Breathe in the Beautiful Beaches of Madagascar

By Abi King | Best Places to Visit in Africa

Mar 06

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Madagascar, like so many places in the world where the sand burns white beneath jewel-like waves, has more, far more to it than its beaches.

More that I will write about and talk about at another time, on another day.

But sometimes, everyone needs a splash of simple happiness. Blue skies. Clear waters. The skittish hint of a fresh scent and breeze. The chipper rustle and fluster of fat-feathered birds and the restful sighs of palm leaves overhead.

So let me help you breathe in the beautiful beaches of Madagascar – from the pristine private island where Tsarabanjina lives, off the coast of Madagascar’s Nosy Be.

The Beautiful Beaches of MadagascarTsarabanjina Madagascar-4

Tsarabanjina Madagascar-3

What’s in a Nosy?

Nosy is the Malagasy word for island and it’s pronounced with more of an influence on the second syllable, sounding aloof and exotic rather than soap opera prying. Nosy Be means big island and you say it more like this: no-SAY BAY – than this: NOzy Beee. Just in case you still read aloud in your head or want to ask someone else about it without sounding like a fool…Your secret’s safe with me.

Shadows on the beach in Madagascar

Whale watching from Tsarabanjina Madagascar-2

The Humpback Whales off the Coast of Madagascar

It’s the memory of a lifetime: the moment two humpback whales leapt from the slate-grey water of the Mozambique Channel. We’d taken a small boat from the beach and sped after these beauties. I was too slow to catch them both but my heart still flutters when I look back at this shot.

 Madagascar Beach-boat travel

Madagascar Beach-up close with the sand

Traditional Malagasy Fisherman Boat in Madagascar

Traditional Malagasy Fisherman Boat on the Beach

Yes, these fisherboats look unbalanced and treacherously unstable on land. Once you perch within them, however, you find that first instincts sometimes are the best. Ah well. The locals managed to make it look easy…

Tsarabanjina Madagascar

Tsarabanjina: An Idyllic Retreat

I simply cannot recommend this place highly enough: Tsarabanjina from Constance Hotels and Resorts, found for us by Audley Travel. 

Peace. Beauty. Friendliness.


Madagascar Beach

Madagascar Beach at Tsarabanjina

What do you like best about your time on the beach?


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  • There were some amazing beaches in Madagascar – I stayed on Nosy Be itself and snorkelled off Nosy Tanihely as well which was stunning.

    • Abi King says:

      Ah, just thinking about the place leaves me feeling peaceful. Such beautiful beaches – and such a relaxed, interesting atmosphere.

  • Miriam says:

    Super gorgeous photos, especially the beach! And you got a great shot of that Humpback whale. I’d love to see one of those up close.

    • Abi King says:

      Ah, I still can’t believe my eyes looking back! You scour and scour the horizon…and then suddenly there it is!

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