. 

La Garriga

To give it its full name, La Garriga de Castelladral wants you to slow down and enjoy, well, the slow life. One hour from Barcelona, this masia has been lovingly restored into an eco hotel with twenty different rooms. Guests can enjoy forest bathing, tasting local honey and savouring organic home made bread for breakfast. 

Ten Great Reasons to use a Vacation Rental or Holiday Home

  • It’s much easier with young children if you’re up early and hungry!
  • It’s much easier if you have dietary requirements to manage as you have your own kitchen.
  • You have privacy!
  • You have space!
  • You can hang out as a group during the day but easily head back to your room if you need to. 
  • It feels more personal. 
  • You can easily do your own laundry – a lifesaver for those with young children or anyone staying for longer than a week. 
  • You won’t get disturbed by cleaning staff or other guests.
  • The bar is always open ;-)
  • And so is the dance floor!
Spain - Barcelona - Sagrada Familia with bicycles

Barcelona: never skip the Sagrada Familia

Highlights of barcelona

And, of course, if you’re passing through Barcelona, don’t miss the following:

  • Parc Güell and the whimsical blue lizard
  • The Sagrada Familia  – Gaudí’s still unfinished masterpiece
  • The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc – catch the cool light display
  • Camp Nou – a pilgrimage site, as FC Barcelona’s home

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We love Spain and would encourage you to visit again and again. Start here with our guide to the best road trips in Spain and then test yourself with our Spain quiz. Plan out how to spend a perfect week in Spain by travelling around. Or just relax for a week in one of these gorgeous luxury villas with a private pool near Barcelona.

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